2611. Chapter 2603 Movement of Disaster

Chapter 2603 Movement of Disaster


Hearing this sentence, Dragon-horned Demon and Hidden Demon’s Extreme Antiquity demonicion change, the other demons seem to think of something, a little unbelievable, but also a little scared at the sight at Xia Ping.

They can’t help but go back dozens of steps, looks at Xia Ping’s eyes, it’s like a look at what plague.

“What do you mean? What is the bad luck, why do you look so scared?”

It is also unclear what the fate of the Anti-Devil is.

“It’s really frog at the bottom of a well. You don’t know the bad luck. This is the legend of our Hell Ancient. There is such a demon born. Innate carries the Misfortune Strength, which is entangled in bad luck and misfortune. It is one Goes will bring endless disasters and deaths, all demons around them will be because of all kinds of death, simply is a disaster machine that can be moved, even if Demon God is also jealous of such a special demon.”

A demon shouted: “It is said that in the era of Demon God, such a bad luck has appeared. It’s wherever one goes, and the Demon God Hell is a great disaster, all kinds Hell storm, Thunder Tribulation, etc. As soon as they came, the demons were killed and wounded, and each country was destroyed.

There are even a lot of Demon Gods that have died because of the many disasters that the Devils have brought. This is also a taboo existence by Hell. Once it appears, it must be killed. ”

It’s frightening looks at Xia Ping.

“Even Demon God can’t cope with the bad luck?”

Some demons think this kind of thing is too exaggerated.

“The power of the Doom is not very powerful, but it is the most terrifying is to distort the fate, to control the Misfortune Strength, and all the demons who want to deal with it will be Death or fail because of all kinds of accidents. Those Demon God can’t get close to it. ”

That Late Antiquity demon sole solemnly: “It is said that Demon God tried to bring troops to kill the evil spirits, didn’t expect to come halfway, but suddenly met a dead face Demon God, it also took the opportunity to hide in the middle of the road, Ambush in it.

Both sides Demon God hit it up and played the Mountain Bursting and Ground Splitting. It was dark and dark, and the result was death and countless. Because of the relationship between True Fire, the two Demon God also died seriously.

Some Demon God is even more bad luck. When I walked halfway, I suddenly saw a Space-Time crack, swallowed the Demon God, and it hasn’t come out yet. It seems to fall into the Yellow Springs deep place, by Yellow Springs. Purified. ”

“This, this !”

Hearing these words, many devils look at Xia Ping’s eyes have begun to change, paralyzed, this is the devil, it is Monster, more terrifying than Evil Ghost and konjac Monster.

Even Demon God can’t stop such Misfortune Strength, and it was accidentally killed by all kinds. Like their little shrimp, isn’t it easy to be overwhelmed by bad luck and die in all kinds of accidents? !

They Subconsciously stepped back more and felt like they were experiencing a terrifying God of Plague.

“so that’s how it is, no wonder the demons like Rock Demon who wanted to kill this Fengdu will suddenly be besieged by hundreds of Evil Ghosts. It turned out that Misfortune Strength is at work.”

“I said, things are so simple, the temple has not appeared Evil Ghost and konjac for a long time, where it would be so clever, it appeared when besieging this Fengdu, is this not a tear? This is millions and millions points One of the probabilities, but it happens.”

“But what about the Extreme Antiquity demons in the end?”

“I still have to ask? It must be that these Extreme Antiquity demons don’t know how to offend this bad luck, and even want to kill this bad luck, so they got a lot of Evil Ghost and konjac, and died in Monster’s siege.”

“Damn, those Extreme Antiquity demons die too much, and they are killed like this.”

“Even Demon God can’t stop the Misfortune Strength of the Devil, and the Extreme Antiquity demon is nothing. It is estimated that even the devil of Invincible Realm may not be able to cover it.”

Many devils exclaim in astonishment, they also think of a moment ago the intelligence, but also more and more think that this Xia Ping is the real doom, otherwise how can there be so many disasters.


When I heard these words, Dragon-horned Demon and Hidden Demon couldn’t help but chill. Look at Xia Ping’s eyes also began to change. In reality, they felt that this thing was very weird at first, and it would be so smart. Suddenly there are so many Evil Ghosts, I have encountered so many konjac. If this brat is a bad luck, it is well explained.

The more you can, the more frightened they are.

They also regret to the extreme, if you know that this brat is a bad luck, it is definitely used as an Ancestor, and dare to deal with this brat.

“No way, if it is such a terrifying demons, why have you rarely heard of it before?”

There are demons who are puzzled, so the terrifying demons will surely know the magic, but the reality is that there are not many demons who have heard the legend of the bad luck.

Only those demons who are knowledgeable and have inheritance know this.

“Unclear is also as it should be by rights. First of all, the number of special demons of the Doom is very small. It is not a millions and millions of demons, but one of the eras.”

A Late Antiquity demon explained: “There should be some bad luck in so many years. The problem is that these bad luck monsters have a Misfortune Strength because of Innate, and they will encounter all kinds of disasters and bad luck in childhood. It is easy to die.

So countless years, we have never heard of it, and have never seen the evil spirits, perhaps because these dooms did not grow up, they died under bad luck.

But this special demon, once able to live to adulthood and escape the countless disaster, is quite terrifying, and even if bad luck comes with its body, it can still survive in doom.

In the ultimate doom, there is also the ultimate fortune, so the young doom is not terrifying, but in adulthood, the powerful bad luck is quite terrifying, and even Demon God has to fear three points. ”

It means that the evil spirits do not exist, but the number is too small. There have been no occurrences of the millions and millions of episodes, not to mention the fate of the childhood.

Rare is the normal thing. If there are a lot of bad luck, bring countless natural disasters, then Hell has long since perished, and will survive to this day.

“Then this brat is not a powerful bad luck?”

There is a demon looks at Xia Ping.

“You said, you have all been promoted to Late Antiquity Realm. Are you considered an adult?”

That Late Antiquity demon is not angry, it looks at the devil like a looks at an idiot, this life has never seen such a stupid demon, ask such a stupid question.

“This, this !”

The devil is also red-faced, didn’t expect to ask this question but was criticized, but if this happens then, it is quite frightened by Xia Ping, this is the adult evil spirit, it is not a disaster that can be moved, Who touched who died? !

(End of this chapter)

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