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2612. Chapter 2604 I am just a little bad luck

2612.第2602章 螳螂捕蝉黄雀在后

Chapter 2604 I am just a little bad luck.

    第2602章 螳螂捕蝉黄雀在后

“Earth, how do you see that this brat is a bad luck?”


Dragon-horned Demon Asked at the Earth Moore, next to it, it was very doubtful.


The killing of the magical Vernal has the same doubts.


“I have a pair of demon eyes, called Earth demon eye, that I can see many things that the devil can’t see.”


Earth Magic Laird indifferently said: “When this demon appeared, I saw the ominous aura, which seems to be covered by the law of doom, the law of fate, and the law of Death.


Especially the Death rule, simply black is the same as Abyss, it can hardly be opened, it can be said to die in its hands, or the life that died because of it, simply countless, than you 10,000 Extreme Antiquity It’s all up. ”


what? !


Hearing this, Dragon-horned Demon Tim and the demon killing the devil are all frightened, and the look at Xia Ping’s eyes have changed completely, just like the look at the plague.


They are Extreme Antiquity demons, and they don’t know how many years. Life in their hands is unimaginable.


But the life that died because of this brat is actually more than 10,000. They are devils in the end, even if they kill the devil, it is impossible to do this kind of thing.


There is no doubt that this demon Fengdu is definitely a real evil spirit, otherwise there will be such terrifying destruction power and destructive power, how can it kill so many demons.


“No, you misunderstood, I am not a bad luck, just a bad luck.”


Xia Ping’s weak protests said that you should not misunderstand that you are a devil of the gods, you are just a demon of the bad luck, and that terrifying is not a species.




Many demons are rolling their eyes, are you bad luck? It’s bad luck, and this bastard is a dozen of Late Antiquity demons of the brothers, who died to protect it.


The Rock Demon, which tried to kill it, was suddenly killed by dozens of Evil Ghosts.


The worst is the group of Extreme Antiquity demons, they are purely innocent, as Extreme Antiquity demon is almost a high demon in White Lotus Hell, in addition to the Wudi demon, they are the existence of strongest, Feudal Vassal general big character .


If there is nothing unexpected, they can live to the end of time.


I can only don’t expect to just offend this embarrassment, staying at this brat for a little longer, didn’t expect to be besieged by hundreds of Evil Ghost, no, not only hundreds of Evil Ghost, but also behind There are tens of thousands of Evil Ghost, hunting thousand konjac.


My mother, tens of thousands of Evil Ghost, hundred thousand head konjac, they have never seen this scene, almost the entire city of Monster swarmed.


Those Extreme Antiquity demons are also terrible. Only two Extreme Antiquity demons have spent a lot of time and suffered heavy losses before they barely ran out of the catastrophic disaster.


If such a demon is only a bad luck, then there is no demon in the world that is bad luck.


“Hidden Killing Devil, now you know that terrifying of the Evil Devil, I am not stopping you from killing it, but saving your life, saving everyone’s life, don’t act blindly without thinking.”


Earth Moore’s Complexion Serious: “Maybe a moment ago, you didn’t notice, but I clearly saw that at the moment you were born trying to kill this doom, the huge Misfortune Strength fell on your head. It seems that all around the Void is split, and Void deep place has a vaguely large Evil Ghost aura.


In other words If you do, you will get a lot of Evil Ghost in an instant, or motivate this Void’s Space Crack, when the time comes not only you can’t do anything about it killing it, but it will also die in bad luck. In your hand, let’s measure it yourself. ”


what? !


The hidden killer Fonnell pinched the fist, the forehead was sweating, and the simply sweaty, to be honest. It was the killer for so many years, or the first time encountered such a terrifying assassination object.


I just created a killing intent for it. There are all kinds of disasters waiting to kill it. Damn, is this bastard the illegitimate son of God? ! It’s too abnormal.


If this is the case, then Hell has another demon that can kill it.


Dragon-horned Demon Tim is also a bit imaginary. It also remembers how he was besieged by tens of thousands of Evil Ghost and hunting thousand konjac. If that happens again, it will be completely cold.


After all, it doesn’t have so many treasures on it. It used to be exhausted before it was run away. If there is any treasure left, if this happens again, it will be dead.


Although it wants revenge, but if the enemy does not report it, and he is killed, it is still a long-term plan, and you can’t take your own life.


“Hey, all of you are here.”


At this time, Xia Ping yelled: “I am not a bad luck, just a little devil of bad luck, and everyone is brothers, how can I be willing to let everyone bad luck.”


He feels that these demons are licking themselves, spreading rumor everywhere, letting the masses isolate themselves and sinisterly.


“brothers? Who are you brothers, don’t come close to us.”


“Damn, who doesn’t know that when the brothers of the bad luck are the fastest, the better the relationship, the worse they die.”


“The most favorite thing about the Doom is to slash in the back.”


“When the enemy is dead, when the brothers are dead, the best way is to stay away from the evil spirits. This guy is Heavenly Apparition Lonely Star, who is close to who is bad luck.”


When I heard these words, many demons were even more alarmed. Who wouldn’t know that the Evil is the Heavenly Apparition Lonely Star, and if they were considered to be brothers by the other party, they might be cold.


Because this is the character of the doom, and the deeper the relationship of the doom, the larger the contaminated Misfortune Strength, which is equito to help the doom.


If this happens then, who dares to approach, even if the life is hard, the devil can’t stand it.




At this time, a gate of the deep place of the temple opened instantly, and a Light Door appeared in front of many demons, bursting with golden light.


“The door is open, run fast.”


“Don’t entangle the relationship with the bad luck, otherwise we will definitely be bad luck.”


“Run, hurry up, stay here, don’t know what will happen.”


Seeing this door open, many demons are to be wild with joy, just like seeing the opportunity to escape from this place, they rushed to the front and quickly moved toward the door to run out.


But the fastest is the Dragon-horned Demon and the hidden killings of the Extreme Antiquity demons, which are scared by Xia Ping’s Misfortune Strength, and they dare not continue to provoke this doom, causing bad luck for themselves.


Just a few breaths, the devils in this place are all running out, and none of them are left.


Xia Ping licks his eyes, isn’t he terrifying? Simply is to completely scare these demons.


(End of this chapter)



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