2618. Chapter 2610 millions and millions Sun clone

Chapter 2610 millions and millions Sun clone

“Hmm? !”

Xia Ping in the heart, he originally thought that he had a Hell’s Golden Crow flame from Split, after entering the Gaia space, burning these Evil Ghost and konjac, it should be automatically extinguished soon.

But he completely didn’t expect that this Hell’s Golden Crow flame swallowed up a lot of Evil Ghost and konjac’s strength, and used their body’s energy as fuel to grow their body.

If this happens then, this Hell’s Golden Crow flame seems to grow to form a balance, reaching a constant condition, it has really formed a small-gold of small-gold.

Even this Sun is still slowly swallowing, burning the nearby Strength of Darkness, and slowly growing up its own body. If it was the past millions and millions of years, I am afraid it can really become a real Sun.

Most importantly, he perceives that this little Sun and his own Soul have an inextricable relationship, as if they were out of their own blood, which is part of their body.

If he is willing, he can withdraw this Sun to his body at any time and strengthen his strength.

“Wait, if that’s the case, isn’t that the real cultivation of Hell’s Golden Crow?”

Xia Ping’s eyes showed a hint of bright light, and Spiritual flared.

He seems to have found a shortcut to the rapid cultivation of Hell’s Golden Crow Strength of Flame, which is Split’s Hell’s Golden Crow flame, which makes them form a small Sun, hanging Hell at high altitude.

To know that Hell among, there is a countless Hell plane, and every Hell plane has no Sun, which is his great opportunity.

If he can condense the millions and millions of Sun clones, shine the sunlight on every corner of the Hell plane, at which point his strength doesn’t know how much it will be promoted.

When the time comes with how many worlds, how many Suns, then how many strengths there are.

The most important thing is that once it is concealed into a Sun clone, it is like an automatic robot. It can automatically and quickly swallow all the strength of the Void’s Strength of Darkness, and quickly increase its cultivation base.

This is equivalent to the extras of the automatic cultivation of countless.

Even if it was discovered by other demons that something was wrong, the Sun would be destroyed, but there was no relationship. This is just a piece of strength that’s all on him. If it is extinguished, it will be destroyed and there will be no loss.

Once successful, it is the integration of the milesions and millions of Sun’s strength, the strength that can be played, simply is unimaginable, it is estimated that even Demon God will be scared to death.

If it was in the era of Demon God, Hell’s Golden Crow couldn’t possibly do that. After all, Demon God was too much in that era, even though Hell’s Golden Crow was known as the strongest Demon God.

The problem is that the ants are more than dead, and there are all kinds of Demon God with incredible Ability. If you stand on the opposite side of all Demon God and become attacked on all sides, I am afraid that the end will not be very good.

But now it’s different, Demon God is dead, everything is fresh, and no Demon God can stop him.

This is the best time for Xia Ping.

“This seems to be a huge benefit for Gaia clone.”

Xia Ping in the heart, he found that Gaia space among has a more round of Sun, after shining infinity sunlight, it seems that the Gaia space internal deep place has a more vitality │ angry.

This Gaia space has vitality │ angry and dead air intertwined, seems to really become the place where samsara is located, which is also of great benefit to the growth of Gaia clone.

Although for Gaia clone, the huge Strength of Curse, Misfortune Strength, has a huge advantage, but there is also a too far as as bad as enough.

If this Strength of Darkness is too strong, it will completely devour the Gaia clone’s Soul and the Spiritual Wisdom, and fall into the dark Abyss among, which is the fall.

The Sun formed by this Hell’s Golden Crow flame solves this problem, suppressing the rapid expansion of the Gaia clone within the body, so that the strength does not get out of control.

Even if it is a strong strength, if it can’t be controlled, then there is no difference between it and no.

“But you can’t kill all of these Evil Ghosts and konjac, you have to control the devour of the Hell’s Golden Crow flame.”

Xia Ping touched his chin, and if he wanted, he could kill the konjac and the Evil Ghost of the Gaia space internal deep place, but that didn’t make much sense.

Because these Evil Ghost and konjac for him, but the extremely powerful trump card, the key moment can be released, let enemy into a hard fight, even the Invincible Realm devil has a headache.

Such a trump card has no reason to give up.

After all, wanting to destroy Evil Ghost and konjac, you need a special strength, the problem is that other demons can’t do anything about it to master such strength, so even if they are strong, they can’t help.

If they are slightly negligent, they will be killed by Evil Ghost and the konjac.

This is a thing that falls.

Therefore, he still wants to control the speed of refining Evil Ghost and konjac. They are all superior fuels, and they are also threatening enemy’s major trump card.

“Right, don’t know if Cursed Black Coffin can be placed in Gaia space?”

At this time, Xia Ping in the heart, remembered that he got the Cursed Black Coffin from the Dark Forbidden Area. This Cursed Black Coffin contains terrifying Strength of Curse, which is enough to curse all creatures, even Invincible Saint can kill dead.

If you open the Cursed Black Coffin completely, it is estimated that it will release a disaster that destroys everything.

And his Gaia space seems to be also Chaos Space-Time, belonging to the Dark Space, which can hold everything Curse, Evil, Strength of Darkness, and perhaps the place for Seal Cursed Black Coffin.

If successful, he may be able to speed up the growth of Gaia clone with the strength of Cursed Black Coffin.


Thinking of this, Xia Ping in the heart, immediately took out the Cursed Black Coffin in the Seal condition and gently placed it in the Gaia space of the clone.


In a flash, his inner deep place creates a kind of incitement, it is an inexpressible panic, as if Death God is coming, an unimaginable Curse Corrosion power seems to infiltrate from Cursed Black Coffin, Corrosion’s entire universe.


Xia Ping complexion changed a lot, it was ugly, he grabbed the Cursed Black Coffin in an instant, and sealed it again, so that the strength of the Cursed Black Coffin could not be infiltrated from it.

But the terrifying strangeness of Curse seems to be unwilling, as if only a Skeleton palm tried to climb out from the black 棺among, slap it, squeak, and produce a terrifying sway.

Life, as long as you hear these sounds, you will die in Curse, Celestial Five Wanings.

“No, the Cursed Black Coffin’s Rank is too high.”

Xia Ping squeezed the fist, and he was sighed in relief. Fortunately, he found out that something was wrong. If Cursed Black Coffin leaked a piece of strength, I am afraid that his Gaia clone will die immediately.

Although the space of the Gaia clone can hold Evil Ghost and the konjac, but the strength of this Cursed Black Coffin is obviously not a Rank, it is not the existence of the current Gaia clone.

This strength is good, but if you can’t eat it, you will only be killed. Everything can’t be too far as as bad as not enough.

(End of this chapter)

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