2619. Chapter 2611 Bad Fortune

Chapter 2611 The Despair of Doom

A few months later.

Xia Ping retired for a few months at the White Lotus Hell base, both of which were used to realize the Divine Consciousness and mana that suddenly skyrocketed after being promoted to Late Antiquity Realm.

After a few months, he finally realized his strength Master Mastery completely.

Of course, within a few months, no demons dared to come to his room to find him trouble, and even forced him into the Demon God Ruin’s demons.

Apparently his reed’s reputation has spread throughout the base, and even the entire White Lotus Hell’s higher demons have heard about Xia Ping’s reputation.

They also know that the terrifying of the bad luck, it is too late to avoid, and dare to contact Xia Ping, their inner thought is that this doom has to hide in this room.

This is the best result for them.

“Time is almost the same.”

At this time, Xia Ping opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He finally came out of the condition of the retreat and felt that it was time to leave the retreat.

Because his Gaia clone seems to feel a trace of ominous signs, the huge Misfortune Strength completely enveloped the entire White Lotus Hell, and the doom is simply ubiquitous and pervasive.

Ordinary demons don’t see such a Misfortune Strength, but Gaia clone can see it.

As time goes by, he feels that such a Misfortune Strength seems to be getting bigger and bigger, so big that it seems that have guts completely destroy the entire White Lotus Hell.

Such bad luck seems to be dying.

“Is it true that those Void Monsters will soon launch an attack on White Lotus Hell?”

Xia Ping touched his chin, and he remembered what the previous Extreme Antiquity demon, Gailok, had said, and now White Lotus Hell is in danger of dying.

But the danger is not known when it will come. In short, the fate of White Lotus Hell is in the Void Monster. If they are ready, then White Lotus Hell is probably finished.

Although White Lotus Hell’s higher demons don’t know how Void Monster’s plan is, they can only wait and be upset, but for the Gaia clone that has mastered Misfortune Strength, it is possible to observe the enemy’s plan in advance by observing the news. Know when enemy in the end is attacking.

Obviously, according to the entire White Lotus Hell envelope, it is estimated that Void Monster will attack White Lotus Hell soon, no more than three months.

“It seems that I have to re-enter Demon God Ruins as soon as possible. If Void Monster launches the general attack, I am afraid I need to run.” Xia Ping blinked.

Even though he has now been promoted to the Realm of Late Antiquity Saint, he has mastered the Creation Domain, and he is filled with the creation of aura, but in the face of the huge, terrifying Void Monster, there is still not much confidence.

In the Large War like this, he is just a small shrimp that’s all, can do things, only self-protection.

And he is not the devil of White Lotus Hell, and he has no obligation to live with White Lotus Hell.

So he thought that before White Lotus Hell was not destroyed, he quickly explored Demon God Ruins again and saw what kind of gains he could get.

Then he took the opportunity to drive off and waited for all the disasters to disappear before he returned.

This is the so-called gentleman who does not stand under the wall.


Thinking of this, Xia Ping did not hesitate, just pushed the door and went out.

However, this move suddenly shocked the demon of the entire base, and let the high-level devils who have been monitoring Xia Ping’s every move, one’s head out of fear, frightened.

“It’s out, it’s been closed for three months, and this fateful Fengdu is coming out.”

There is a demon screaming and screaming.

“No way, this brat is not good enough to stay in the room. What do you want to do out, don’t you know how terrifying your Misfortune Strength in the end is? Is it because we want to kill us?”

There are demons cursed, I think that Fengdu 咋 will not stay, actually ran out, is this not their life?

“It is estimated that it is very quiet. After all, it is not a prisoner. It is impossible to keep being in the room.”

“Fart, this is the terrifying demon that brings the countless disaster to the world. It is a symbol of ominousness. In my case, it should be held as a prisoner, so as not to harm the enemy.”

Some demons think that this Fengdu should be held up.

“Hehe, do you think that the high-level demons don’t want to do this? The question is who can bear the consequences. If you want to shoot for the bad luck, you have to endure the terrifying power of the bad luck.”

There is a high demon Hehe, sneer.

“Indeed, I have heard similar things. It seems that a high-level demon proposes to hold the Fengdu up and hold it into White Lotus Hell’s seabed Prison among, permanent Seal.

Didn’t expect just finished saying this sentence, on the way home, it seems that it is an enemy who does not know where to jump out, halfway among ambush, it was seriously injured on the spot, almost died.

Even this is just the beginning. It seems that these days it has encountered all kinds of bad luck. It is not a sudden thunder between the roads, or the rock that does not know where it came from falling from the sky, killing it half-dead, and drinking before The saliva is almost half a life. ”

“I know, right? The demons who raised their hands in favor of the big and small dooms, the roots did not have the bad luck of the higher demon, but they were too hard to take care of themselves.”

“After going through this incident, there is no more demon dare to mention this. Even the name Fengdu has become a taboo for those high-level devils, and can only be replaced by a demon that cannot be mentioned.”

“No way, is this Fengdu really so evil? Can’t even mention the name?”

“Of course, it’s not so exaggerated, but if you have an evil intent on him, even if you don’t say it, there will be an invisible Misfortune Strength that envelopes your body.”

“Damn, this Fengdu 咋 is so perverted, who dares to move it, isn’t it Wudi?”

“Hehe, if it wasn’t terrifying, how could it be such a big dificulties and hardships in the Demon God era, even Demon God was planted in this doom devil hand, classified as a taboo-like creature.”

Numerous devils discuss spiritedly, heard a lot of gossip, almost many news is also devils adding details while telling a story. Hu made it out, but at this time they still get the true and false.

They just know that the Devil’s Fengdu is indeed an extremely terrifying creature. It is enough for even the higher demons to dare to provoke. Is the rest of the things still need to be said? !

Such a rumor also made Xia Ping’s reputation even more stinky, resounding throughout the base and being known by countless demons.

(End of this chapter)

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