2620. Chapter 2612 Fellow Daoist please wait

Chapter 2612Fellow Daoist please wait

“Hmm? !”

Xia Ping was walking at the base of the moment. He blinked his eyes and immediately found himself retreating for a few months. It seems that the atmosphere of the entire base has changed.

Originally he was only a small transparent, at the base amun is the obscure little devil that’s all, but since the spread of his own devil’s fame, it suddenly made him a big celebrity.

Every demon sees that he is afraid of avoiding it. It is like encountering a plague. His wherever one goes, simply is like a hurricane, scaring countless evil Demon Wolf to escape.

Originally, he wants to come to the base of the trading market, want to see what these demons are trading in the treasure, didn’t expect just arrived, they saw a lot of demons intend to close.

“I rely on, the evil spirits come.”

“Crap, how can this door come to this place, who doesn’t know it’s God of Plague, whoever encounters bad luck.”

“Today is really bad luck. How can I want to go out and set up a stall today? This bastard appears, and today it is dry.”

“Run, hurry up, white is better than being killed, even the Invincible Realm demon can’t stop this guy’s Misfortune Strength. If we are close enough to be close, it is estimated that it will be cold.”

Many demons screamed in horror, they moved very quickly, and they rushed to pick up their own stalls and suddenly wanted to run fast from this trading venue.

They don’t want to stay in the same place with this ecstasy for a moment.

However, Xia Ping saw that the demons wanted to escape, and suddenly there was a feeling of wanting to leave all these demons in the deep place. This seems to be from the instinct of the bloodline, which is the amount of the Misfortune Strength.

“Fellow Daoist, please wait.”

Xia Ping reached out and said the five big characters.

Suddenly these five big characters are like gold mouth, jade speech, and it seems to be the emperor with the heavenly constitution, which contains the incredible power of Karma and the Strength of Destiny.

This strength is also like the World Principle, and it instantly envelopes the body of all the demons in the trading floor.

Originally these demons who intend to run, but this is a terrible discovery at this moment, their bodies seem to have lost control, the body is like a mechanical Kāchā Kāchā, moving toward Xia Ping’s turned around.

Even if they want to control their bodies, this moment can’t be done at all. It seems that the Strength of Destiny is manipulating their bodies.

If they do not stay, I am afraid that an unpredictable disaster will occur.

Huā lā lā ! ! !

In a flash, all the demons in the trading floor are involuntarily turning back, and the collective stops the footstep, but after feeling this strength, the demons’ fear of Xia Ping strength is intensified.

Just say five words that’s all, actually let them these demons can’t do anything about it have any resistance, like a puppet, is controlled with no difficulty.

Not to mention the Late Antiquity demon, even the Extreme Antiquity demon face this strength, it seems to be can’t do anything about it.

This result makes them terrified to the extreme.

To be honest, they were only frightened by Xia Ping’s strength because of the rumor, and a considerable number of demons suspected the truth of the matter.

But at this moment, they have no doubts about the devil, just a word, actually let them lose all the strength, collectively stop the footstep and turn back.

If this is not the strength of the fat doom, what is it, they are at this moment to understand why those high demons are so frightened by such a bad luck, it is helpless.

They also have a little understanding of why the Demon God era can make such a terrifying destruction, and a glimpse of the whole picture.

“This strength?!”

To be honest, not only these devils, even Xia Ping is not startled, because this is his first time to display this doom Divine Ability, it seems that as long as you want, you can let anyone stop footstep.

This is the irresistible Karma Strength of Law.

And this is also a bloodline Divine Ability that was born after his Gaia clone was promoted to the realm of Late Antiquity Saint. The average looks very ordinary, but it is very terrifying.

Once applied, there is no life to resist.

“No, I don’t know what the Fengdu adults need for small help?”

Speaking of an Extreme Antiquity demon, it is clearly the demon of Extreme Antiquity, but in the face of only the Sina Antiping of Real Antiquity Realm, the attitude is very respectful and humble, as if the next demons face the upper demons.

This is also the thing that can’t do anything about it, the strength terrifying to this extent, is not realm can be measured.

“It’s nothing, just I want to find you to buy something, how can I collect it so quickly, do not look down on me, do not want to sell me things.”

Xia Ping said with a face.

“Nooooo, where can we look down on Fengdu adults, but we just happen to be in a hurry and want to go back and deal with it.”

Many demons suddenly became frightened. Damn, a moment ago is terrifying in a word. If you force this Fengdu to worry, then they are all cold.

Although the base does not allow any demon fights, the problem is that people are bad luck, do you still need to personally shoot yourself? As soon as the Misfortune Strength shrouded, they were dying.

The demons that were right against Fengdu were the lessons of the past.

“Can it be true, I will not stop it in a hurry, but is it so anxious? Even when I want to buy something, I will not give it to me. So I don’t give me face, do you want to force me to worry?”

Xia Ping said very embarrassedly.

“Nooooo, of course not, what Fengdu adults want, what we naturally give, when we do trading, we still have it.”

These demons quickly said that they were afraid of Xia Ping vitality │ angry.

“In this case, I have all the things in your booth. Isn’t enough Hell source stone?”

Xia Ping followed the finger to refer to one of the stalls, indicating that he would buy all the treasures of the booth.

“Ten Hell source stones?!”

Hearing this, the devil 瞪 big eyes, simply is crazy, can’t wait to look at this shameless bastard, this slut eyes, did not see the booth in the end what is the treasure?

Although it seems to spread the goods, but each piece is the treasure of White Lotus Hell, not afraid to say priceless, but it is also a valuable one.

For example, plague flowers, nightmare grass, ghost mushrooms, etc., are from sacred medicine of White Lotus Hell, which has a great effect on many demons, at least tens of millions of Hell source stones.

But this bastard actually wants to buy ten Hell source stones. This simply is cruel than robbery. This bastard is clearly trying to cut the meat on his body, and it is shameless to the extreme.

(End of this chapter)

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