2621. Chapter 2613 Extortion

Chapter 2613 Extortion

“Oh, the ten Hell source stones are not enough. I still want to marry me?”

Xia Ping glanced at it.

Motherfucker, in the end Who is deceiving, and speaking completely is wrong.

The devil is simply mad, it has never seen such a arrogant demon in this life, in the face of so many demons, actually dare to open and without fear of blackmail here, simply is shameless.

It can’t wait for a slap to get on, let the bastard know what blood is so red.

“Brothers, don’t be impulsive, this guy is a bad luck. If you look at it, how many lives you are not enough to die, so what does Hell source stone count, you still break the money.”

Just at this time, next to an Extreme Antiquity demon pulled it, secretly Transmit Message.

what? !

When I heard this, the demon suddenly shivered, and it seemed to be poured from a head to the foot with a bucket of ice water. Simply cooled from the beginning to the foot, and the whole body trembled up and down.

The original fury disappeared at once, and it was replaced by fear.

Yeah, this guy is a fate of the fat.

It suddenly remembered the identity of the other side of the demon, if you are in the end with the other, then you are not cold? Although Hell is big, who else can save it.

Undoubtedly, now it is only a matter of breaking the financial crisis, and continue to entangle, but he can not sell things to this evil spirit, but he will certainly be miserable.

If there is more bad luck in the outside world, with its strength, it may still be able to stop it.

But here is the neighborhood of Demon God Ruins. Usually, even if there is no bad luck, it is a kind of good luck. If it is a bit of bad luck, it is probably the kind of completely died.

To be honest It can’t go with anyone, but you can’t go with this bad luck, otherwise it’s a dead end.

Thinking of this, the devil is still entangled here, it quickly said: “Nooooo, Fengdu adults if you want, ten Hell source stones are still more, even if it is white, I have to give Fengdu adults “”

“Can it be true? Actually still white?!”

Xia Ping eyes immediately shines.

The devil heard this, and wanted to smother himself on the spot, let it be so mouth-to-mouth, and mention this sentence when it’s not dead. Isn’t this your own courting death?

Before in any case, I also got ten Hell source stones, and the less is less, but in any case is also stopped.

Now, even the ten Hell source stones are gone, and all the whites are given to this evil spirit.

It is now green, but it can’t be repented. If you force this bad luck, I am afraid that these Hell source stones can be flattened.

There is no way, it has to send these treasures out: “Since Fengdu adults are willing, these treasures are naturally sent in white, so something is worth it.”

It feels that he has said these words, and he is bleeding in his heart. There is a hateful demon on his heart that a blade and a blade are cut, don’t mention more heartache.

“Aiya, I am polite, this demon brothers, first time to meet me and send me so many good things, I am embarrassed. But since it is the intention of brothers, then I am disrespectful.”

Xia Ping said that Da La La, his face is very thick, simply more indestructible than the Peerless Grade Saint Artifact, like this white thing, it is not white.

Some thoughts my ass, this is Ming grab.

The devil can’t wait to put the bastard Fengdu tear the body to thousands of pieces. It is a robbery. He even dared to say that this is his own heart. He has never seen such a brazen bastard.

“Aiya Aiya, this devil brothers, I see that your booth is good, how many pieces of Hell source stone, it will not be the same as the devil brothers?”

Xia Ping perfectly satisfied to search all the stalls of the first demon. He came to the second demonic booth, and used his very pure and honest eyes to look at the other side.

Don’t make money my ass! You don’t want money when you come out to sell things. Whoever does business is doing charity.

The second devil’s heart is also bleeding, I can’t wait to kill this Fengdu dozens of times.

Obviously, this slut seems to be eyeing myself. It is so bad luck today, why don’t you ask for a bad luck for a wave from the heart? !

But when I saw Xia Ping’s kind eyes, it dared to say a word, a moment ago Xia Ping let the countless demons stop, and there was no resistance to the Misfortune Strength, but scared it. be terrified.

If you are stared at by this comet, today is not as simple as losing such a thing, maybe even your own life will be lost in Demon God Ruins among.

“Yes, yes, you said that it is a coincidence, and like the brothers, I don’t want money for this booth. Today I am going out to be a charity and benefit the public.”

The second demon baring teeth grinned and said these words against the conscience.

Many demons heard the mouth corner twitching, watching the bad luck children, they have seen demons out to do charity in this life, the term charity never appears in the demon’s dictionary.

However, they were forced by this evil spirit. They and everyone are all turtles and grandchildren. Wherever they dare to say no words, they all say this in violation of their own conscience.

Don’t mention that they have more souls in their hearts. Even if they are regarded as cannon fodder by the higher demons, they are not so sullen.

“didn’t expect brothers, you are so kind, it’s really our devil, who is a single scorpion. If that is the case, then I will laugh, and I will have a chance to drink together next time.”

Xia Ping said the big lara, unrestrained to clean up the treasure of the second booth.

The second demon is so angry inside, simply is the deep place in the heart, Xia Ping this little man with a needle does not know how many times, with Hell’s most vicious Curse to Curse this shameless demon.

“Aiya, brothers, come here, come with a gift, big bag, is worried that there is nothing in my house?”

Xia Ping turned her eyes and stared at the third demon.

“Do not!”

The third demonics collapsed. It wanted to cry. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to pack away the treasures of his booth, away from this shameless bad luck, and take the opportunity to open.

However, it still underestimated the face of this doom, and the shamelessness described this behavior, and actually took the action of packing it as giving gifts to his family.

Also said what big package, it does not have this idea at all.

“Aiya, really, very polite, all the brothers and sisters in the world, don’t bring gifts next time, otherwise I will be vitality │ angry, but this time, I don’t know who is not guilty.”

Xia Ping stepped forward and packed the third demon’s booth. There was no leftover, and no hair was left.

“Do not!”

The third demon wants to cry without tears, and its inner sullen simply cannot be described in any language.

(End of this chapter)

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