2622. Chapter 2614 Space-Time Water Mirror

Chapter 2614 Space-Time Water Mirror

Half an hour is blinking.

Xia Ping has been very happy. He is in this trading market, and he greets each demon in the stall, calling his brother, isn’t that a joy?

All of these demons were all blackmailed by him, and the treasures on the booths were all handed over. None of them dared to make a big noise on Xia Ping. All of them just wanted to break the money as soon as possible.

After all, compared to your own life, the wealth is nothing but the foreign object that’s all.

But this is so, the loss of so much property still makes them feel bad, and the heart seems to be bleeding.

“Aiya, devil brothers, you are so hospitality, how can I go over it? I will have a chance in the future, and my Fengdu will definitely repay you.”

Xia Ping patted the chest, Da Lala said.

Repay my ass!

This kind of extortion is basically paying kindness with enmity. If you don’t bring huge misfortunes to them, even if they are blessed, they dare to ask each other to repay.

It is said that the brothers who become the evil spirits are even more miserable than the enemy who became the evil spirits. Where do they dare to be the brothers of this bad luck, is it too long to disappoint their own lives? !

Many demons gnashing one’s teeth, they just want to let this bastard Fengdu leave this place immediately and disappear in front of them forever, this is the best choice for everyone.

However, if they dare to say such things, they can only linger in their hearts.

“Nooooo, Fengdu adults, these things are voluntary, and you need to repay them.”

“That’s right, the five lakes and the sea are all brothers, everyone is the devil of White Lotus Hell, sitting on the same boat, helping each other as it should be by rights, there is no need to repay what to repay.”

“Fengdu adults, if nothing happens, we will leave.”

“Yeah, I suddenly remembered that there was still something left to do, and I might have to go back to the lounge.”

“Fengdu adults, we really meet each other, if I don’t have something to do, I definitely want to talk to you for one night and have a drink.”

Many demons are hypocritically talking about social rhetoric, each and everyone reveals the appearance of loyalty, and simply can’t wait to Xia Ping to swear an oath and become sworn brothers, and bow to brothers.

But inside the deep place, they simply want to leave this bastard eight hundred light years, and they will no longer see each other in this life.

“so that’s how it is ,didn’t expect everyone brothers have things to be busy, this is also my abrupt, or worth it. If you have something, then go ahead, I am still strolling.”

Xia Ping swings his hand.

He knows that these demons are not being left by themselves. There is no point in continuing to retain each other. Poor ghost is not crushed even if it is squeezed.

And continue to extort this way, I am afraid that these demons will be worried, the more the spring is pressed, the higher the rebound.

Of course, he is not afraid of these demons rebounding, but today he will stop here, and his harvest is enough.

Still want to go shopping? !

Some devils heard this, mouth corner twitching, a faceless, to be honest this bastard bad luck in the end also wants to extort a lot of demons to be good, and how many devils bad luck.

However, this thing has nothing to do with them. For them, the farther the guy is from here, the better. It is better not to appear in this place.

“In this case, then don’t bother Fengdu adults.”

“Yes, that’s really unfortunate. Next time, next time we have a chance to meet again.”

“Fengdu adults, we are gone, there will be a period.”

When I heard these words, many demons simply overjoyed, like Meng Dahe, as if they had heard the Emperor’s imperial edict, they were finally willing to let them go.

They are not saying anything further, they immediately sneak away, simply to display the evil Demon God pass, the speed is extremely fast, even the kind of merging Void, to play the peak speed of this life.

Just a smoky skill, these demons quickly moved away from Xia Ping’s line of sight, and the entire trading floor was emptied, leaving no paper left.

To be honest, these demons are scared by this incident. In a short time, they are not planning to come to the trading market, or to stay safe at home.

“Right, wait for somewhere.”

Xia Ping touched his chin and continued to wander around the base, but his wherever one goes, still a chicken jump, causing the whole base countless demons to panic.


At the moment, the base is deep place, where the headquarters are somewhere.

a path of mirror-like technique is presented in the midair, which is like a virtual projection, which presents the entire base image on the mirror.

This is the Divine Ability’s unique Divine Ability technique, which is a space-time water mirror. It can be scattered by an individual method. It is observed that this Space-Time occurs within this time. Anything.

And this is one of the monitoring methods in the base, so that the high-level demon of the base knows anything happening at the base, no matter what, it can’t escape their control.

At this time, the headquarters will be in the conference room among, there are a lot of high-level demons, even the Wudi demon appears in this place, there are 49 Invincible Realm demons.

They all came from all over the White Lotus Hell, and they also heard about the news of the Evil, so they have great interest in the special demon of the Doom.

“Interestingly, this bad luck is only Late Antiquity Realm that’s all, actually mastered such a Strength of Destiny, a moment ago, screaming, what is the Divine Ability that countless demons turn back? It seems that even I feel amour Can’t resist, like the fate of Strength of Law, Karma.”

An Invincible Realm devil blinked and stared at the picture that had occurred before.

Especially a moment ago Xia Ping called the scene of the countless demons, it even looked at the countless times, but no matter how many times it was read, it felt incredible.

“I don’t know, the information recorded by the bad luck is too little. Even in the era of Demon God, it seems that the evil spirits are taboo. All the news is blocked by Demon God, so we don’t know enough about the bad luck. As it should be by rights, but one thing is certain, this bad luck is very dangerous and extremely dangerous.”

Another Wudi devil complexion dignified: “Only the Late Antiquity Realm has such terrifying Misfortune Strength, and if it is promoted to Extreme Antiquity, or even Invincible Realm, then who else Heell can make it.

Therefore, my proposal is to kill this bad luck as soon as possible, to eliminate the aftermath, and definitely not let it continue to grow up, otherwise our White Lotus Hell will suffer a huge disaster. ”

There was a strong killing intent in it, and it didn’t hide it.

Obviously, it is very eager to get rid of Xia Ping, killing intent boiling. It wants to completely eradicate such disasters and destroy this dangerous and unstable factor.

(End of this chapter)

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