2624. Chapter 2616 Who is the oriole

Chapter 2616 Who is the oriole

what? !

Hearing this, there will be conference room among the many demons who can’t help but stand up. They just want to take advantage of this opportunity, and then seal the good luck.

But where they want to get it, they haven’t started yet, then the ecstasy ran away, and they still entered Demon God Ruins among, and that place was very tricky for them.

“It’s not a bad luck, it shouldn’t know that we are calculating it, but we can feel the danger of amour and take the initiative to enter Demon God Ruins. On the surface it seems to be reckless behavior, but it is a lifeline. “”

The black demon complexion suddenly gloomy up.

It instantly feels the hardships of the sorcerer’s devil. It is a renaissance of the sorcerer’s demon, and even Demon God can’t help but exist. This is just a way to avoid danger. It is enough to make it look at with New eyes, admire the three points.

At the same time, it is also the slogan of the jealousy of the evil spirits.

“This bad luck is too dangerous. We are only calculating it. We haven’t even started it. Even the signs are not. This guy actually left before and entered Demon God Ruins. This Ability is not cracking a joke. ”

The orange devil pinched the fist.

After it was promoted to Invincible Realm, it became more and more awe-inspiring to the law of fate. It was an unpredictable strength of the ordinary, which seemed to be nothing but real.

The stronger the strength, the more awe of Hell itself.

“What should I do this time, this guy has entered Demon God Ruins among, we can’t make it Seal so easy.” A scarlet devil blinked.

It felt that it was a bit of a hassle.

“Also ask, of course, follow it. If it gets some treasure in Demon God Ruins among, and strength by leaps and bounds, then who else can make it.”

Orange devil said solemnly: “The most important thing is, if it’s in Demon God Ruins among, it’s not dangerous to find another space channel and leave Demon God Ruins to get rid of our surveillance?”

Many demons can’t help but nodded, and it’s true. Don’t look at it now, Demon God Ruins seems to have only one stable space channel.

But Demon God Ruin’s secret is too much. They don’t dare to say that they know everything. There is a second thing to leave Demon God Ruin’s space channel. It’s not hard to understand.

“In this case, let’s go in. Once you see that brat, not say anything further, immediately start it and seal it up, don’t give it any chance to resist.”

Black devil immediately said.

“it is good.”

Many Invincible Realm demons are nodded and decided immediately.

Sōu sōu sōu ! !

Tough barely fell, these Invincible Realm devils flicker, but also moving toward Demon God Ruin’s space channel flew over, hoping to catch up with the Doom Magic.


At the moment, Demon God Ruins among.

At this time, Xia Ping has entered Demon God Ruins. There is no demon in the surroundings, because his reputation has long been stinky than the pit, and now there are demons who dare to approach him.

So when he entered Demon God Ruin’s, the other demons were one after another retreating, and they didn’t dare to go in with Xia Ping. They were afraid of being entangled by Xia Ping, causing an unpredictable danger.

“There are Invincible Realm demons who want to kill me? It is the name of the bad luck demon, so that these demons are so fearful.” Xia Ping touched the chin, in reality, when these Invincible Realm devils made him a Producing Killing Intent, The system on his body has already warned himself in advance, saying that there is a tyrannical enemy staring at his own life and letting himself be careful.

He also knows that it is the Invincible Realm demon that looks at himself. There are dozens of them.

So many Invincible Realm demons appear, simply overwhelming battle strength, let alone dozens, even if one appears, it is enough to crush him with no difficulty.

So, in order to survive, he immediately decided to enter Demon God Ruins among, only with the help of Demon God Ruin’s strength, to survive from these Invincible Realm demons.

After all, Demon God Ruins terrifying is too dangerous. Even if Invincible Realm enters it, I can’t say that I can survive.

After trying to enter Demon God Ruins, these demons are not too impudent.

“Right, go to the palace.”

Xia Ping touched his chin and remembered the temple that had not been exploring before. The place contained a powerful Restriction Formation, which was besieged by dozens of Extreme Antiquity demons. I didn’t know how long it was.

I want to come to that place and there must be a huge secret.

And with the defensive power of the temple, even if the Invincible Realm demon wants to break within a short period of time, it is estimated that it is impossible.


When he thought of it, he did not hesitate to immediately display Hell’s Golden Crow’s Wings. The entire body was so merging Void among with no difficulty, and it suddenly moved tens of thousands of light years.

In the blink of an eye, Xia Ping found the previous Bridge of Helplessness and immediately rushed in, without any delay.


And just after Xia Ping left this place, a few minutes.

Sōu sōu sōu ! ! !

A head of aura like the Abyss Invincible Realm demon also appeared in the Demon God Ruins among, the strength of each body condensed into the substance, seems to distort the countless Hell rule.

They have the power of a tyrannical domain, as if they were an independent universe, and the countless tyrannical Strength of Law runs automatically within the Domain.

“Damn, that’s a bad luck, it’s really fast. It’s gone for a blink of an eye. Is it so anxious to do something, is it rushing to reincarnation?” The black devil’s Divine Consciousness strength spreading all around, but found this Hell There is no aura left by Xia Ping in the city, and the complexion is very ugly.

It clearly has caught up with the extremely fast speed, didn’t expect it is still late.

“Does the guy know that we are going to purture it?”

The orange devil blinked and showed a vigilant expression.

“Impossible, we came to the base among is also a top secret message, no devil will know it except us, and want to deal with it, it is also our temporary intention, how brat can know our existence.” A green demon shake Shaking his head and feeling that the other party knows their existence is impossible.

Even if it is a good demon, it is impossible to have such an unknown prophet.

“Jié jié, no matter if it’s a good luck in the end, or already knows that we want to purify it, let’s catch up and talk about it. When we pick it up, we know what the truth is in the end.”

A scarlet demon Jié jié said with a smile.

“That’s right, I can feel that brat is not far from us. Soon, we will catch up with him soon.”

The orange devil murderous aura.

After saying these words, many demons immediately went up.

(End of this chapter)

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