2625. Chapter 2617 Ancient’s Temple

Chapter 2617 Ancient’s Temple

Demon God Ruins, somewhere in the temple among.


Xia Ping speed is extremely fast, passing through the Bridge of Helplessness and directly reaching the temple along that I have been here before.

Because the Evil Ghost and the konjac in this place were basically cleaned up by him, the city was also very safe, and no Monster was in this place.


Xia Ping touched his chin, and at this moment he was on his body, running Hell’s Golden Crow’s Eye, and instantly saw the Restriction Formation of the entire temple, more than what Gaia clone had seen before.

He found that the temple has a total of 108,000 Restriction Formations, one connected to one, complex to the extreme, with a combination of millions and millions of Restriction Formation.

And the arrangement of each Restriction Formation is quite terrifying, containing the terrifying destruction power.

Previously, the Extreme Antiquity demon actually tried to explore slowly, hoping to find a safe way to the temple, which is simply an idiotic dream.

It is estimated that even if they spend milliions and millions of years, it is difficult to find the flaws of the Restriction Formation here.

However, for Xia Ping, who owns Hell’s Golden Crow’s Eye, the Restriction Formation of this temple is a ruin, and all of them are displayed in front of him.

“didn’t expect a temple in the ordinary Hell city, there is such a powerful Restriction Formation, I am afraid that this city is not very simple, perhaps contain a great secret.”

Xia Ping blinked and he could see that the temple was not simple, not comparable to the temples of other Hell towns.

In reality The temples of other cities are annihilation. Only this temple is still alive. Safe and sound is enough to prove the out of the ordinary.

Of course, this is also a good thing for Xia Ping.

If the temple is not strong enough and is mysterious enough, I am afraid that it will not be able to withstand the Wudi demon from the purs, and it will not be his hiding place.

If he finds that this place is nothing special, it is estimated that he needs to go to another, more dangerous city to avoid the Wudi devil’s purchase.

“And not only is Restriction Formation so simple, it seems that there is Deura God’s aura.”

Xia Ping squeezed the fist, he could feel the Noble, tyrannical, overwhelming Strength of Bloodline, aloof and remote, from my internal deep place.

This strength is with the body Hell’s Golden Crow’s Strength of Bloodline is a Rank, this temple absolutely contains the Demon God level of terrifying energy.

Otherwise, it will never let him feel the emotion of the body’s bloodline.

To be honest He is really interested in the secret of this temple.


Thinking of this, Xia Ping didn’t hesitate. He ran Hell’s Golden Crow’s Eye and instantly saw a flaw in the Restriction Formation of the temple. He stepped in.


Suddenly, his figure flickered, merging this Void among, disappeared into this space, and was directly teleported to the internal deep place of the palace.


And just after Xia Ping entered the temple, it was not a long time to leave this place.

Sōu sōu sōu ! ! !

Suddenly, the devil of Invincible Realm also came from the purchase, they simply that even the gasping skill would not give Xia Ping, exerted a rapid speed, broke the Void, and arrived in an instant.

It can be said that they are still too late. When they arrived at this place, they did not see Xia Ping’s trail, only a glimpse of aura.

“Damn, still ran by this Fengdu, how the bastard ran so fast, a little bit, still a little bit can catch up with this brat.” Scarlet devil pinch fist, angry.

In order to catch up with the demon Fengdu, it almost exhausted full power, risking the spur of Demon God Ruins and many Monsters, breaking Void, just to intercept the Fengdu.

This is so good, they are still a step later.

“Interesting, this place I remember that we have been exploring countless times. There should be no secrets. How can there be a temple that has never been seen or recorded?”

An orange demon stared at the temple in front of him, revealing a very interesting look.

“Indeed, how did this doom in the end find this temple? And the Restriction Formation is so complete, I am afraid this place has a big secret.”

A green demon is also amazed.

To be honest, every time an Ancient Temple is born, it will cause countless reign of terror, because the ancient temples of the temple are hidden with a lot of treasures.

These treasures are enough to make these Wudi demons fight and make blood flow into the river.

Not to mention that most of the temples in Demon God Ruin’s are actually broken conditions, and the treasure is lost in the majority. The ancient temple is so intact that it is almost completely undestructed.

“This temple is very weird and must have a big secret.”

A black devil blinked and its instinct told himself that this ancient temple was unusual.

“It is said that the Devil Almost is the devil of the most bad luck of Hell, which can cause endless disasters and bad luck, but the extremes must be reversed. In the ultimate doom, the ultimate luck is hidden.”

The orange demon said solemnmn: “I am afraid that this ancient temple is the fortune of the doom in the ultimate doom, giving birth to the ultimate lucky, so he will find this hidden temple.”

It tells its own guess.

“Hehe, I don’t care how the sorcerer found the temple in the end, I just want to know how to get into this temple, a part of it. I don’t want to see the treasure inside is robbed by the bad luck, we Only have the opportunity to go in.”

“Yes, I have a hunch that the secret of this Ancient temple is extremely important and should not be missed.”

“Be careful, it’s better not to trade in. The Restriction Formation of this temple is not simple, and the fight is endless. If we go in, we will probably be killed.”

“Interesting, even the temple of our Invincible Realm demon and fear, this doom is not afraid to enter it, it in the end is to know what secret of this temple.”

“Yeah, there are too many secrets in this evil spirit. It can live from the young period to the present, but it has not been discovered by other demons. It is a huge mystery to grow to the present day.”

“After grabbing the fate of Fengdu, you can’t worry about it. You should grab it, interrogate it, and squeeze out all the secrets on it.”

“Jié jié, this is as it should be by rights, but it is imperative to crack the Restriction Formation here as soon as possible.”

“This is simple. I am Hell legendary’s Formation Great Master, and the Restriction Formation that’s all, give me a half-day skill, I can crack it.”

Many demons discuss spiritedly.

(End of this chapter)

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