2626. Chapter 2618 Real Demon God

Chapter 2618 Real Demon God

At this time, Xia Ping has entered the temple along, with the strength of Hell’s Golden Crow’s Eye, he sees the flaws of the Restriction Formation, simply is flat.

A few breathing skills, he did not know how many Restriction Formations passed.


The next second, when he crossed the last Restriction Formation, a moment of teleportation suddenly covered his whole body and transferred his body to another space.

“Hmm? !”

Xia Ping blinked and he found himself coming to the deepest place in the temple. It was a huge palace, like a giant country, and the roof could hardly see the top.

The palaces in the surrounding area are vast, and the positions on both sides are giant stone carvings that are covered one after another. It seems that they are all from the devil’s major races.

Even Ashura, Nether Ghost, Evil Ghost and Konjac, Void Monster and so on, there are seemingly horrified fears, fears, fears, etc., almost like a watch, vivid and lifelike.

It can be said that the Statue skill, simply is the reaching perfection.

If these stone carvings did not have any Life aura, he thought that these stone carvings were a living Life.

However, in many stone carvings, only in the most center position, stands a tall, like the majestic Demon God Statue, emits out of the extraordinary momentum and pressure.

This kind of momentum is almost congested into substance, even if Invincible Realm Saint is standing here, it will be awkward, and dare not have the slightest in this place.

And he can also feel the palace all around emits the incredible Demon God strength, which seems to be more terrifying than the outside Restriction Formation.

If it touches the taboo of this place, it is sure to die.


Just at this time, from the Void deep place, walk out a silhouette that is a substance. It is a tauren, holding a Scepter, wearing a crown, and emits a strong strength.

At the moment it appears, it seems that the law of Space-Time has stopped working.

“Congratulations you, lucky.”

This tauren looks at Xia Ping, the eyes are very calm: “The unscathed enters the Demon God Hall, which means you are eligible for the inheritance and strength of Demon God.”

Its sound buzz sounds and seems to have caused the Resonance of the World Principle.

“who are you?”

Xia Ping blinked and watched at the tauren, he couldn’t easily believe a stranger, who knows what the other side is going to do, and what plans.

“I am Moragas, the god of this temple, and the Artifact Spirit of this Demon God Hall, responsible for the selection of qualified Demon God successors.” Tauren claims to be Moragas, the temple God makes.

what? !

Xia Ping squeezed the fist, although he knew that the ancient mysterious temple was not simple, but didn’t expect the cow to this extent, actually this place has the inheritance of Demon God.

In Hell among, who doesn’t know the preciousness of Demon God inheritance, even the most common demon, if you can get Demon God inheritance, you can ascending to the skies with a single leap and become the higher Hell’s Sovereign.

Every time Demon God inheritance is rare, there are only a handful, countless epochs, and it hasn’t appeared several times.

Even if the Invincible Realm demon knows that there is the emergence of Demon God inheritance, it will be completely crazy and willing to pay all the price.

“Right, who are you, what race, and immediately report it.”

Tauren Moragas start to talk.

Xia Ping suddenly wanted to answer his own pseudonym, Fengdu, but suddenly, there was a warning in his heart, it seems that Void deep place a terrifying Strength of Destiny is warning himself.

He saw his top of the head over in the sky, and the Death and Limitless Death aura appeared as if it were going to be a big disaster.

“Warning, warning, the host must pay attention.”

At this time, the system’s voice came out: “The place here is the place of true Demon God’s inheritance. If you lie in front of the real Demon God, or violate the promise, or not answer, no matter how strong, Will be petrified, directly depriving themselves of Life aura, will die.”

what? !

Hearing this, I was reminded by system’s that Xia Ping was amazed. It is no wonder that the instinct on his body strongly warned himself that he could not lie in this place, otherwise he would die.

But he did not’t expect, this place is actually the palace where Demon God is located, with the inheritance of Demon God.

“My name is Xia Ping, Human Race.”

Thinking of this, Xia Ping immediately replied that under the effect of real Demon God strength, no answer or lie is a dead end, so he can only answer honestly.

“Human Race ?”

Upon hearing this, Tauren Moragis showed a hint of bright light and stared at Xia Ping: “Interesting, this is the world of Hell, how did you enter Hell in a human in the end?”

And even if you enter the Hell world, the human small and weak body, the Corrosion that can’t resist the Hell Strength of Source, will be assimilated into the Hell creature. ”

To be honest, it doesn’t know how long it has been seen for humans. It always feels that human is like the creature of the ancient era, but only in the legend among.

“I naturally have my ability.”

Xia Ping indifferently said ,although Under the cover of the real God’s Power, you can’t lie or answer, but it doesn’t mean he can’t hide it, it’s concise.

“Right, are you really the god of this temple? What is your true identity in the end?”

He asked, staring at the Tauren Moragas.


In a flash, tauren Moragis complexion suddenly changed, its complexion suddenly gloomy down, because it completely didn’t expect this human actually dare to ask himself.

But under the real God’s Power, it can also do not answer about it, and can’t do anything about it.

“Of course I am the god of this temple, and it is also the assessor here.”

However, the Tauren Moragas complexion recovered very quickly, and it showed a slight smile, as if the reaction of a moment ago never appeared.

It seems that this guy is really a shrine god!

Xia Ping blinked, and before the reality system reminded himself that any Life can’t lie under Real God’s Power, even true Demon God.

Not to mention the god of this temple, the other party should be very clear about this point, but still dare to say such words, it means that the identity of the other party is indeed correct, not falsified.

Even so, he is absolutely vigilant about this Tauren Moragas. In the Hell world, you can’t believe any demon and devil.

Because these Evil Ghosts will betray at any time, they will lie at any time, insidious and sinister, full of conspiracy, tricks, calculations and slaughter.

(End of this chapter)

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