2627. Chapter 2619 completely examined

Chapter 2619, completely examined

“system, do you know what this so-called assessment is in the end?”

Xia Ping blinked. He couldn’t tell if the tauren was talking in the end. If it wasn’t fake, it would be enough to conceal the important information.

“Want to know the real Demon God’s assessment, you need a hundred Hate Crystals.”

The system replied.

One Hate Crystals? !

Hearing this, Xia Ping suddenly exclaimed in astonishment, just knowing the intelligence, actually need billions of hate values, simply more precious than a Saint Artifact.

However, this is related to the inheritance of Demon God. Even if it is a piece of intelligence, it is precious. Sometimes intelligence determines the outcome. I don’t know that intelligence is a dead end.

Such news is expensive and justifiable.

But from the side can also be seen system’s powerful, simply is omnipotent, even the real Demon God’s inheritance content is clear, it is unimaginable.


Think of it here, Xia Ping without the slightest hesitation, he has a lot of Hate Crystals, and the average Hate Crystals is not too small, but compared with the information of Demon God inheritance, it is worth it.

“The real Demon God inheritance is very simple, there is only one, that is to beat the appraisers.”

System Road: “Besides lying, no matter what means, defeating the appraisers even if they pass the assessment, they get the inheritance of the real Demon God. But if they fail, they will immediately petrify and become the eternal stone in this place.”

Hearing this, Xia Ping’s eyes showed a hint of bright light. It is no wonder that there are so many vivid and lifelike stone carvings in this place, which were originally formed by the demon who failed the assessment.

These stone carvings are themselves Life, but they are turned into stone sculptures by the real God’s Power Corrosion.

“As long as you beat the appraisers, can you do it? If so, how many Trial Challengers, can’t one succeed?” Xia Ping thinks this is not so simple, if it is successful if it beats the appraisers, Countless era, countless inheritance arrival, there must be a demon to get the real Demon God’s inheritance.

But so far, the reality of this Demon God’s inheritance still exists, it is obvious that trial difficulty, definitely not as simple as imagined, it is definitely not so easy to pass.

“Defeating the assessor is only the first trial that’s all, and the most important thing is to accept the inheritance of the real Demon God strength.”

System Road: “I want to perfect and without blemish to bear the real God God’s Power, there are three prerequisites, the first is that this life has never said a lie, the second is that this life has never been unspoken things happen, the first The three must have a strong physique that can withstand Demon God strength.”


Xia Ping 瞪big eyes, these three prerequisites, each of which is a fantasy story, first of all, the first condition has blocked the path of countless life inheriting the real Demon God.

To be honest, let alone the devils who are lying on a spirit, even human, or All Heavens and Myriad Clans countless creatures, dare not say that they have never said a lie.

And under this magic God’s Power, even a small lie, it is a lie.

For example, if your stomach is not hungry, you are saying that you are hungry; obviously, the other party is not handsome, but it is a compliment to the other side; in short, no one does not lie.

In order to survive, the demons are lying down countless, against their own heart to shoot the horse.

It’s no wonder that the actual Demon God’s inheritance has been around for so long, but there are still no demons to get, so the conditions are too harsh.

It is estimated that only the first-born babies meet the first condition. They have never experienced anything, never said a lie, and have always kept their promises.

The problem is that such a baby wants to beat the appraisers, that is impossible.

It can be said that this real Demon God’s inheritance, almost no Life can inherit.

“If you can pass these three prerequisites, then the real Demon God’s inheritance will succeed.”

System continues: “But if it can’t pass, then you can’t inherit the real God’s Power. The demonic itself will be transformed into an appraisal officer, turned into the Artifact Spirit of the temple, or the puppet where the restraint is in this place. Only defeat Ten thousand Trial Challengers can regain their lives and leave the restraint of the temple.

But 10,000 times to challenge among, if there is a failure, then it will be Death, in the temple along into an eternal stone carving, eternal life can not be super-life. ”

“so that’s how it is.”

Xia Ping suddenly realize, no wonder he feels the evil intent from this tauren. It turns out that this guy needs to beat 10,000 Trial Challenger in order to regain his freedom.

For tauren, simply is the question of Life and Death. It is not that it dies, it is that he lives.

Both sides’ positions are basically inconsistent.

This also guarantees the cruelty of the assessment, and it is impossible for the both sides to release water.

“If you beat 10,000 Trial Challenger, can you really get rid of the restraint of the temple?”

Xia Ping asked.

“This is of course. Under Real God’s Power, all Life can’t lie, and all promises will be followed. There is no doubt about this.”

System said: “But even if you can get out of the temple, you can’t reveal any information to the outside world. This is a contract with the real Demon God. If there is a possibility of a little leak, it will immediately be Death.

Because of this, the content of the real Demon God inheritance has almost never been leaked in the outside world, and no demons know what the real Demon God’s inheritance in the end is. The countless demons are also like this, and the former servants come and die. ”

“It’s true Demon God.”

Xia Ping exclaim in astonishment, can only be said to be the strength of the Demon God level, simply is beyond everything, ignoring the Strength of Law, reaching a higher degree of strength.

It seems that under the cover of Demon God strength, all the Universe Principle will be invalid, only the Demon God rule will be effective, above the Universe Principle, with a unique and unmatched strength.

“What is the specific content that can be assessed, how can we beat the appraisers?”

Xia Ping asked.

“The content of the assessment is covered and contained everything, all determined by the appraisers themselves.”

System Road: “If the appraisers are willing, it can use stone scissors to determine the outcome, but the appraisers will not be so stupid, they will not take their own life, cracking a joke, they will definitely use the style that is most beneficial to them. To decide the outcome.

For example, the demon who is good at fighting will fight with Trial Challenger; if it is a demon who is good at cooking, it will compete with Trial Challenger; if it is good at speed, it will be faster than test speed.

In short, what the assessors are good at, they will compare with the Trial Challenger. In short, they will have the most favorable assessment content for themselves, and everything is aimed at defeating each other. ”

It means that it does not know what the assessment content is in the end, because it is all determined by the appraisers themselves.

(End of this chapter)

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