2628. Who is killed by who is killed in Chapter 2620?

Who is killed by who is killed in Chapter 2620?

“so that’s how it is.”

Xia Ping’s eyes showed a hint of bright light, and the emits had a burst of murderous aura. He also understood the danger of the real Demon God inheritance content.

It looks very simple, not very complicated, but it is very simple, killing intent step by step, a little careless will violent death, this is the terrifying of Demon God inheritance.

If you don’t pay attention, even the Invincible Realm will turn over the gutter here, completely Death.

“This guy.”

At this moment, the assessor Tauren is also observing Xia Ping, its complexion is very gloomy, originally it thinks that the real Demon God’s temple can finally come in to an assessor, it also has the hope of going out.

If the other person lie, it will be turned into a stone sculpture in an instant, which can solve the other party as soon as possible.

In reality, there were a lot of Trial Challenger dim-witted lying in this place, directly into stone carving, saving a lot of skills.

But this human is not the same. It seems that this place is the temple where the real Demon God is. It can’t lie, and its first plan is so dead.

Fortunately, it is an appraisal officer, and is free to make any assessment content, and it is still a good assessment for himself.

If this happens then, no matter how powerful this human is, it is impossible to defeat yourself.

And as long as it can beat 10,000 Trial Challenger, it can leave this ghost place.

“Would you like to fight this human? It is said that human is an incomparable small and weak individual. The same rank human does not know much about small and weak than the devil.

Tauren blinked and thought about the assessment: “No, no, the adult human may be very small and weak, but some monstrous talent level human’s fighting strength is out of the ordinary, even comparable to the Demon God bloodline demons .

This person can actually enter Hell from the human world, and even counter the Hell Strength of Source Corrosion, has not been assimilated by Strength of Hell, it is obviously that this human strength must be extraordinary, if I compare with him, Maybe just happened to be the guy’s traitor, this thing is absolutely impossible.

If you don’t fight, then what kind of assessment content is good, how can we effortlessly kill this human, compare speed, compare strength, or try defense, or wisdom…”

It constantly thinks about the assessment content of its own winnings.


At this time, Xia Ping suddenly started to talk.

“what’s up?”

Tauren said impatiently.

“Can you please die?”

With a bang, Xia Ping’s figure flashed, and one finger moved toward the tauren, Peerless Divine Ability – Indra’s Finger!

what? !

Tauren startled, it is completely didn’t expect this human is so cruel, he has not begun to say the content of the assessment, this bastard actually dare to do it yourself, how human is so audacious in the extreme? !

It tried to dodge, but found that it was inevitable and could not be avoided. This finger seems to contain the power of Karma.

From the fruit to the cause, from the cause to the fruit!

This strength came along the Karmic Thread, no matter how far it hides from the ends of the world, and the strength of this finger is almost astonishing.

Even according to its strength, it can’t be avoided.

With a bang, this finger instantly bombardment on the body of tauren, and the Hell’s Golden Crow Strength of Flame, which Xia Ping infused, also broke out in the tauren within the body.

“Damn, what is this flame in the end, why is this?”

Tauren screamed in horror. It originally thought that according to his defensive power, he could block all the attacks in the world. Even if he suddenly encountered an attack, he could resist it and not die.

But where it comes to be, this refers to the terrifying Hell’s Golden Crow Strength of Flame.

Especially after Xia Ping, who was promoted to Late Antiquity Realm, his strength of Hell’s Golden Crow flame with the body was thousands of times more than before, and contained the power of twisting Matter’s creation.

Its destruction power has been amazingly improved.

The huge Hell’s Golden Crow flame erupted instantly in this tauren, burning from the inside out, seeming to ignite every cell in tauren, let its flesh and blood, qi and blood and Soul as fuel, raging Flames get up.

“Nooooo !!!”

Tauren was frightened and felt the crisis of Death, but it was too late, and Hell’s Golden Crow flame broke out instantly and turned it into a torch.

At this moment, I regret that my intestines are green. I knew that I was directly killed by this human at the beginning. I need to think about it here. Now that I haven’t started the assessment, I’ve been blinded by this despicable human. .

Split second will kill it.

Who is the real assessor now?

Can you let this tauren how angry, how to panic, how unwilling, it can not say anything, even because of the strength of Hell’s Golden Crow flame, instantly ignited its Soul.

Just a body that breathes this Tauren is burned out, turned into a gray, disappears disappear without trace.

“This, why did the host suddenly kill the appraisal officer?”

Seeing that the appraisal officer tauren was killed by Xia Ping in an instant, and the killing was quick and clean, the system felt that he seemed to be down, and did not know what happened.

“It’s very simple. Is it not necessary to beat the appraisers through the assessment?”

Xia Ping slightly smiled: “The content of the assessment is indeed determined by the appraisers, but the appraisers should have no decision before the appraisers can say them.

The assessment is not started at the beginning of the assessment officer. In reality, from the moment of entering the temple, the assessment of the real Demon God is beginning.

As you said before, through the assessment, as long as you beat the appraisers, in order to achieve this goal, no matter what means are used.

Obviously, before the appraisers have not said anything about the appraisal, I immediately shot and killed the appraisers. Isn’t this the equivalent to me passing the appraisal? This is to turn passive into active. ”


The system does not know what to say.

Dī dī ! !

At this time, Void deep place came with a mechanical sound: “Congratulations Trial Challenger Human Race Xia Ping, defeated 10022222… 333 Appraisers and obtained the qualification of true Demon God’s inheritance.”

“Sure enough, my guess is not wrong. Before the appraisers did not say anything about the appraisal, killing the appraisers in advance is also a style of passing the appraisal.”

Xia Ping slightly smiled.

System is silent, in reality, it is only understood, for the real Demon God’s inheritance, can split second to kill the appraisal officer, which represents overwhelming tyrannical strength, super calm, and amazing insight. .

Regardless of the point, this is considered a qualified inheritance.

For this temple, such a person is naturally a talent.

But for inheriting the real God’s Power, this is just the first step that’s all, the second step is the most crucial. If you can’t pass the three conditions, you must die.

(End of this chapter)

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