2629. Retaliation of Chapter 2621 Tauren

Chapter 2621 Tauren’s Retaliation

Hōng lóng lóng ~~

At the moment of the assessment officer Death, the entire palace was shaking, and the Restriction Formation one after another collapsed, as if it had collapsed and disappeared in an instant.

The terrifying strength of the tyrannical to the solidified Space-Time seems to have also merged the Void deep place, disappearing with disappear without trace, as if the defense formation of the temple disappeared at this moment, presenting the main palace.

Suddenly, the surroundings also appeared one after another magnificent palace, as if Stars generally spread all over all around, their location is unique, each palace is the Node of Formation.

108,000 palaces were built, and that was a Super Restriction Formation, which was enchanted by God’s Power.

“what happened?”

At the moment, the outside among, dozens of Invincible Realm demon startled, because they are still thinking, how to crack the Restriction Formation of this temple.

But in the face of the inheritance palace built by real Demon God, they took a long time and didn’t have any clues.

But this is also the thing that it should be by rights, such an inheritance palace even if Demon God can’t do anything about it crack, how can the devil of the Invincible Realm behave?

Only with the special existence of Xia Ping, such as seeing the Restriction Formation strength, can you find the flaws of the Restriction Formation, and you can enter the inheritance palace with no difficulty.

At the moment when these demons were unable to do anything, the Restriction Formation of this temple suddenly disappeared, and one after another Restriction disappeared in front of them.

It’s like a palace filled with treasures. Suddenly, open the defensive gates and present the countless treasure in front of them. This simply is like a heaven pie.

“What happened to the temple in the end? A moment ago Isn’t it very powerful? How suddenly disappeared?” A scarlet demon dumbstruck, it is completely unclear what happened.

Clearly, a moment ago, the defense was almost an impeccable Restriction Formation. At this moment, it suddenly collapsed, making it all really unrealistic.

It blinked and thought that something had happened, or fell into a magical array.

“I don’t know, but I must be careful. After all, here is the Temple of Ancient, mysterious, unpredictable, even if you are cautious.” Another black demon said sole solemnly, it has been completely guarded, holding his breath and calming.

But it warned for a long time, but it never found anything wrong, as if the palace was so unprepared to appear in front of many demons.

“Is it a ghost that went into the evil spirit Fengdu before, and this brat has gained great benefits in the temple, so this kind of change will happen.”

A scarlet devil blinked his eyes. It felt that such a change suddenly occurred in the temple. It must have a great relationship with the fate of Fengdu, perhaps that brat came out.

After all, the legendary among the bad luck is simply troublemaker, no matter what you do, no exception.

“I don’t know, let’s go in and see.”

Another green demon said sole solemnly, it made its own suggestion.

To be honest , they are all powerful demons that reach Invincible Realm. Simply is standing at the top of the millions and millions of demons. The strength is arrogant and there are not many things that can hurt them.

If even they don’t dare to enter the temple to find out, then no devil has entered.

And their dozens of Invincible Realm demons are gathered in this place, and even if something happens, they will be taken care of each other and will not be hurt too much.

Bone barely fell, many Wudi demons look at each other, they are also extremely decisive demons, once the decision is made, then it will not hesitate.

The land of such Demon God Ruins is right in front of them, and they have no reason to miss this great opportunity.

In the twinkling of an eye, many of the Wudi demons came out of the temple, and their bodies were immediately surrounded by an invisible Strength of Space.

Sōu sōu sōu ! !

It was only a moment, they were teleported into the deepest place of the temple, and it was also a place of trial.

“Hey? Is this somewhere? Could it be the internal of the shrine?”

The green demon looked at all around and found himself in a great hall among, full of densely packed stone sculptures, vivid and lifelike, but extremely strange and hairy.

“Unclear, or be careful, don’t act blindly without thinking here, I can feel the aura of Demon God here.” The orange demon said with vigilance.

It feels like the place where Demon God is, no matter how careful or careful it is.

“Look, isn’t that the evil spirit Fengdu? It is actually in this place.”

A black demon said with surprise, because it found that the silhouette of the Devil’s Fengdu appeared in front of it, which is really going to the end of the world, and it takes no effort.

“It’s really the fate of Fengdu. This bastard really went into the temple, and if you want to do it, give it to Seal.” A scarlet demon rushed and immediately thought of Seal.

“Don’t act blindly without thinking, here is where Demon God is, we don’t know where in the end is somewhere, we must be careful, otherwise we may be consigned to eternal damnation.”

The orange demon is very careful and prudent, the ultimate seal. This bad luck is very important, but your own safety is equally important, you can’t take the little life into it.

“Indeed, let’s take a look at the situation first, don’t rush to the momentary.”

Many demons are also nodded, they are secretive Divine Consciousness Transmit Message, and the content of the conversation is not intended to be known by this ecstasy Fengdu.


At this time, Xia Ping originally intends to begin the second step of inheriting the real Demon God inheritance, but before he leaves, he discovers that the Temple has also changed the Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

It seems that at the moment of this tauren dying, in retaliation, it temporarily lifted the Restriction Formation of the temple, so that the Wudi demon who was outside was coming in.

This approach immediately made the Temple’s Sealed Strength think that the temple’s inheritance was dozens more, and they were all on the same level as Xia Ping.

Only by defeating these dozens of Invincible Realm demons can he truly get the inheritance of real Demon God.

Obviously this is the revenge of Head Examiner tauren before he died. Even if he was killed, it would make Xia Ping difficult.

However, Xia Ping also has an advantage.

Because of the death of Tauren, and as the No. 1 inheritance, he naturally inherits the position of Head Examiner, with the authority to automatically issue the trial mission.

As long as he can defeat dozens of Wudi demons, he can still inherit the real God’s Power.

Thinking of this, Xia Ping’s eyes turned and stood up.

(End of this chapter)

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