2630. Chapter 2262

Chapter 2262, The Boat on the Shore

“Hmm? !”

Seeing Xia Ping’s move, the orange demon and other Wudi demons are all vigilant at once, but they are extremely stunned by this renaissance, and they don’t want to touch each other if it is not a last resort.

At this time, Xia Ping is directly straight to the point: “Are you coming to Seal me?”

what? !

Hearing this, the orange demon and other Wudi demons startled, they completely didn’t expect this demon Fengdu actually straightforward to this extent, when asked to say such a thing, simply cast a straight ball out.

It’s like a Peerless beautiful woman suddenly coming forward, facing a wretched man who has been jealous of her for a long time, but never said anything, do you want to go to me?

I would like to ask the wretched man not to be scared of dumbstruck, dumbfounded to have ghosts.

Can imagine, this sentence has the same degree of impact on the demons such as the orange demon, so that they are almost dumb, do not know what to say.

Out of the devil’s instinct, they naturally start to talk: “Of course not.”


But when this was said, Xia Ping’s tricks were instantly taken, and the whole temple was trembled, and a terrifying, Demon God Domain, which almost condensed into a subsistence, broke out.

A sound of Demon God’s sound is completely Void: “Lie, sin!”

what? !

The devils and other devils of the orange demon erected, and they felt a smashing of the Strength of Grand Dao that infiltrated the Space-Time all directions. The Universe Principle, which penetrated everything, was simply unstoppable.

Huā lā lā ~~

In an instant, the first dozen Invincible Realm demons with out warning, an invisible force of Demon God infiltrated every corner of their body, every cell.

Under the horror of their pupil deep place, they saw a petrified strength spreading through their bodies, from bare feet to knees, to the waist, to the neck, to the head, and so on.

Just a breath, these Invincible Realm demons are turned into a huge majestic, vivid and lifelike stone sculpture.

At this moment, the other demons also know at a moment ago that at the great hall all around the vivid and lifelike stone carvings in the end, it is clear that it is a violation of the Destriction of the Demon God Temple, which was stoned by the strength of the here.

But this is just the beginning.

Because all the Wudi demons in the room are lying, it means that all the Wudi demons have violated the taboos here.

“Damn, here is the temple of the inheritance of the real Demon God.”

In a flash, a knowledgeable golden demonic complexion, it suddenly knows that you are staying somewhere.

“Real Demon God’s inheritance temple?”

A lot of devil’s eyes reveal a greedy expression.

“Don’t think that this is a good place. From the era of Demon God, this real Demon God’s inheritance temple exists, but from ancient times to today, one even now, no demon can get the real Demon God’s inheritance, into it. The devils are all dead, without exception.”

The golden devil yelled: “And we are in the real temple, among violates the real Demon God’s taboo – lying, which means that we will all be killed by the real magic God’s Power, this damned bad luck Fengdu, this bastard overcast us Lao Tzu wants to kill it and must kill it.”

It is simply mad, and the lungs almost exploded.

Obviously, he is the devil of Invincible Realm. He realized the tyranny of Life and Death Law. One hand can pinch such mole crickets and ants. At the moment, it was because of a mistake, just a mistake, but actually fell into This is a mortal realm.

It hates the extreme for Xia Ping simply, and can’t wait to divide the turtle and the five horses. Even if you annihilate the slut, you can hardly lose your hatred.

“How could this be?!”

Suddenly there were 7-8 Invincible Realm demons trying to escape, but it was too late, and a grey domain shrouded and instantly wrapped their bodies.

Even if they struggled, running Life and Death Domain’s strength, trying to escape, couldn’t be of any use at all.

Like the previous demons, they were petrified in an instant and turned into stone sculptures.

And such stone sculptures and lifelike, even the helplessness before they die, the kind of anger, the horror, the surface of fear is completely revealed.

“Escape, flee, this is the real God’s Power – real Domain, as if within this real Domain, no devil can lie, otherwise it will be Demon God Domain Corrosion, this strength is irresistible, even Demon God will be jealous of three points.” The golden devil screamed.

“What should I do? Can we wait to die?”

Numerous Invincible Realm devils simply hate Xia Ping, and I can’t wait to rush to Xia Ping, but Xia Ping is not good, and has long since sneaked away.

Even if these demons want to purp up, they dare not have any action.

Because as long as there is a delay of one millisecond, it is estimated that they will be cold.

“Escape, you must escape. As long as you can escape the scope of Demon God Domain, the real God’s Power can’t touch us and live.” The golden devil yelled, “If there is any treasure immediately, let’s go, late, we all have If you die, you have to die. If you don’t hear it, don’t stingy treasure.”

Huā lā lā ~~~

In a flash, the Grey’s Demon God Domain enveloped, from far and near, speed is extremely fast, earth-shattering, as if night falls, moved towards the remaining demons chasing away.

“can’t do anything about it, go with me.”

At this moment, the orange demon angrily shouted, it immediately took out a Demon God-level Magical Artifact from the body – the boat on the other side, this is a one-time Magical Artifact, is a copy.

This is the life-saving Magical Artifact it found from a Demon God Ruins.

Once used, it can be turned into a boat that runs through Void. When the time comes, any strength can’t catch up with it, like the Ten Thousand Techniques, the ship that arrives on the other side.


Suddenly, the boat on the other side instantly expanded and turned into a boat, and the surroundings became the aura of Chaos, as if it were merging Chaos among, even the Demon God Domain could not be affected.

“Fast, go up, let’s go immediately.”

The orange demon was loudly shouted and immediately boarded the boat on the other side. Many demons also quickly boarded.

However, the real Demon God’s Domain strength is too fast and too fast. There are still more than a dozen Invincible Realm demons that can’t be reacted, and they are instantly petrified into stone sculptures.


Seeing this, the orange demon was scared to death because it found that the strength of this Demon God Domain seemed to be on the other side of Corrosion. If it continued, the entire boat would be petrified.


In a flash, it can’t take care of anything else, driving the boat on the other side to escape quickly.

Just a breath, this leaf boat merging Chaos among, even if the God God’s Power can not catch up, it disappeared in the same place, disappeared without trace.

(End of this chapter)

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