2631. Chapter 2623 repents that the intestines are green

Chapter 2623 repents that the intestines are green.


The speed of the boat on the other side is extremely fast. It is not only as simple as breaking into Space-Time deep place, but simply is a bridge on the other side, connecting a Node at the end of Space-Time.

Even Demon God Ruin’s Restriction Formation, and countless Dimension space, can’t stop the escape of this boat.

Just for a moment, the ship left Demon God Ruins in an instant and came to another place in White Lotus Hell. Even though the real God’s Power was terrifying, Demon God Domain covered the entire Ruins.

But it was never possible to extend this Demon God Domain beyond Ruins. In the end, this strength had to retreat back, as if nothing had happened, and everything was calm.


At this moment, in this group of Wudi demons escaped from Demon God Ruins and arrived at another Space-Time Node, the boat on the other side of the imitation was instantly broken, disintegrated on the spot and turned into nothingness.

They dripping with sweat, and they have a lingering fear.

Almost, just a little bit, they stayed in Demon God Ruins among and were killed by the real God’s Power, and they instantly vanished.

Although they are known as the Wudi Demon, but it is only the era when Demon God does not appear, they dare to call Wudi. In reality, in the era of Demon God, they are at least half-deity, and Demon God does not know how many distances there are.

If it weren’t for them, the demons got such a Magical Artifact, and they could escape from Demon God Ruins. I am afraid that dozens of Wudi demons will definitely have Death.

Even so, the demons that they can now survive are the dozens and twentys that’s all, and the rest of the Wudi demons have been turned into stone carvings because of their evasion. They have been robbed of Life’s aura.

“damned Fengdu !”

The orange demon roared towards the sky: “If it wasn’t for this turtle to dare to count us, how could we be so miserable, a little bit, just a little bit, we were killed by the real God God’s Power, how the bastard Fengdu Dare, how can he dare to do this kind of thing? Actually dare to count such things, I will definitely split the body of the five horses, tear the body to thousands of pieces.”

It is a resentment against Xia Ping simply. Now it regrets that the intestines are green. I knew that this would happen. It will definitely kill the Fengdu between the momentary, and it will give this Fengdu a mean way. opportunity.

But now it’s too late to say anything. It’s just a big idea, once and for all, it’s killing dozens of Wudi demons, and escaping can’t do anything about it.

Be aware that since they were promoted to the Wudi Demon, they don’t know how many eras haven’t tasted Death in the end. Even if they are surrounded by the countless Void Monster, they can still come out.

It’s not that simple for those Void Monsters who want to kill them as half-God Level demons.

But now it’s only a long time to get in touch with the bad luck Fengdu, and dozens of Wudi demons have died. This is a terrible loss that countless eras can’t imagine.

If this matter is passed out, it will definitely sensationalize the entire White Lotus Hell.

After all, dozens of Wudi demons have died, and they are equivalent to dozens of kings, Death. These evil Demon Country degrees will be in a state of nowhere, and there will be great confusion.

“It’s too late to say anything now.”

A green demon clenches the fist, remorse: “although I have long known that the evil spirit terrifying is boundless, even in the era of Demon God will cause heavy losses, let Demon God are taboo, listed as taboo.

But we are still too small to see the terrifying of the evil spirits, the special demon that can make Demon God treat this way, we actually dare to be intrigued here, and dare to think twice here, calculate each other, this is not courting death or what. ”

It is also regrettable, and has never been so remorseful in this life.

If you give it a chance to come back again, it will definitely immediately put the heavy hand on the evil spirits, kill it instantly, and give the opportunity to show the mean way to the doom.

“No, it’s not too late.”

A scarlet devil gnashing one’s teeth : “although We are indeed counted by this bastard, let us die and hurt, but the general trend is still on our side, this bastard always needs to come out of Demon God Ruins among.

When the time comes, we just keep the place where Demon God Ruin’s entrance and exit, and when the brat comes out, immediately start killing the bastard or Seal, don’t give him any chance of nonsense. ”

It is completely afraid of the evil spirits, even Void Monster did not give it the feeling.

After all, the threat of Void Monster is clear, that is, by a large number, by the immortal body, but this bad luck is different, this bastard is the existence of bad luck and disaster.

No one knows that bad luck and disasters come from somewhere, when they come, and what harm they will cause. All this is unknown.

The so-called fear is actually the origin of the unknown.

They don’t know anything, even when they die, how can they not fear? !

This is also the fear and alert of the countless demons for the evil spirits.

“This time we can’t over and over again. The threat of bad luck is beyond our imagination.”

“Yeah, it’s just a little test of that’s all. If you haven’t done it yet, you will kill dozens of our companions. If you really wait for it to start, then we have any devils in White Lotus Hell.”

“Even if you pay a heavy price to kill this doom, you can’t let it continue to act willfully, otherwise all our demons will be buried in it.”

“We don’t want to calculate each other. Can we count on the past? The opponent we face is not a demon, but a doom, but the Heavenly Dao of the world is running, and a trace of negligence will die.”

Many demons gnashing one’s teeth, clenching the fist.

After this painful lesson, after killing so many Wudi demons, they finally made up their minds and faced up to the threat and danger of the bad luck.

They made up their minds to stay at the place where Demon God Ruin’s entrance and exit, and wait for the Doom Magic Fengdu to come out.

As long as the other party comes out, they will kill this brat, and it will not be nonsense.


At this time, the entire White Lotus Hell trembled, as if Super Earthshaking occurred, shaking up and down dozens of times, the extremely violent Shock Wave, instantly affected the entire White Lotus Hell.

All of Hell’s sources, the Strength of Law, have a turbulent condition.

“what happened?”

The orange demon is loudly shouted, and its inner deep place feels a great danger that seems to be attacking, and is more terrifying than a moment ago by the real God’s Power.

“Well, Void Monster they came, they started a general attack on White Lotus Hell.”

A scarlet demonic complex changed a lot, it seemed to perceive what it was, and could not help but yell out.

(End of this chapter)

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