2632. Chapter 2624 House leaks in the rain

Chapter 2624, the house leaks and even the night rain

what? !

When I heard this, many Wudi devil complexions were ugly to the extreme, as if they were stuffed with a cockroach, not to mention their current mood.

Even the five thunders are not enough to describe their bad mood at the moment, what is the house leaks and even the night rain, what is called one disaster on top of another, this is the case now.

a moment ago They are still being killed by dozens of Wudi demons by real God’s Power. They haven’t slowed down yet. The Void Monster’s total attack is coming. Why is there such a bad luck in the world?

“Impossible, not to say that the Void Monster assembly takes at least half a year? Maybe may not be able to complete the assembly for several years, how can it be so fast?”

The golden demon screamed, and it was almost mad, because it was far beyond its expectations and completely different from the previous plan.

“It can only be said that we were deceived by Void Monster. In reality, they have long assembled a huge amount of Army, just to cover us and make such an illusion.”

The orange demon couldn’t help but pinch the fist, and the mood was extremely heavy.

“Damn, is this the strength of the evil spirits? We just planned to kill this brat a moment ago, but the bad luck came one after another. I am afraid that we have not waited for us to kill the bad luck, we will be fooled by Misfortune Strength. died.”

The scarlet devil complexion is whitish. It hasn’t been afraid of living for so long, but the strength of the bad luck is felt inside, and no one can imagine the fear inside.

Although the power of the doom is ordinary, but the means of Manipulate Misfortune Strength is too strange and terrifying, the danger of killing yourself simply is everywhere.

The other party does not compete with you at all, but at the level of fate, incessantly there will be a huge fate coming down until you die.

It’s like a moment ago. They also decided to kill the evil spirits as soon as possible, but the Void Monster of the Void deep place was killed, and the total attack time was much earlier than their imagination.

Can such a thing be a coincidence? !

No, it’s a coincidence that it’s just one thing, but if this happens one after another, it’s impossible to be coincidence, and it’s a necessity.

This is even more proof of the terrifying of the doom.

“Bastard, I have already said, can not provoke the evil spirits, can not provoke it, even Demon God wants to kill the bad luck magic has been collapsed, death and injury countless, we are just half god that’s all, have what skills And abilities, how dare you say to kill the evil spirits.”

A white demon horrified: “You have fallen, and said that you want to kill the danger in the cradle, paralyzed, we are not close to the doom, and we are killed.”

It’s even worse now, Void Monster is invading, we’ve died so many helpers, what about this time. I am afraid that we have not yet started, we are killed by all kinds of bad luck. Also against my ass, wait for death. ”

Its mentality has completely collapsed.

To be honest It does not agree to contact the evil spirits. After all, this is the existence of taboos. Demon God’s powerful creature against the evil spirits needs to be careful to make all kinds of tricks.

And they are just half-god that’s all, in the era of Demon God, it is a small shrimp-like thing, actually dare to boast shamelessly to deal with the evil spirits, this is really ignorance is a bliss.

But because they are all a group, even if it has opinions, the arm can not be twisted to the thigh, and finally it has to follow the flow, and promise to act with other demons.

If you know this early, it must be how far it is.

“Fart, still tangled here, and now regret it is too late, the most important thing now is how to deal with the Void Monster that came from the attack.”

The scarlet devil gnashing one’s teeth, within a short time, it is not dare to go back and provoke the evil spirits, and even Demon God Ruins will not go back in a short time.

Because the real Demon God’s Domain covers the entire Demon God Ruins, if they return, I am afraid that they will be killed by the omnipresent Demon God strength.

But if you can’t return to Demon God Ruins, they can only force those Void Monsters.

“That’s right, now regrets it’s too late, immediately convene other Wudi demons, and a lot of Extreme Antiquity demons, let them gather, and contend with these Void Monster, we must not die in this place.”

The golden demon clenches the fist.

When I heard this, many demons were also nodded. They were also half-God Level demons. The mentality was a bit broken, but they were still able to clean up their moods very quickly.

Now, they don’t have any retreats. They can only live in front of these Void Monsters before they can talk about other things, otherwise they don’t have to say anything else.

Hōng lóng lóng ~~

At the moment, outside the White Lotus Hell, the countless head Void Monster is moving towards here, densely packed, no one knows how many, simply like a locust.

They emits a large terrifying Evil aura, like a black cloud, which instantly envelopes the entire White Lotus Hell, as if it were a huge Monster, to devour this high Hell.


Bang ! ! Bang ! ! !

In a flash, the entire White Lotus Hell also sounded a bell, this is an emergency bell covering White Lotus Hell, representing the Void Monster invasion, and launched a general attack.

Every time the bells are resounding to Void, like the sound of Soul, the vibrating back and forth makes it clear to the devil who is in somewhere.

“Damn, the bell of the world is ringing.”

Many demonic complexions have changed greatly. They have heard such bells ringing. Every time they ring, they will cause the death of the countless demons. Simply is blood flowing into the river.

But this time the bells are different, it seems to have reached the highest Rank, in other words this time will face the countless era, it is unimaginable danger.

“In other words Void Monster launched a general attack on our White Lotus Hell, but how could speed be so fast, isn’t it at least half a year or even a year?”

An Extreme Antiquity demon complexion is ugly.

“Obviously there is something wrong with the intelligence, things are changing fast, it’s not what you and I can master, and Void Monster has already killed it. I don’t want to use it any more. Do we ask for mercy, will these Void Monsters not kill us? ?”

An Extreme Antiquity demon said sole solemnly.

“The devil and the Void Monster are the races that are incompatible. You can only fight with these Void Monsters.”

“Obviously this situation is already retreat, even if we return, we can go where.”

“And with this group of Void Monster fight to the death in the end, I don’t believe these Void Monster can kill us.”

Many demons murderous aura.


At this time, Xia Ping was staying in the temple, not knowing the outside world.

(End of this chapter)

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