God Level Demon Chapter 2893

2907. Chapter 2893 Unsealed Samsara Brush Seal

    Chapter 2893 Unsealed Samsara Brush Seal

    “Looks like the next need to continue to expand Hells Golden Crow servant.”

    Xia Ping, if he wants to move to God Realm, needs enough energy to be stored, and can’t do anything about it at the present Universe, so that only the evil Universe can store enough energy.

    if this happens then, the increase in the number of molten witches is what this Momentum is going to do, the best thing to do is that Universe, every human being, becomes a furnace witch, and Hells Golden Crows servant, and that’s completely out.

    You know, the evils are now in a state of sleep, so they don’t have any discovery, after thousands of years, that’s all.

    When they manage to regain consciousness, the whole evil Universe has changed completely.

    If these evil gods do not react, they will succeed, and I am afraid that the increase in the number of furnaces will certainly be greatly hampered in the future.

    Of course, once the plan succeeded, he would not need to be afraid of those evil gods.

    Because every molten witch in the body holds Hells Golden Crows flame, the more powerful furnace witch, the more terrifying Strength of Flame in the body contain.

    When they live, they can sacrifice a head of Evil Creature, burn to death countless evil servant.

    Even if they die, they can be transformed into endless Golden Crow flame, permanently burned, and even evil God can’t be extinct.

    If all the human beings in the world become a furnace witch, then even evil will prevail.

    Because they’re not afraid to kill all humans, and once human Death, all the world will be covered by Hells Golden Crow flame and turned into permanent flame World.

    It can be said that he was long standing in invincible position, and Hells Golden Crows Force would slow down the entire evil Universe until all evil gods were completely swallowed and exterminated.

    This is the same as the practice of the gods of Hell World at the time.

    Xia Ping, however, deals with evil with the human being of the Evil Universe, allowing the others to become intrinsic, thereby weakening the original strength of the Evil Universe and accelerating their collapsed and destroyed ones.

    “Fortunately, I am now Hells Golden Crow Bloodline stronger to create more smelters.”

    Xia Ping fabricated fist, and at this point Hells Golden Crow cell on his body awakened 30 megawatts, Hells Golden Crow Bloodline was too much depressed than before.

    To benefit from his increased bloodline strength, countless smelters also found themselves stronger in the body’s flame, as well as bringing together more molten seed so that human beings could produce more smelters.

    “If the plan is to be implemented, it will also be necessary to strengthen its strength, and if evil servant awakens the next god during the period, it will have to be empowered to deal with the next gods.”

    Xia Ping knows that the evil Universe at this moment, those of Paragon, the superior God, the middle God, etc., have fallen into deep sleep among them and suffered serious injuries.


    am afraid that even if the believers are to wake them strongly, they will not succeed.

    Success can only be waken up if those next gods are not so badly injured.

    It can be said that his opponent is probably the next god to wake up.

    Of course, if luck is bad, with the middle god waking up, he runs, and when he gets stronger later, he goes into the evil Universe and harvests the original power everywhere.

    “If empowerment is to be enhanced, it would appear that it will only be possible to upgrade Samsara Brush Unsealed.” Xia Ping has just been promoted to Demi-God Initial Stage, which cannot be promoted too much in a short period of time, otherwise it will be unstable.

    Since cultivation base cannot increase, it is only by placing the target on foreign object.


    books of Samsara Brush and Karma, for example, are extremely powerful divine tools and, once unsealed, can immediately burst their strength completely.

    And now he’s accumulated enough energy for energy, which should be unsealed Samsara Brush.

    And he didn’t hesitate to take Samsara Brush out of his body immediately.

    hōng lóng lóng?

    In the meantime, he immediately flowed out a Sun after another source energy, emits out of hot aura, energy is pure to the polar point, without any impurity.

    These energy Sun looks like no money, and one after another inflows into Samsara Brush among us.

    At this juncture, Samsara Brush seems to be alive in general and seems to have his own consciousness, and it’s crazy to swallow these Universe Source Energy.

    Nor did Samsara Brush know how much energy energy was swallowed in the end, and Xia Ping knew only that he had instilled all the energy flows into it, and nothing left.

    Anyway, as long as Unsealed Samsara Brush, all these source energy ventures can be earned.

    This is what is called the power of divine tool Samsara Brush if it is done in good faith.

    See only these source energy sources seem to form tidal sea in general, with crazy shocks on the 5th layer Seal of Samsara Brush Internal deep place, even if these Seal is extremely powerful and cannot afford such huge energy shocks.

    Dōng Dōng Dōng!

    During the hectare, Samsara Brush internal heavily Seal was like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood was generally torn apart, and all Sealing Talisman was completely shattered, as if the hole was wearing a seal door.

    second stage Seal, third stage Seal, fourth layer Seal, fifth layer Seal!

    It’s like the 5th layer Seal door is all open at this moment.

    hōng lóng lóng?

    Xia Ping sensed that the 5th layer Seal of Samsara Brush internal deep place had all been liberated, and that a permanent ancient, Ancient, Chaos, samsara, Life and Death, fate and so on, terrorist aura had come out of Samsara Brush.

    The whole Mountains and Oceans Book World is shaking, countless rule.

    After all, Mountains and Oceans Book are just Peerless Grade Saint Artifact, and it is difficult to block the power of divine tools like Samsara Brush.


    Xia Ping don’t say anything further, immediately leaving Mountains and Oceans Book World, tore Mountains and Oceans Book World in the face of Samsara Brush, causing irreparable harm to Peerless Grade Saint Artifact.

    He came directly to a Universe Void, surroundings were empty and no life came, extremely remote, and there was no need to fear that Samsara Brush was discovered by other evil gods.

    See only Samsara Brush, where densely packed Hell scripture appears to have survived, with Dark-gold rays of light, and the law of origin having a tremendous shock, buzz.

    Its pencil, with its infinite sharp power, seems to be slight enough to isolate Chaos, divide the world, divide Yin-Yang and isolate life and Death.

    It seems that this one contained Supreme’s Grand Dao Strength of Law.


    Next second, Xia Ping found his own Soul with no difficulty and Samsara Brush was integrated as one, directly linking Samsara Brush refining to the heart.

    He felt a huge message from Samsara Brush internal deep place, which seemed to be all of the methods used by Samsara Brush and the strong Ability it had.

    Such information can only be known if it is the master of Samsara Brush.

    (This chapter is over)

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