God Level Demon Chapter 2894

2908. Chapter 2894

    Chapter 2894

    “Samsara Brush!”

    Xia Ping’s eyes reveal bright light, and he has received too much information from Samsara Brush.

    The first Layer Seal was opened, and the first Layer Ability – the first Layer Ability – of Samsara Brush – was harassed, and enemys Soul could be strangled from the shell among the others as soon as it was light.

    Open the second stage Seal, get the second stage Ability —— life expectancy, it takes life span on enemy bodies, or life energy.

    Samsara Brush, basically based on invincible position, can take life span on enemy with no difficulty, then swallowed by his body, the stronger the war.

    Often, enemy is between unconsciously, with a life expectancy or life collapse.

    The third stage Seal was opened and the third Type Ability – samsara was obtained.

    Such Ability could strangle six Paths of Samsara, put enemy or his own soul in Seal Karma’s book, into an endless samsara and would never be able to escape it.

    Life and Death Book, from which life and Death are not human, this is Ability with Karma’s book.

    Fourthlayer Seal was opened and four layer Ability – extinction.

    This is the strength of Supreme attack, where Samsara Brush bombs come out, tears up void, destroys one side of the world completely if it comes to the end, and any Matter crushes completely.

    Five layer Seal was opened, got the fifth type of Ability, and the last one Ability – changed.

    This Ability can change almost inevitable destiny, change all destiny tracks, transform bad thing into good things and make good things Super.


    can be said that such Ability has already dealt with the code of fate and is very rarely used, and that every time it is used it must be a consciousness of body dies and Dao disappears.

    Because the more the fate of the change is stronger, the greater the price that needs to be paid.

    “It is a shame that divine tools are powerful.”

    Xia Ping is very excited, and Samsara Brush, after complete Unsealed, has shown himself as the top divine tool, containing Ability with extreme terrifying, each of which is almost close to the rule of law.

    He held Samsara Brush, even in the face of the next god at the peak period, without fear, and was fully able to hook up the soul of enemys with no difficulty and kill the evil.

    “By the way, there’s also Karma’s book.”

    Xia Ping has taken Karma’s book from her body, and in reality a moment ago is not just Samsara Brush’s liberation of Seal, but even Karma’s book has liberated all Seal and restored Peak-Stage Level strength.

    See only the Karma Grand Dao Code, which contains densely packed, which emits out of deep and unmeasurable aura.

    At this point, the name on the Karma book is brighter, showing golden rays of light, as in the case of gold imprint, emits are immortal aura.

    to be honest at this time, Karma’s book is stronger, and after Death, the Soul of the other party will return to Karma’s book.

    in other words, countless furnaces have signed a contract with Karma’s book, and their Soul has been completely protected by Karma’s book and cannot be subjected to Corrosion by the evil.

    Even if these furnaces are killed by the evil, the evil will not swallow the soul of these furnaces, but will split the second, and all Soul will be returned by summon of Karma’s book and entered the Internal World among Karma’s books.

    Even Paragon’s gods cannot prevent the return of Soul to Karma’s books, because this is Karma Grand Dao’s rule, something that must have happened and cannot be stopped at all.

    “It seems that this molten witch’s plan is more appropriate.”

    Xia Ping is excited.

    Even if those furnaces were killed by the evil, their Soul could not be swallowed by the evil, and if the evil gods were not able to find a way to recover quickly their wounds, they would accelerate their recession.

    in other words, even if these furnaces are dead, their Soul is still alive, and they can be rebuilt, and that’s all to die soldier.

    But the problem is coming.

    You know why human beings are the gods and the foodstuff of the evil servant, and even the other creature, because human beings are quite special lives, and their soul is very strong, more powerful than usual creature.

    war strength small and weak, physical strength small and weak, but Soul is strong and productive, which is the best taste for those Evil Creature, and evil God.

    Every time evil tries to strengthen its strength or restore its wounds, they need to swallow a lot of human soul so that the wounds on them can be accelerated.

    So human beings are extremely important for the devils, natural resource.

    But it’s different now, and if every human soul can’t be swallowed by these evil gods, that’s all to rekindle these evil gods so that their wounds can not recover in a short period of time, so that their strength will not increase rapidly.

    That’s what simply wants the lives of the evil.

    If they knew about it, they would have looked for Xia Ping Fight to the death in the end, which was breaking their gen, exhuming their graves, breaking their own foodstuff, and not letting them live.

    “so thats how it is.”

    Xia Ping remembered the divine tool of Hell strongest – six Paths of Samsara – a divine tool with Ability, even if he was killed by enemy, who was able to resurrect six Paths of Samsara among others.

    The books of Karma and Samsara Brush are, however, an integral part of the six Paths of Samsara or rather important.

    With this divine tool, the talent Hell World is not favourable, able to move unhindered in the whole world, where countless Demon God is born.

    If six Paths of Samsara were to be reintroduced, I’m afraid Hell World would not need to worry about other Universe gods invasing.

    “Forget it for a while, the most important thing now is to make every human being a furnace witch, even human babies, a furnace witch, and if that happens then those evil gods will be dead, and the whole evil Universe will fall into my hands.” Xia Ping has fabricated fist, and his eyes are showing bright light for a while.

    Fortunately, now the evil men are sleeping, without discovering the Xia Pings plan, to allow his plan to proceed smoothly.

    If the devils knew that Xia Ping was digging their roots, they would have to find Xia Ping, even after chasing to the end of the earth, to kill Xia Ping.


    can be said that Xia Ping has harmed the evil Universe, hurting the evil God, much less than the former Viper God.

    Of course, these evil gods do not know this for the time being, and they are still asleep.

    It’s too normal for evil to sleep for a few hundred thousand years, and for thousands of years and so on, it’s just a few minutes.

    And that’s how Xia Pings has the chance.

    By letting these evil ideas break your head, will you not get it, and in a few thousands of years this will happen in such a way as a general change in seasona.

    It is estimated that once these evil gods wake up, they will find out how the whole Universe has changed and become unknown to itself.

    (This chapter is over)

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