God Level Demon Chapter 2895

2909. 10,000 years after chapter 2895

    10,000 years after chapter 2895

2909.第2895章 万年之后

    第2895章 万年之后

    The blinking God Universe has been in the past 10,000 years, although this time is just over the past three months compared to the present Universe, but for the evil Universe, it has been real for a thousand years.

    In this 10,000 years, Xia Ping almost walked around the evil Universe every Great Thousand Worlds, spreading molten seed, making countless human incarnation a furnace witch.

    And these first furnaces, Lords Glory, who spread the melting furnace quickly, received a large number of disciple, disciple and disciple, newcomer refused, and did not leave that sect threshold.

    And so hundreds of generations, almost all the world’s human beings became molten witches, and they all had Hells Golden Crows bloodline in the body and became Hells Golden Crows servant.

    It’s like the plague spreads general speed, far beyond the imagination of the evil.

    Of course, not every human being has become a furnace witch, and a small part has not been made, but this is also a minority, with no injuries, compared to whole body race.

    Because of the large increase in furnace witches, many evil servant felt a crisis, and they tried to wake up their gods, but most of them were stopped by Xia Ping.

    He came out of hand, killed these evil servant, and did not give them any chance to wake God.

    Of course, a part has succeeded, awakening dozens of lower gods.

    Unfortunately, the presence of these next gods had long been known by Xia Ping, ambushed in advance and, at a time when they just woke up, they killed them all and eradicated the scourge.

    As a result, he had more than 50-60 dollars of Divine Spark, who swallowed a lot of energy from the source.

    So this is a surprise for a thousand years, so that the human melting furnace can be planned quickly so that the furnace seed spread all over every human being.

    Even humans, other non-creature creature, as long as not evil servant, they can be smelters.

    if this happens then, the molten witch has increased much more than Xia Pings imagined.


    At this moment, Qingwood Great World, this is one of the evil Universe’s human World.

    See only this world’s emergence of a human city, each with Altar, the head of the melting furnace, burning flame.

    This flame is blowing straight through the clouds, covering the whole city, all directions burn terrifying flame aura.

    One of them is the main city called Liu City, the city’s right center.

    A lot of human beings are sacrificing the master of the melting furnace, who threw a head of Evil Creature into Altar, the head of the melting furnace, and then burned up and turned it into ashes and then turned it into a depressed source of energy.

    “Father, what are you doing?”

    A 3-4 year-old child curiously asked.

    “It is precisely because the masters of the fountain furnace have the space for us Humanity Survival.” Next to a middle-age man said solemnly, “You know, ten thousand years ago, we human beings are in the dark age, being cultivated, evil, devil, Evil Spirit, etc. creature, and so forth, and they see human beings as food, human life, like grass mustard.

    Fortunately, the owner of the melting furnace appeared and gave us the power to fight against these dark creature forces, in which the body had Strength of Flame to burn all Evil Creature, and finally had the chance to survive in the world. “

    He has no sense of sentiment.

    If not human beings who lived 10,000 years ago, it would not have been possible to imagine how dark human life in the end of that era was, even if it was a long life, 12 years old, 13 years old would marry their children in order to continue race lifespan and increase the population.

    But now, with flame strength, they have been able to expel these Evil Creature, and with resistance, those Evil Creature can no longer easily kill human beings.

    this world finally has a human foothold.

    And human lifespan has been extensively extended, with hundreds of 100,000 years of lifespan, and some powerful furnaces are said to have been alive for thousands of years and to be able to continue to live.

    “See that flame? That’s the furnace fire, and it’s the important flame that protects our city, so long as the furnace is not extinguished, no evil or Evil Spirit can enter our city.”

    That middle-age man means Dark-gold flame in the middle of Altar.

    Evil Ghost, Evil Spirit and Evil, who had killed countless human beings before, could no longer be exaggerated, even if invisible, but once approached the fence of the melting furnace, they immediately showed their origins and could even be burned into ashes.

    Such a furnace has become an important force in human cities, and every human city has been built around the fire of a melting furnace.

    Some small towns, small villages, they also belong to their own furnaces and can defend Evil Spirit to the greatest extent possible.

    Of course, those Evil Spirit and the Evil Spirit are still active outside the veil of the furnace, so wilderness is still very dangerous for humans.

    Only a powerful furnace witch can survive in wilderness.

    “Father, look, so many babies.”

    The kid was excited to wake up, and he saw a lot of mother walking on her child to Altar, and then put the baby down lightly and left.

    “These are newborn babies who come to Altar to receive the kind of melting furnace so that they can become molten witches and avoid other evil harm, and you just came here to receive the kind of melting furnace.”

    The types of furnaces are of considerable importance to humankind, as in the case of air in general, and must not be lost.

    If there are no infants of melting furnaces, there will be no doubt that they will die once they are invaded by evil.

    但是如果身上有了熔炉之种,他们within the body 就会有不灭的flame ,哪怕是十分微弱,可那些邪崇也是不敢入侵,极大的增加了生存的概率。

    So, after thousands of years of development, all human beings have just been born and will choose to accept the kind of melting furnace and turn it into a molten witch.

    this is also one of the reasons why the furnace witches have developed so quickly, driven by Evil creature outside the world.

    If not, vulnerable human death rates are extremely high.

    Human beings naturally know what kind of power they choose, under oppression of external survival.

    It’s kind of like the end of the kingdom, the catastrophe, the displacement of the population, the starvation of the world, and the immediate overthrow of the corrupt kingdom, as long as someone calls up.

    And that’s the state of affairs, not Xia Ping, but these evil gods are too subjective to human oppression, like weeds to harvest and provoke human resistance.

    If it is not possible to resist thats the end of it, but once there is strength, human beings will pull evil down.

    (This chapter is over)

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