God level Extraction System Chapter 1430

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Yin Suyan heard Lin Kai say this, but she trusted Lin Kai, she was about to say something.

Pan Liguo couldn’t sit still, and asked quickly, “Mr. Lin, how likely is it that you said?”

“7, 80%.” Lin Kai said indifferently, actually 100% sure of ten percent.

Bloodline rigidified this situation. He used True Qi to transform it into a mysterious needle, and then put some baleful qi on it. It was completely possible to cure the disease. With the combination of True Qi and baleful qi, Bloodline was no longer rigid and gradually recovered.

In order to avoid any trouble, it is still 7 or 80% sure.

But even with 7 or 80% certainty, it surprised everyone.

Especially Pan Liguo, the doctor in charge of treating him is one of the experts in the cream of the crop in China, and even the success rate of that doctor’s surgical treatment is only 1%.

The true nine deaths and still alive, Pan Liguo dare not gamble. After all, the actors and scripts of the crew are all found. Once it is done, the crew will be formed and the final film must be finished.

Of course, even the doctor didn’t dare to do this kind of operation with a low probability.

However, Lin Kai now says that he can cure his old disease with a 7% or 80% certainty?

If you change to any other person, Pan Liguo will absolutely not believe it, let alone do not believe it, and will not take care of it.

But Lin Kai is now his biggest investor, plus all his previous performances, as well as Lin Kai’s indifferent look.

At this time, Pan Liguo couldn’t help but trust Lin Kai a bit.

Yin Suyan trusts Lin Kai 100%, and hastened to ask: “Mr. Lin, when will I start treating Director Pan? If Director Pan is treated well in advance, the quality of filming will be improved. Tonight, he can be treated. How is it?”

As the chief director of a movie, physical health is also very important.

Lin Kai hearing this, shook the head: “Not tonight, at least wait for tomorrow. Director Pan, you should rest early in the evening. Tomorrow morning you will temporarily arrange the filming of the crew, and then follow me to Eastern Sea. In Eastern Sea I can only heal your injury completely.”

If you use baleful qi, you have to go to the suburbs of Eastern Sea Western District.

Although the evil spirits in the suburbs of Western District have been suppressed and killed by Lin Kai, several days have passed, but the baleful qi there is very rich, and it will not disappear in a short time.

As for why not to go, the ancient tomb in Yuanhang County was swallowed by a woman with a snake head and a snake because of the baleful qi inside.

After being beheaded by Lin Kai, the baleful qi inside quickly dissipated.

The archaeological team will be able to conduct archaeology smoothly on the 2nd day.

It’s different in the suburbs of Western District. The evil spirits only absorbed part of the baleful qi, causing most of the baleful qi to be still there. It needs to be slowly dissipated.

As a result, Lin Kai had to take Pan Liguo to the outskirts of the Western District to absorb some baleful qi to treat Pan Liguo’s bloodline rigidity.

Hearing this, Pan Liguo hesitated a little, and then opened the mouth and said: “That…Mr. Lin, or else, after I finish filming this movie, I will go to treat you again?”

He believes that he believes in Lin Kai, but he still thinks that the probability of 7 or 80% is a little bit ridiculous. If it can be 20-30%, it is already very bad.

The expert doctor also said that in this world there are indeed Divine Doctors of hermits, all of them are Chinese medicine. If you can find a Divine Doctor of hermits, the success rate will be 2 to 3 times more, which is 20-30% certainty.

Pan Liguo regards Lin Kai as the kind of hermit Divine Doctor with 20-30% certainty.

Even so, Pan Liguo worries that if the treatment fails, he will die directly, and there will be no way to finish shooting the last movie.

At that time, in addition to passing away with regret, the entire crew will be dragged down.

This was a scene that Pan Liguo didn’t want to see, so he decided to finish the film and then try Lin Kai.

Lin Kai naturally knew what Pan Liguo was worried about and couldn’t help shaking his head: “Director Pan, your bloodline is very rigid. From my perspective, in a few days, you may not be able to walk. After half a month, I can only lie on a hospital bed. I will be on a ventilator in a month.

The doctor who treated you underestimated your bloodline rigidity, saying that you live for as little as half a year, and as much as half a year. However, in my opinion, it can range from one and a half months to two and a half months. At this moment, can you finish making a big movie? A large-scale movie will take at least 2 months to shoot, right? Coupled with post-production, it takes half a year. Now, do you still think that you can finish the movie with your own strength? “

When Lin Kai said this, Pan Liguo looked a little embarrassed. He didn’t think his illness would be so serious.

According to Lin Kai, you really have to get treatment in time, even if it fails, it’s like, halfway through the shooting, you can’t do it.

Halfway through the filming, it will even drag the entire crew.

Before Pan Liguo could speak, Yin Suyan persuaded Pan Liguo: “Director Pan, let’s follow Mr. Lin’s treatment first. I have seen Mr. Lin’s medical skills with my own eyes and there is no problem, so don’t worry about it.”

Not to mention Xu Qiancheng, for Lin Kai, that is infinite admiration. It is clear that Lin Kai is not as simple as an ancient martial arts person, and can be regarded as a’god’!

Therefore, Xu Qiancheng also advised Pan Liguo not to worry too much and go for treatment first.

Pan Liguo had the intention to follow Lin Kai for treatment first, and then he heard several people’s persuasion, and finally ordered nodded: “Mr. Lin, I believe you, then I will trouble Mr. Lin tomorrow.”

A night passed.

Lin Kai stayed and slept in Yin Suyan’s suite. There was not only one bedroom in the suite, but several.

It was not Lin Kai who took the initiative to go in and sleep, but Yin Suyan invited him. Anyway, there are more spare rooms.

Lin Kai didn’t refuse either. It just so happened that he had to guard Yin Suyan that night, and the task was completed.

Early in the morning of 2nd day, the task of guarding Yin Suyan was completed, and he gained the ability to extract gold.

In the morning, Lin Kai continued to follow Yin Suyan. As the biggest investor in the movie, he still needs to be there at least when it starts.

After the start-up ceremony, there was no rush to shoot. Pan Liguo made the various departments of the crew get acquainted with each other, and the actors had a special guide to Teacher, how to guide, and this arrangement.

After the arrangement was over, Lin Kai drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom and drove Pan Liguo and Yin Suyan to the Eastern Sea.

Yin Suyan was sitting in the position of the co-pilot, which was her main follow Lin Kai.

In the afternoon, Lin Kai drove his car and slowly drove into the outskirts of the Western District of Eastern Sea.

Just before the mountain range where the evil spirit was suppressed and killed last time, after a few days of baleful qi dissipated, it has actually dissipated more than half, and can only come to the front of the mountain range.

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