God level Extraction System Chapter 1432

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Lin Kai didn’t expect that the scenes of this mountain range would fit the location of the film very well.

After all, he hasn’t read any scripts, just listened to Yin Suyan before, a little plot of the female number one.

Lin Kai thought for a while and said, “Director Pan, let’s treat your disease first.”

Although he invested most of the movie now, Lee Shengxian also invested part of it.

This mountain range is the same industry that he and Li Shengxian share.

But Lin Kai did not directly agree, because he considered some issues.

For example, this mountain range has not yet started construction and development, so I don’t want to make it public temporarily.

After all, the construction takes a long time from time to time.

Even if it takes at least half a year for a movie to be released, it will take less than half a year to wait for the construction of this healthy city in the suburbs of Western District.

Therefore, if the movie is released, it may cause the audience to be curious about where this place is, and then come here early to interfere with the process of road construction, which is not good.

Of course, if the film is set in this place, it can be regarded as a place for this place, which has a great publicity effect.

As a result, Lin Kai neither agreed nor refused, and had to think about the gains and losses.

When Pan Liguo saw Lin Kai had to think about it, he was a little disappointed. Said with a bitter smile: “Mr. Lin, I was rash.”

Lin Kai didn’t say much. He started to sense the baleful qi in the mountain range, and found that there was some baleful qi halfway up the mountain, so he asked Yin Suyan to stay in the car first.

He took Pan Liguo and walked halfway up the mountain.

Fortunately, the mountain range here is not so high, only 1000 meters, so there is 5 six hundred meters halfway up the mountain.

It took about half an hour before Lin Kai took Pan Liguo to the middle of the mountain.

Once here, Lin Kai decisively turned True Qi into a needle, then absorbed part of the baleful qi on it, then moved towards Pan Liguo’s wrist, and pierced it.

At first, Pan Liguo didn’t take it seriously, thinking Lin Kai’s random needle sticking was too pediatric.

But then, I obviously sensed the rigidity of my own Bloodline, which was quickly disappearing a little bit, his eyes were shocked and immediately surprised.

looked towards Lin Kai’s gaze, filled with shock, Divine Doctor! It really is Divine Doctor!

Pan Liguo admires him even more as his biggest investor now.

Before long, Pan Liguo felt that he was comfortable all over, just like the Ren Du 2 pulse he had opened up, and he felt a different kind of comfort!

He also felt that his bloodline was finally unblocked! It also means that his bloodline’s rigid problem has been completely solved!

Pan Liguo immediately knelt down towards Lin Kai: “Mr. Lin! You are my greatest benefactor in my life! The life-saving grace is unforgettable!”

Lin Kai immediately helped Pan Liguo and shook his head: “Director Pan, needless to say, I have seen a few movies you have made before, which are really good. There is also a loss of directors like you in China. “

What Lin Kai said is true.

After that, Lin Kai took Pan Liguo down the mountain range.

Back in the car.

Yin Suyan in the co-pilot saw that Pan Liguo’s ruddy complexion should have been cured, and looked at Lin Kai in amazement, “Mr. Lin? Have you treated Pan’s disease so quickly?”

Before Lin Kai could respond, Pan Liguo smiled and said, “Yin Young Lady, what you said before is good, Mr. Lin is really a Divine Doctor!”

At that time, Yin Suyan was actually trying to comfort Pan Liguo to persuade him.

Now the understood Lin Kai’s medical skills are really amazing, and I admire Lin Kai more and more. Such a man is worthy of her lifelong love!

Lin Kai smiled without saying a word, and then drove the car, carrying Yin Suyan and Pan Liguo towards Lingnan.

This time I took a national highway, the road closest to Lingnan.

Along the way, Lin Kai took the initiative to talk about the location of the film.

He considered for a moment, this mountain range still cannot be used as a filming location, but the back of this mountain range can be used as a location.

The scenery on the back of the mountain range is worse than the front, but it also fits the script.

In this way, it can be used not only for filming, but also for publicity.

After all, the back of the mountain range is so beautiful, let alone the front. After a little publicity, more tourists will look forward to the development of the front.

When Lin Kai said that, whether it was Yin Suyan or Pan Liguo, they all felt bright, and felt that Lin Kai’s proposal was very good.


In a certain scenic spot in Lingnan.

Wang Xiaoliang, the deputy director of the film, is negotiating with a manager in the scenic spot.

Although Wang Xiaoliang is a student of Pan Liguo, he is actually very old. One is in his 30s. He has also made two movies before.

Of course it is the small investment movie, but the reputation is very good, but the box office is still a bit interesting, and the subject matter is too small.

This time I followed Teacher Pan Liguo to learn more about filming in popular themes, and only then took the initiative to assume the position of his deputy director.

The deputy director said that he was a director, but he actually did things for the chief director.

Wang Xiaoliang was at a loss at this time, and didn’t expect the Chief-In-Charge of the scenic spot to go back on one’s word.

He looked at the manager in the foreground area and somewhat helplessly said: “Manager Duan, this is your fault. We have already said in advance that this scenic spot allowed us to shoot for a month, and paid half of the rent, and even signed it. It’s a contract. If you change your mind, you can change your mind. Today, we are still preparing to take a short shot of it, but it won’t work.”

Manager Duan Donglai is the manager of this scenic spot. He looks gentle, but his expression is a bit disdainful. Looking at Wang Xiaoliang, he is polite on the surface: “Director Wang, I can’t help it. This is I don’t know what happened to the order issued by the scenic spot. In short, you are not allowed to continue filming here. If you continue to film, wait for the police to take it away. I’ll sue you for disturbing the order.”

While talking, Duan Donglai threw a few stacks of money to Wang Xiaoliang, and said: “This is half of the money you paid. To be honest, this little money, in fact, can’t be rented for a few days. If it weren’t for your chief director, but for the well-known director’s face, he would reluctantly agree. It’s a pity, if something happens, it’s sorry. If the money is taken away, you can take people away.”

Wang Xiaoliang heard something wrong in his words, and always felt that something was wrong. What does it mean that something went wrong?

And this little money? This is almost hundreds of dollars, and if you rent it for one day, it cost 3000 dollars.

At this price, renting a more luxurious shed is only this price.

At the beginning, Chief-In-Charge of the scenic spot, but I am very happy with this price, because the net income of this scenic spot is not 3000 yuan a day.

What’s more, the movie is popular, and it can also drive the development of the scenic spot.

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