God level Extraction System Chapter 1433

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Wang Xiaoliang didn’t expect, and the scenic spot suddenly changed, as if being targeted.

Although he felt that something might not be right, he really didn’t dare to collect the money.

If you don’t accept it, there is still more. If it is received, it means that this scenic spot was originally a good filming location, but it really can’t be filmed there.

When the time comes, Pan Liguo will definitely blame him. Most importantly, the process of shooting the film will be infinitely delayed, and he will become the sinner of the entire crew.

Therefore, Wang Xiaoliang came to Duan Dong, the manager of the scenic spot, with a smile on his face: “Manager Duan, think about it, in fact, our crew and your scenic spot are a win-win situation. You also know that our chief director is a domestic cream of One of the directors of the crop, plus it is a big investment movie, the box office is certainly not bad.

We have taken your scenic spots more beautifully. After the movie is released, the audience will definitely pay attention to where the filming location is. When the time comes, we will help you with this scenic spot and publicize it. Wouldn’t it become an Internet celebrity scenic spot? At that time, you won’t have to worry about no tourists in the scenic area. So Manager Duan, just get around and allow us to film in your scenic spot. How about? “

Duan Donglai was not moved by Wang Xiaoliang’s words, but rather impatiently said: “That said, if I don’t film you, I won’t film you! Quickly take the money and leave! If you don’t take the money and leave, you will be harmed. My scenic spot!”

Wang Xiaoliang is hearing this, even more dazed, just filming, and he didn’t do anything illegal. Why did he harm the scenic spot?

Without waiting for Wang Xiaoliang to ask, I saw Duan Donglai, looked towards Wang Xiaoliang, and said impatiently again: “Hurry up and go, don’t stay with me anymore. You can find another shooting location. Our scenic spot does not welcome you.”

Only then did Wang Xiaoliang slow down, feeling more and more that the falling out to become hostile of the scenic spot must be strange.

He couldn’t help asking: “Manager Duan, I can take the money and leave, but I signed the contract. I have no other meaning, but at least let me understand why the scenic spot does not let us film the scene? Although I am a deputy on the crew Director, but it’s me who is responsible for negotiating with you. I should always give a reason. Let me explain to the chief director.”

Hearing this, Duan Donglai first looked into the office without anyone else, and then looked out the window, as if to see if anyone was watching here.

After finding that no one was watching here, Duan Donglai couldn’t help but whispered to Wang Xiaoliang, “Director Wang, I heard that your crew has changed to a new investor. I also know that your new investment surnamed Fang Lin, and there is also Li Shengxian, the youngest Young Master of the Eastern Sea Li Family, and his company is also involved.”

Wang Xiaoliang became more confused: “Yes, is there any problem with this?”

As an assistant director, as early as last night, he understood and changed the new investor.

As long as the money invested by the investor is the same, he thinks it makes no difference whether it is changed or not.

As for the new investment surnamed Fang Lin, he also knows it. His name is Lin Kai. He has met this morning and he is a youngster.

In his opinion, this Lin Kai must be the rich second generation of a certain Great Family. Only the rich second generation can have this kind of capital and invest so much money.

However, what does these have to do with scenic spots and not filming for them?

Duan Dong saw the doubt in Wang Xiaoliang’s eyes and sighed helplessly: “I dare not say more, I can only say that you should not change to a new investor. Anyway, your new investor is offending people. I don’t want to see that surnamed Lin, and Li Shengxian’s company, invest in your movie, and go on filming smoothly. That said, you should understand.”

Wang Xiaoliang was stunned. He didn’t expect this to be involved. The new investor had offended others, which caused it.

He just wanted to ask who it was. Duan Donglai directly packed the pile of money on the table, immediately put the bag in Wang Xiaoliang’s hands, and issued an order to expel the guest: “I also said it, so you go now. . After you leave the office, quickly take away your crew.”

at the same time.

At the gate of the scenic spot.

Most of the crew members stayed here. Originally, the scene was set up and the audition started, but after waiting for several hours, there was no way to start shooting.

The male one Lu Qingfeng is also here naturally, but he is staying in his own business car.

On Lu Qingfeng’s face, there are still scars from the beating by Cao Rongsheng last night.

At this time, Wang Xiaoliang ran into Lu Qingfeng’s car.

When Lu Qingfeng saw Wang Xiaoliang, he was a little unhappy and said, “Director Wang, can you start shooting?”

Although he didn’t have any serious injuries, it was just a bruise on his face, not even a minor injury, but he was filming with injuries.

Then find a media to hurt him in filming, and mention that with his reputation, he can definitely rush to the hot search in an instant. Those fans will feel sorry for him in various ways and say that he has worked hard.

In this state, Lu Qingfeng thought that he had given enough face to the entire crew.

As a result, I stayed at the gate of the scenic spot for several hours, let alone filming in the scenic spot, I could enter, without even entering.

Wang Xiaoliang heard that Lu Qingfeng’s tone was very dissatisfied.

Wang Xiaoliang said helplessly: “I came to you, and I came here to talk to you. In this scenic spot, the originally scheduled scenes can’t be filmed now. Let’s go to another part of Lingnan and find a good place to shoot other scenes. , Can’t delay.”

“What? Director Wang, I’m here. I waited for 2 hours, from 2pm until 4pm now. It’s almost dark in the evening, so I ran to another place to film?”

Lu Qingfeng among male stars is comparable to Yin Suyan’s status among female stars.

Therefore, Lu Qingfeng did not give Wang Xiaoliang any face.

He continued coldly snorted and said: “I didn’t have enough rest, and called me from the hotel in the afternoon. I knew this was the result and I had been sleeping in the hotel. Going to another place, at least one Two hours, anyway, you are going to go by yourself, I don’t want to go. And I don’t have many scenes in another part of Lingnan. You can just find a substitute.”

“Moreover, this scenic spot is not allowed to be filmed, so what else to do. Director Pan and the screenwriter, finally this treasure land is very suitable for filming, at least half of the scenes are in this scenic spot! I advise you, don’t film first. Let’s hurry up and communicate with Chief-In-Charge in this scenic spot.”

As Lu Qingfeng said, he signaled Wang Xiaoliang to get out of the car, and then called the driver to leave.

“Lu Qingfeng, you are the first man in the crew! You can’t just leave like this! Besides, Director Pan, told me that if this scenic spot really can’t be shot, go to another place to shoot, at least another place, Let’s talk about your part after filming!” Wang Xiaoliang said quickly.

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