God level Extraction System Chapter 1434

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Lu Qingfeng sneered: “You also know that I am a male only. I spent 2 hours here waiting for the filming, but told me that I can’t make it? Still thinking, let me go to the next place to shoot. That would be a waste Time! My time is precious! As for what Dao Pan confessed to you, what matters to me, he said that you can use my substitute, I don’t mind.

Of course, if you don’t need a stand-in, then wait until I finish resting, probably at noon tomorrow, and then go to that place to shoot after I finish lunch. “

“Lu Qingfeng, do you think we are willing to wait? You have only waited for 2 hours. The other crew members and other actors waited from the morning until the afternoon. They didn’t complain, you…”

Before Wang Xiaoliang finished speaking, Lu Qingfeng snort disdainfully said: “Can I be like the group of people on the crew? Let’s not talk about my status and reputation in the entertainment industry, I will say that I was injured. Look at my face. When I was young, I knew I came to film with injuries. My level of professionalism is not bad.

The most important thing is that I eat with my face. So I have to rest more. If I don’t have enough rest, if my face is ruined, will you be responsible? “

When Wang Xiaoliang heard Lu Qingfeng’s words, his heart was extremely angry, but he was helpless.

From the bottom of his heart, he looks down on this kind of little fresh meat that relies on traffic and is forced to support it. Acting is not good, and nothing else is good.

Especially this Lu Qingfeng, playing big cards is too outrageous, just the injury, the green piece is the size of a thumb. There is no need to rest, and you will be better after a few days.

And waiting for 2 hours is not like exposing in the sun.

The crew specially equipped Lu Qingfeng with a commercial vehicle. This commercial vehicle has been legally modified and has a lot of space inside. The equivalent to is a motorhome.

There are sofas, air conditioning, all kinds of food, and even WiFi.

In this environment, it is not impossible to rest.

However, other crew members were basking in the sun.

However, although the work was not started, no matter the staff, or Lu Qingfeng, they were all calculated as wages and salary.

Even his assistant director, in order to communicate with the scenic spot, is too busy to run around.

Now the filming location of this scenic spot can’t go in and shoot again, and I have to change to another place to shoot, otherwise it will be a day for nothing today.

So, if you can shoot a little bit today.

But now!

As the most important male number one, Lu Qingfeng, refused to go to the next place to film. He also said that he would go to film again after he had rested, at least until noon tomorrow.

You know, the main part of the current filming is Lu Qingfeng.

If Lu Qingfeng is delayed, equivalent to the entire crew will be delayed with Lu Qingfeng.

As for the substitute, except for the martial arts part, it needs to be used, and naturally it will not be used in other places.

After all, if the quality of the movie needs to be improved, too many substitutes cannot be used.

Wang Xiaoliang was very annoyed and got out of the car helplessly, but instead of closing the door, he looked at Lu Qingfeng, thinking crazy about how to make Lu Qingfeng stay and continue filming.

Although he is also a director with a small reputation, he still has to be polite in the face of Lu Qingfeng.

Although Lu Qingfeng is a useless little fresh meat, but with a high level of coffee and many fans, he dare not offend him.

Wang Xiaoliang couldn’t accuse too much, causing such helplessness now.

Wu Feifan has been beside this commercial vehicle and saw Wang Xiaoliang at Lu Qingfeng, deflated.

He hurried to Wang Xiaoliang’s side, and persuaded together: “Lu Qingfeng, isn’t it the same to take a break in this commercial car? Director Wang has said so, you don’t want to go to the next place to film, so it will affect the entire crew. The staff are very bad.”

Wu Feifan’s Zhang’s is also quite handsome. Compared to Lu Qingfeng, it is more sunny, not just that kind of pure little fresh meat.

The most important thing is that Wu Feifan learned martial arts since he was a child and started from Wu Li. He also has certain acting skills as an actor.

Just in terms of fame, Qingfeng is far behind.

In this movie, apart from being a male 2 accidentally, he is also regarded as a half martial arts director.

Although there is a professional martial arts instructor, Wu Feifan is not bad. In order to make martial arts better, Wu Feihua also participated in the martial arts instruction.

Therefore, Wu Feifan also has a certain obligation to arrange other actors with martial arts.

Lu Qingfeng in the commercial vehicle only glanced at Wu Feifan, his eyes showed disdain: “No matter how big or small, you are a man. What qualifications do you have to command me as a man?”

As Lu Qingfeng said, it was necessary to return to the hotel to rest, not to go to the next place to film.

It is estimated that Pan Liguo is here, it is not good to give Pan Liguo face.

Wu Feifan understood this very well. He knew that he could not persuade Lu Qingfeng. He looked at Lu Qingfeng’s arrogant posture and shook his head for a while. He didn’t say much and returned to his original position.

There is a business car behind it, with female 2 Yan Xin sitting in it.

Yan Xin had already opened the window of the car and had been looking at Lu Qingfeng and Wang Xiaoliang in the commercial vehicle in front, arguing there.

She saw that Lu Qingfeng was determined and wanted to go back to the hotel to rest. In fact, this was exactly what she wanted, because she also wanted to go back to the hotel to rest, and was worried about why she would go back.

No, Lu Qingfeng created a godsend opportunity for her.

Ever since, Yan Xin quickly moved towards the driver in front of him and said: “Driver, wait and follow the commercial car in front and go back together.”

Yan Xin didn’t even say hello to Wang Xiaoliang, and asked the driver to take her back.

Before long, Lu Qingfeng’s commercial vehicle started and left.

Yan Xin’s commercial car also left.

Whether it was Wang Xiaoliang, other actors in the crew, or the staff, they just watched Lu Qingfeng and Yan Xin’s car, one after the other and left.

Wang Xiaoliang’s face was embarrassed, and he couldn’t think of these two people want to walk to walk, and he would not give any face.

Looking at the two cars as they moved further and further away, Wang Xiaoliang cursed inwardly: “What actors are these, and they say that they are dedicated to their work. How can there be such dedication! I really don’t know how Pan Dao sees these two people! “

Wu Feifan was aside, shook his head and said, “After all, there is traffic. Although movies now require quality, they also have some popularity effects. There is no way.”

Just as Wang Xiaoliang was about to say something, a Rolls-Royce Phantom drove over.

In addition, the commercial vehicle where Lu Qingfeng and Yan Xin were located was intercepted.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom took the lead to walk off Pan Liguo. He recognized the two commercial vehicles at a glance and who was sitting in them.

He said: “Lu Qingfeng, Yan Xin, where are you two going now?”

However, Lin Kai took the initiative to stop the car because he had heard Lu Qingfeng playing big cards.

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