God level Extraction System Chapter 1435

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Wang Xiaoliang, Wu Feifan, and many crew members, saw Pan Liguo come back safely, each and everyone were relaxed.

After all, Pan Liguo, if there is any accident, this movie will definitely not be made.

They also knew that Lin Kai brought Pan Liguo to Eastern Sea to heal Pan Liguo.

Now it seems that Pan Liguo’s ruddy complexion is not as sickly pale as before.

Does Lin Kai really treat Pan Liguo?

While everyone breathed a sigh of relief, they were also very curious.

Wang Xiaoliang and Wu Feifan, immediately ran to Pan Liguo’s side, and the two people immediately questioned whether Pan Liguo was cured.

When I heard Pan Liguo said that he was cured and finally relaxed.

Pan Liguo was able to direct this movie. If it is not cured, the movie will definitely be out of play.

Later, Wang Xiaoliang and Wu Feifan told Pan Liguo about the situation here.

At this time, Lin Kai and Yin Suyan both got off the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

I just heard why Lu Qingfeng and Yan Xin were leaving.

Lin Kai is better. He heard something not long ago.

After listening, Pan Liguo and Yin Suyan were extremely angry.

Didn’t expect that, Lu Qingfeng still said that he was very dedicated. He eats and drinks in the car, has air-conditioning, has a sofa to sleep, and has internet access, so I don’t want to wait for 2 hours.

He refused to go to the next place for filming, and even said that after returning to the hotel, he would wait until enough rest before going to the next place.

Yan Xin went too far, and didn’t say hello to Wang Xiaoliang, so he followed Lu Qingfeng’s car and went back together.

Really come here for an outing? Filming is also a job!

Pan Liguo looked a little gloomy. He looked into the two commercial vehicles and shouted: “Lu Qingfeng, Yan Xin, and you two don’t go back to the hotel. I will arrange a crew meal later. After the meal is over, I will go down again. Go in one place! Don’t delay!”

At this time, in Lu Qingfeng’s commercial vehicle, Lu Qingfeng heard Pan Liguo’s words, but his eyes fell on Lin Kai with hatred.

He completely blamed Lin Kai. If Lin Kai hadn’t arrived in time, he would have been impossible. Pan Liguo had taught him a lesson in front of so many people.

Let him lose face in front of so many people!

Of course, Lu Qingfeng didn’t dare to directly refute what Pan Liguo said, so he opened the window and said to Pan Liguo: “Director Pan, you should solve the problem of this scenic spot first. The next place, no I’m in a hurry to shoot. There is no scenic spot for this scenic spot, even if I finish shooting the lower part, what else can I shoot in Lingnan?”

Pan Liguo did not respond to Lu Qingfeng’s words, but looked at Wang Xiaoliang and said, “Xiao Wang, what is the situation in this scenic spot? We have signed the contract before and paid half of the advance payment. Why don’t we even get in now, so we are not allowed to enter. ?”

Although a new filming location has been found, which is better than this scenic spot, Pan Liguo is also very angry with the practice of the scenic spot. It has never been like this before.

Wang Xiaoliang saw that Pan Liguo was so angry, so naturally he dared not hide it, and immediately said: “Director Pan, in fact, it has something to do with our new investor…”

Before Wang Xiaoliang finished speaking, Pan Liguo frowned, “What?”

“Director Pan, to be precise, is related to Mr. Lin Kai.” Wang Xiaoliang shook his head helplessly.

Wang Xiaoliang glanced at Lin Kai not far away and said with a wry smile: “It should be Mr. Lin Kai, who has offended who, causing this scenic spot may be bought out, so that we are not allowed to shoot.”

Pan Liguo’s brow furrowed deeper, he hadn’t spoken yet.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Lu Qingfeng heard what Wang Xiaoliang said, and then sneered: “It’s no wonder that we communicated with the scenic spot for so long and there was no result! Let our entire crew wasted a day! It turned out to be Lin Kai! As a new investor, we will not suffer this kind of treatment being kicked out!”

Pan Liguo quickly drank to Lu Qingfeng, “Lu Qingfeng! Do you know what you are talking about!”

Let alone other things, Lin Kai alone is his life saving benefactor, which is enough to make him respect Lin Kai very much.

Even more how, if it were not for the film invested by Lin Kai, if Cao Rongsheng continued to invest in the film, the quality of this film would be 100% unacceptable.

It can be said that Lin Kai is like his second-born parents, and Kai is something Lu Qingfeng can scold!

And the sudden change in the scenic spot was not because of Lin Kai. To blame, it was the people who bought the scenic spot. It was too wicked and indifferent.

No one in the entire crew is qualified to blame Lin Kai, including him.

I don’t know what Lu Qingfeng is, I just got out of the car, and walked to the front of Lin Kai’s Rolls-Royce Phantom, slapped the Rolls-Royce Phantom again, and yelled at Lin Kai: “Lin Kai , Don’t think that you are the biggest investor, it’s amazing! Tell you, if it wasn’t for you today, if we had 100 people up and down the entire crew, we wouldn’t have all been exposed in the sun! Wait anxiously! It’s all weird You! There is no place to shoot now, and your investment is a waste of investment!”

Last night, Lin Kai made him abnormally flattened and embarrassed, and he was even beaten by Cao Rongsheng in the end.

He has never been so aggrieved, has never been beaten, everything is because of Lin Kai!

But now I have grasped it, a moral high ground, binding the entire crew up and down 100 people, and then criticizing Lin Kai!

Even if Lin Kai is the largest investor, it is impossible to take him!

Originally Lin Kai was next to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, chatting with Yin Suyan.

Mainly talking about the problem of setting up a filming scene behind the mountain range in the suburbs of Eastern Sea Western District.

In fact, that place is naturally the best, but in order to be more suitable for filming, I have to wait to set up the scene.

But since it is to be built, it is natural to build the best.

When the time comes, you can still use it after you have built it.

After all, the mountain range is to be developed into a scenic spot.

He also told Li Shengxian about this matter, and Li Shengxian said directly that the construction team he invited would handle the construction of the movie scene.

In this case, the mountain range can also be developed into a more interesting scenic spot.

But the specific plan is when the time comes. Pan Liguo and the screenwriter will discuss with the construction team together on how to build better and add new things.

If it is done and the movie becomes popular, the mountain range can be opened in advance to attract tourists.

Promote it again, the mountain range will be better in front, which also has a great publicity effect.

It’s just that Lin Kai and Yin Suyan, while discussing this matter, didn’t expect Lu Qingfeng to come and yelled here.

Don’t talk about Lin Kai, Yin Suyan frowned slightly and looked at Lu Qingfeng.

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