God level Extraction System Chapter 1436

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At this time, Lin Kai glanced at Lu Qingfeng lightly, then moved towards Lu Qingfeng, and while walking, he said coldly: “Who gave you the courage to take pictures of this car?”

After all, this car belongs to Li Shengxian. The main reason is that he was really busy the past few days and didn’t have time to go back home and change the car, which led him to use Li Shengxian’s car first.

Although he and Li Shengxian are brothers, but the car is a car, it is not good if it is damaged.

Lu Qingfeng originally wanted to continue shooting this Rolls-Royce Phantom, but after hearing Lin Kai’s words and Lin Kai’s cold gaze, he couldn’t help but stop his hand.

Because he remembered that last night, Lin Kai randomly punched his bodyguards and abolished his battle strength.

After that, several bodyguards beat Cao Rongsheng and Yu Qiyang in an uncommon manner.

Facts have proved that the strength of those bodyguards is still no problem.

So now seeing Lin Kai’s coldness, Lu Qingfeng is a little scared, afraid that Lin Kai will beat him up.

If he is beaten to the point that he is not adult, then his career will be over. In other words, he is eating by face.

At this point, Lu Qingfeng is still very clear.

But he threw it at Lin Kai and yelled: “Lin Kai! It’s all because of you. The scenic spot didn’t let us in to film. The entire crew of more than 100 people waited at the gate for most of the day! There is no such scenic spot. The location, I see how to shoot! It takes a very long time!

There are more than 100 people in the crew, but I’m waiting to rely on this and eat for a few months! So delayed, what do they eat and drink? Therefore, as an investor, you must apologize to the entire crew! By yourself, go talk to the scenic area and try to film us! “

Lu Qingfeng said devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, as if he really stood on the moral high ground to accuse Lin Kai.

Lin Kai ignored Lu Qingfeng’s other words, but noticed that Lu Qingfeng said that the scenic spot was frowned because of him, and said, “Why do you say that the scenic spot does not allow the crew to film it because of me?”

Lu Qingfeng immediately sneered again and again. He looked at Wang Xiaoliang and said: “Director Wang, you are clear about this matter. You come to our biggest investor, Lin Kai, let’s say that the scenic spot does not allow us to film. What does it have to do with him.”

Wang Xiaoliang immediately scolded Lu Qingfeng, a fool like Lu Qingfeng, thinking that he was a big star, he could offend the biggest investor, but he didn’t dare to offend him.

He also has to rely on this film, not only to learn from Pan Liguo how to make commercial blockbusters, but also to make his own reputation.

If there is a popular movie as the base, he is also qualified and it is easier to attract other investors.

Lu Qingfeng’s words completely pulled him into the water.

Wang Xiaoliang didn’t want to say anything, but seeing Lin Kai’s gaze shifted to him, he was very helpless. He told him what Duan Donglai had told him before, and now he told Lin Kai intact.

“Someone threatened the scenic spot and wouldn’t let me invest in a movie to go into the film?”

After listening, Lin Kai thought about it a little bit, and then he understood who had instigated it.

It is possible that Leiyuan Group sent people to make trouble.

These days, the Leiyuan Group has been suppressed by Lin Kai everywhere. First, the Leiyuan Group was exposed on the Internet, and then the Leiyuan Group was undermined, and several internal ghost plans were inserted in the Li Shengxian Company.

Yesterday it was even destroyed, the casino acquired by Leiyuan Group in Jinyuan.

Lin Yuan must be very angry, but Lin Kai helped the country to deal with the evil in the ancient tomb, so the country intervened and stared at the Leiyuan Group.

Lin Yuan is not good either, he can’t secretly mess with Lin Kai directly, he can only use this kind of disgusting means to disgust Lin Kai.

“Lin Yuan, your methods are really getting more and more disgusting.”

Lin Kai sneered secretly. This also shows that the Leiyuan Group has indeed been restricted recently. If it were in the past, Lin Yuan would not use such disgusting methods.

It is estimated that someone will be sent directly to kill Pan Liguo or others, making this movie completely unsuccessful.

After a brief period of thought, Lin Kai looked at Lu Qingfeng with cold eyes, and said indifferently: “Even if the scenic spot is not allowed to shoot, it is indeed my responsibility. However, the crew, I feel Apart from apologies, you are not qualified to accuse me, you are not worthy.”

“Boy! What are you talking about! Is this a humiliation?” Lu Qingfeng was furious in an instant, and the complexion is gloomy to its extreme. Last night he was out of reason, but now Lin Kai humiliates him, making him intolerable!

Lin Kai indifferently said: “To humiliate you? To humiliate you is to give you face, I am clearly saying, what thing are you, pointing fingers in front of me.”

Lu Qingfeng is angry to get really angry. He really wants to beat Lin Kai fiercely, but knows that once he makes a move, he will definitely lie on the ground and be beaten up.

Lu Qingfeng was also afraid that Lin Kai would do anything to him. He quickly stepped back a few meters away while staring at Lin Kai, continuing to want to stand on the moral high ground, coldly snorted and said: “You are an investor, of course you can do whatever you want. Say! But since you have invested in this movie, you should think that all the people in the crew are responsible! Now it’s good, this movie will be delayed, and the crew members have no time to delay! Even if you apologize, it’s useless! “

Without waiting for Lin Kai to say anything, Wang Xiaoliang hurriedly said: “Lu Qingfeng! Don’t talk a little! Mr. Lin, how can you question it! But Mr. Lin, don’t you and Lu Qingfeng lower oneself to somebody’s level, this kind of freshness This is the case for meat. However, the most urgent task now is to find a location similar to this scenic spot.”

He was afraid that Lu Qingfeng would irritate Lin Kai again, for fear that Lin Kai would divest his capital, when the time comes, this movie would really fail.

Compared to divestment, the absence of a location is a trivial matter.

“Director Wang, you don’t need to find a shooting location.” Lin Kai said lightly: “Even if this scenic spot is filming for us, it won’t be here.”


Wang Xiaoliang was surprised, what do you mean?

Lu Qingfeng was also stunned.

Before Lin Kai could speak, Pan Liguo next to him said with a smile: “Mr. Lin found a better location for our crew. That place can be said to be 200% restored. The scene in the script! It is even better than this scenic spot. The shooting location is several times better!”

Afterwards, Pan Liguo described all the places.

When Lin Kai went to the national highway, he took Pan Liguo and Yin Suyan to the back of the mountain range and took a look.

Although the back of the mountain range is a bit worse than the front, it is also a very beautiful place.

It just takes some time to build some real scenes, it really takes a while.

This allowed Lu Qingfeng to seize the opportunity and said with a sneer: “Speaking of which, it hasn’t delayed the filming of the entire crew!”

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