God level Extraction System Chapter 1437

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This caused Yin Suyan to walk to Lin Kai’s side and look at Lu Qingfeng, with a trace of disgust in his eyes: “Lu Qingfeng, what do you know, those scenes are built to restore 100% of the script. even more how, Lin Mr. Gentle, during the construction period, he also provided welfare to the staff on and off the crew at a subsidy of 100 per day.”

“And that place is on the outskirts of the Western District of Eastern Sea. Once built, it is also an excellent scenic spot.”

Hearing this, Lu Qingfeng said with disdain: “Do you really think I haven’t been to Eastern Sea? The suburbs of Eastern Sea Western District, I know! It has been deserted a long time ago, and I have been there with my own eyes. It is very wicked! Yes! How can there be any beautiful scenery! Lin Kai must be boasting!”

Yan Xin in another commercial vehicle also came down at this time. She had been listening to the conversations of several people.

At this time, she couldn’t help but sneered: “Yeah, Yin Suyan, don’t you know that there have been changes in the suburbs of Eastern Sea Western District? Originally, it was the center of Eastern Sea. Because of some changes, Forced to abandon. This is a well-known thing. Although Lin Kai is our investor, he can bluff a big star like you casually?”

“Even more how, it also belongs to the local urban area, and the land should not be cheap. The entire mountain range belongs to Lin Kai’s friends? What a joke! How much money does it cost to buy, comparable to this movie investment, The money spent is much more! Not to mention, to build a 100% restoration scene, it will cost a lot of money, I am afraid that 4 100000000 million will not be enough!”

According to Lu Qingfeng and Yan Xin, some staff members of other crews also muttered quietly, seeming to be very disbelieving, thinking that Lin Kai was casually boasting.

As the chief director, Pan Liguo naturally prevented his biggest investor, Lin Kai, from being wronged.

He hurriedly said: “Everyone, this is true. I went to the suburb of Eastern Sea Western District with Young Lady Yin and went to see it in person. That place is indeed very beautiful, and it is also very suitable for the scene of our movie. It can be said that there is at least 80% of the scenes in this movie.”

Hearing Pan Liguo speak in person, all the talents dispelled their doubts.

But Lu Qingfeng’s face is still terrifying, didn’t expect, the suburbs of Eastern Sea Western District, there really is such a place.

He didn’t understand, but he still clung to Lin Kai, and continued to say with a sneer: “What if you find it? It’s not about spending time building the scene and wasting everyone’s time! Although the crew is subsidized by 100, but What about us famous actors? It took a day, but I don’t know how much money was wasted? That is to build for more than one or two months. Wouldn’t it be necessary for us to wait like this?”

Pan Liguo furrowed his brows deeply. According to Lin Kai, he had to prepare not only to build a 100% restored scene, but also to build some other scenes.

In this regard, Pan Liguo still does not understand how long it will take.

It’s really a long time to build, which is also a problem.

Since then, Pan Liguo looked at Lin Kai and asked, “Mr. Lin, do you know how long it will take to build this scene? If it takes a long time, it is really not good.”

Lin Kai talked to Li Shengxian before, and Li Shengxian said that he sent someone over and would explain the situation in detail.

Just when he was about to say that he didn’t know it, a voice suddenly sounded behind him: “As long as the construction paper and plan are ready, the construction will take no more than ten days.”

It was the voice of a woman, everyone looked back, and several people moved towards this side came over.

The leader is a beautiful woman about 30 years old, in a professional outfit. This woman Lin Kai also knows. She is the vice president of Li Shengxian’s company and her name is Li Yaer.

Li Yaer also belongs to Li Family, but in terms of seniority, this Li Yaer is still Li Shengxian’s niece.

Li Yaer’s family is closest to Li Shengxian’s parents.

Therefore, Li Shengxian was relieved to hand over the position of vice president to Li Yaer.

Li Ya’er’s ability is not to say, the company’s new product development, Li Ya’er is responsible for the whole process.

In addition to Li Ya’er, there are a few others, among them is a 50-year-old middle-aged man who looks like a very powerful engineer.

Lin Kai glanced at Li Yaer, didn’t expect Li Shengxian sent Li Yaer, moved towards Li Yaer nodded: “Shengxian asked you to come?”

Before Li Ya’er could respond, Lu Qingfeng took the lead in sneering again and again: “No more than ten days? What a joke, how could it be possible for such a big project to be completed in ten days! Don’t talk nonsense! The whole crew can not afford to wait. Such a joke!”

Li Ya’er ignored Lu Qingfeng and ignored it. She knew Lu Qingfeng, but she didn’t chase stars and was not interested in this kind of fresh meat.

However, she admired Lin Kai very much. She came next to Lin Kai and slightly smiled: “Mr. Lin, President Li asked me to come, apart from this. President Li also arranged for one, a very famous one in ancient architecture. An engineer, Gao Zhengsheng.”

This movie is a costume drama, to be precise, it is a fairy costume movie, so that the mountain range is like Immortal Realm, which is very suitable for shooting.

Therefore, in terms of scene construction, it must be constructed in accordance with ancient buildings.

Gao Zhengsheng is the 50-year-old middle-aged man. He moved towards Lin Kai and said in a straightforward manner: “Mr. Lin, I am President Li invited to build the ancient building scene for your movie.”

Lin Kai said with a smile: “Then it will be troublesome.”

Then Lin Kai looked at Li Ya’er and asked, “If the blueprints and other plans come out, how confident is it that the construction will be completed in less than ten days?”

Li Ya’er said with confidence: “If nothing happens, there is basically no problem.”

Lin Kai hearing this, clicked nodded, then looked towards the people in the crew, and asked: “Ten days, everyone should be able to wait?”

Wang Xiaoliang immediately responded: “If that place can really occupy more than 80% of the scene, don’t say wait ten days, wait a month, it will not be delayed. At least, I have no problems.”

Each and everyone said that they have no problems.

After all, this scenic spot only occupies 50% of the scenes, and that place occupies 80%. It will naturally be no problem to delay for ten days.

Only Lu Qingfeng has not made a statement, when everyone’s eyes fell on Lu Qingfeng.

Lu Qingfeng is coldly snorted, and the dead duck opened the mouth and said: “I am different from them! Ten days delay is an extremely time-consuming thing for me!”

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