God level Extraction System Chapter 1438

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Of course, Lu Qingfeng is not afraid. If he refuses so directly, it will arouse public anger, but it is not good.

He then continued: “What’s more, I don’t believe that it can be built in ten days! If the scene is not built within ten days, what should you do? You are just talking about it, you can’t believe it!”

Ancient architectural engineer Gao Zhengsheng also said at this time: “Mr. Lin, it may be Vice President Li, who misunderstood me. The scene is built within ten days, based on the blueprint and the plan. If it is the past, the blueprint is nothing. Question, but I have to read the script and so on, I have to follow the script, it will take a lot of time.

At present, I haven’t even read the script. It’s really useless to say something. If it’s a bit difficult, it will take at least a few days to design the drawings alone. “

Li Ya’er frowned slightly, and then looked at Lin Kai very sorry, said with a bitter smile: “I didn’t think about this before, I thought it was a normal composition. Looking back now, it really has to be based on the script of the movie. See if Gao Zhengsheng can quickly compose the picture from the script.”

Lu Qingfeng was the same. He didn’t expect that he had such a dead duck mouth, and it had a great effect. He sneered: “What am I talking about? It is impossible to build in ten days! hehe , Really believe oneself infallible guy!”

Pan Liguo and the others stared at Lu Qingfeng. He didn’t expect this Lu Qingfeng to jump like this.

But they also think that Lin Kai is a bit big talk.

Lin Kai’s complexion remained unchanged, lightly said with a smile: “As for the composition, you don’t need to consider the senior engineer. Tomorrow morning, I will hand over the composition of the movie scene to the senior engineer. In this case, it will be certain within ten days. It can be built.”

“It will be done tomorrow morning?” Li Yaer was taken aback for a moment, and then said: “Mr. Lin, did you find a better ancient building engineer? It is also impossible. Gao Zhengsheng is a cream of the crop ancient building in China. One of the engineers, no matter how powerful it is, it is impossible to be so fast.”

Lin Kai shook the head: “That’s not true. I didn’t find any ancient architectural engineers.”

This made Li Ya’er more confused: “Mr. Lin, what do you mean…”

Before Li Yaer finished speaking, Lin Kai waved his hand and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, the composition of the movie scene will be handed over to the senior engineer tomorrow morning. Today, you will read the script first, and then make some preliminary plans. If you can build it as soon as possible, you can build it as soon as possible.”

The reason Lin Kai is so confident is because he will do the composition himself.

If it is a modern building, he really doesn’t know much about it.

But the composition of the ancient building, that is completely consistent. After all, he is an Immortal Cultivator, and he is very proficient in ancient architecture.

The most important gold extraction capacity obtained today is for extraction.

If you don’t have to look at the script, you don’t even have to wait until tomorrow morning to compose the picture immediately.

Li Ya’er heard Lin Kai say so, so naturally she would not refute anything, so she said with a smile: “Mr. Lin, I believe you.”

But Lu Qingfeng’s face was unbelievable: “Tomorrow morning, it is clear that I will give myself a step down! I see tomorrow morning, can you come up with the composition!”

Lin Kai glanced at Lu Qingfeng faintly, and then said indifferently: “Lu Qingfeng, have you been questioning me all the time. I give you a chance, then bet. The bet is whether you can build a movie scene within ten days. . Do you dare to bet?”

“Heh! Why don’t you dare to bet!” Lu Qingfeng sneered. Of course he didn’t believe that it could be built within ten days. After all, even the ancient architecture engineers were not sure, let alone Lin Kai!

Lu Qingfeng thought about it, and then said: “Ten days, for my fame and status, I can earn at least 400,000 in one day, and 4 million in ten days. Of course, for me, 4 million is actually a small number, I don’t care. If the building is not completed within ten days, I want you to kneel and apologize to me. After all, you not only kicked me yesterday, but also injured some of my bodyguards!”

“Let me kneel and apologize to you?” Lin Kai said lightly, “I’m just afraid of you and I can’t bear it.”

As he said, he first glanced at Wu Feifan, and then said: “So as you said, the premise is that the construction is not completed within ten days. If the construction is completed within ten days, you, the male number one, will play male 2. The number. The male number 2 will play the male number one, just to switch roles. Anyway, if you have no acting skills, it is too wasteful to be the male number one. How?”

Wu Feifan became excited at once. He didn’t expect Lin Kai to bet this way!

Male number one! This is something he has never served before! even more how is the man with such a big investment!

He is a male No. 2, if he does have some acting skills, he can also fight martial arts, otherwise he will not be able to serve as his reputation. Don’t talk about the current male one, this is Lin Kai’s opportunity to be the male one!

Lu Qingfeng heard Lin Kai say this, he hesitated for a moment, he was also worried, would he lose 10000 by himself? He is not reconciled, and he is a man himself.

However, his unbelief caused a cruel heart, clenched the teeth, ruthlessly said: “Okay, bet!”

No one can stop the bet between Lin Kai and Lu Qingfeng.

Lin Kai is the biggest investor in the movie, and even the chief director Pan Liguo can’t say anything to Lin Kai.

As for Li Shengxian’s company, with Li Yaer as the leader, Li Yaer also understands Lin Kai’s identity, so naturally he dare not say anything.

As for Yin Suyan, he has a good relationship with Lin Kai, but she thinks Lin Kai can do it.

Whoever wins depends on whether the scene can be built ten days later.

All bets, Pan Liguo then arranged the crew first, and gave him a ten-day holiday.

But afterwards, all went to Eastern Sea. After all, Eastern Sea will be the most important filming location.

Li Yaer had other things to be busy, so she said goodbye to Lin Kai.

When everyone was gone, Yin Suyan stayed beside Lin Kai and asked, “Mr. Lin, in fact, for you, there is no need to bet against Lu Qingfeng. That bet is not good for you.”

Lin Kai laughed: “Yin Young Lady, don’t you hate Lu Qingfeng? Although I am the biggest investor, I am not like Cao Rongsheng. How can I say that Lu Qingfeng signed the contract, and I’m also impossible. Like Cao Rongsheng, I said to change Just change people. So in order to prevent you from playing against Lu Qingfeng, I have to bet like this.

In addition, I also noticed that Wu Feifei is an acting skill, which is of great help to the quality of the whole movie. So regardless of the reason, this is still worth betting. “

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