God level Extraction System Chapter 1439

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Yin Suyan was very moved when Lin Kai said this.

I didn’t expect Lin Kai. The main reason for betting against Lu Qingfeng was because she didn’t play against Lu Qingfeng.

She was about to say something, but at this time, Wu Feifan came over.

When Wu Feifan came, he thanked Lin Kai very much, saying that he had given him a chance to be the number one male.

Lin Kai waved his hand directly, opened the mouth and said: “Don’t thank me, you still have to study the script lines of the male one in these ten days. If you are not familiar with it, I will not let it You, serve as the male one. So in the next ten days, you have to work hard.

Really study well, and be able to be qualified for this male first, that is also what you got with your hard work. So, don’t thank me and so on. understand? “

Wu Feifan thanked again, saying that he would definitely work hard.

But at the same time, Wu Feifan hesitated a little, and finally summoned the courage to ask: “Mr. Lin, I will definitely work hard. That is… within these ten days, can it really be built?”

In fact, I want to say, Lin Kai, can he really get the drawings and plans for setting up the scene in one night?

It’s only because of Lin Kai who is the largest investor, this kind of identity, that’s the euphemistic one said.

Lin Kai didn’t hear it, he laughed indifferently, and said: “You don’t have to worry about this. What you should do now is to get the script of the male one’s lines. No matter if I bet, it is lost or not. Winning won’t hurt your interests. If you lose, you will still be Male 2. If you win, you will be able to rise to Male One. If 100 is harmless, don’t worry about it.”

Wu Feifan thinks about it, too, he won’t pay anything if he loses, he won a lot of money, so he quickly moved towards Lin Kai and said: “Mr. Lin, then I will go to study the male first script, and take the lead to leave.”

Lin Kai clicked nodded, and Wu Feifan left immediately.

Not long after, Lin Kai brought Yin Suyan, a stationery shop in the vicinity, and bought various drawings of different models, including A3 and A4 drawings.

As well as pencils of different models, I bought one for each.

Yin Suyan saw Lin Kai and after buying these things, he asked very curiously, “Mr. Lin, what are you doing with so many papers and pens?”

“Of course it is for drawing.” Lin Kai responded with a smile.

He bought so many papers and pens, naturally, he himself painted the scene drawings to be built in the movie script.

I happen to be Immortal Cultivator, and the movie is also a costume movie with a cultivation theme. It is still handy for those ancient buildings.

The most important thing is the gold extraction ability obtained in the morning, which is to extract one’s own hands-on ability and make the hands-on ability more professional. Any hands-on ability, including drawing and the like.

As a result, Lin Kai was very confident, and finished in one night, drawing the drawings and plans for the construction scene.

Afterwards, Lin Kai and Yin Suyan returned to the hotel together.

But this time, Lin Kai opened a room by himself.

Yin Suyan was tired all day, Lin Kai asked Yin Suyan to rest first, and he returned to his room.

He read the script first, he was the kind of memorable one, and by looking at it, he could remember all the contents of the script.

Ten minutes later, Lin Kai sat at the table and extracted his hands-on ability.

Lin Kai started to draw with great skill.

With the help of extraction ability, without even using a ruler and so on, the drawing is extremely accurate, and it is comparable to drawing with a smart computer on a computer.

And I painted very quickly. After an hour, I painted a full dozen pages.

These drawings are the ancient buildings to be built in the movie script. There are three-dimensional and planar ones, and various details have to be drawn.

Compared to a professional ancient building engineer, he is many times more professional, as if he is really a top engineer in ancient building.

Until the evening, the sun was about to set.

The door of Lin Kai’s room rang, and it was Yin Suyan who called Lin Kai. He came out to eat first.

Lin Kai stayed in his own room for a long time, guessing that he was drawing pictures or something.

Yin Suyan also wanted to see what Lin Kai had drawn.

It’s just that Lin Kai said that he was still drawing pictures and didn’t have time to eat, so he asked Yin Suyan to eat first, leaving him alone.

This made Yin Suyan even more moved. He already knew that Lin Kai was betting for her. Then, without eating or drinking, finish the drawing.

In this way, another few hours passed.

Inside Lin Kai’s room.

He was drawing the last drawing, and after a while, this drawing was completed.

I saw a thick stack of drawings on the table, less than 100.

In addition to the scenes that the movie needs to build, there is everything he knows about the real Immortal Cultivator, the buildings where he lives, Immortal Mansion, and the fairy palace.

Every detail is drawn clearly, perfectly clear, as long as an engineer who understands this aspect of architecture will understand it.

Therefore, he finished the drawing, and then he had to hand it over to Li Yaer.

After Lin Kai finished painting, he couldn’t help stretching his waist. This was a sense of fatigue he hadn’t experienced in a long time.

He is completely here, seriously painting.

Not only for Yin Suyan, but also for the film and the scenic spots on the back of the mountain range.

On the back, I was worried about how to transform it. The scene of the movie was perfect. The back of the mountain range would definitely be very popular.

Especially under the blessing of movies, it will be very hot.

This is beneficial to the development of this Western District suburb by Li Shengxian Company.

At that time, the front and back scenic spots of the mountain range, plus the Healthy City, will have everything. A healthy ecological environment will be created at that time, and it will definitely be profitable soon.

Li Shengxian is firmly seated as heir to Li Family.

Lin Kai glanced at the table, the pile of thick drawings, slightly smiled.

Soon, he sensed his own hunger, and looked at the phone again, and found that it was almost 1 o’clock in the evening.

In other words, he has changed pictures for about 7 hours.

Lin Kai plans to go out and eat something.

It’s just that he just got up, suddenly browses slightly wrinkle, and immediately jumps to the side.


The sound of broken glass in front of the window resounded instantly.

Then came a bullet, moved towards Lin Kai’s original position.

Since Lin Kai avoided it in time, the bullet hit the wall. A deep hole was left on the wall. The formidable power was extremely strong!

This gun is not simple, it is definitely modified! With a sudden shot, Martial Saint expert can hardly survive!

“The room I live in is on the tenth and seventh floor. According to the bullet rules and angle, it is probably between the 7st and 21rd floors of the building opposite.”

Lin Kai instantly judged the approximate location of the shooter.

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