God level Extraction System Chapter 1440

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Lin Kai missed this, without any hesitation, holding a paper cup in hand, urging True Qi, and throwing it out the window.

Another bullet hit the paper cup just in time.

Due to in this brief moment, Lin Kai also urged the golden pupil and happened to see the 23rd floor of the tall building opposite.

There, a man with a figure-of-eight mustache seemed to see himself with 8 rounds of bullets, none of them hit the target, he immediately put away his gun, and ran away without looking back.

Although this 8-character Hu man reacted very promptly, he ran quickly.

But no matter how fast it is, it will not be faster than the golden pupil urged by Lin Kai, the look on his face is directly remembered, and this person is also locked.

Naturally, Lin Kai wouldn’t, go to the elevator or something, because that would be too slow.

He decisively jumped out of the window, and True Qi appeared under his feet. Then I jumped from the tenth and seventh floor to a place where he could stand by the window on the ninth floor. From the 7th floor, directly and firmly landed on the ground of the first floor.

In the vicinity, under the suspicion of a few passers-by, Lin Kai quickly ran to the opposite building.

From the tenth floor where Lin Kai lived, and then entered the elevator door of the opposite building, it only took more than ten seconds.

Lin Kai happened to see a few elevator entrances, and one elevator descended from the 23rd floor.

The other party definitely didn’t expect Lin Kai to be so fast, and he arrived.

If you knew it, you would never take the elevator.

Lin Kai laughed, leaning against the elevator entrance at will, quietly waiting for the elevator to go downstairs.

And inside the elevator at this time.

Fujino Jiro is one of the strongest divine spear players in R country.

More importantly, he has another identity, that is, the gunner.

The modified guns are often several times, even dozens of times more powerful than ordinary guns.

It can be said that the transformed gun is the ever-unfavorable Divine Weapon, and those who face ancient martial arts have no fear.

However, for Fujino Jiro, the modification of the gun is also very troublesome, not only costly and laborious, but also has a high failure rate.

So that, for so many years, Fujino Jiro has only successfully rebuilt 6 guns, each of which is very difficult to deal with.

As early as a few years ago, he wanted to make more money and then modify the gun, so that he could use the modified gun in exchange for certain rights in country R.

So he joined the assassination organization of the extranet and became an extranet killer.

Although not many assassination missions have been done in the past few years, every assassination was at least the expert of Martial Saint Level.

Therefore, Jiro Fujino is ranked 3rd and 9th Ranked on the list of external killers.

He never missed the assassination mission.

A few days ago, he saw a very lucrative task on the Internet.

Although the person who was assassinated is marked, it is difficult to deal with, and there are even 2 assassinations listed in the hands of this person.

But Fujino Jiro was not afraid, instead he was eager to have a try. After all, he gave too much bounty.

It is the target person. In Xia Country in China, he is not easy to take the weapon he has transformed.

I didn’t expect that the employer who posted the task unexpectedly provided him with materials for remodeling the gun in Xia Country, China, and if it was still that kind of advanced material, the success rate would increase.

Fujino Jiro arrived in Hua Xia Country 2 days ago. One day yesterday, he used to rebuild the gun. This time, he rebuilt the gun, but he had never rebuilt it, the strongest formidable power.

He is full of confidence. According to the employer’s news, he came to Lingnan this morning. Until not long ago, he found the target person. The most relaxing moment was to assassinate,

After all, Fujino Jiro is professional. From Lin Kai back to the hotel in the afternoon, and then to the most relaxing moment of the evening, he chose to shoot.

I’m afraid that beat the grass to scare the snake, otherwise it’s not easy to assassinate.

It’s just that he absolutely didn’t expect that he thought he could kill the target person with one shot.

His modified gun, no matter in formidable power or speed, is more than ten times more powerful than ordinary guns.

But the target person reacted faster than he imagined.

Not only did he escape his first shot, but even the second shot could be accurately judged.

The first shot may be a coincidence, but the second shot was avoided. It can be proved that the opponent did not escape the bullet by luck.

Fujino Jiro was not stupid either. Seeing that the 2 shots missed the target, he retreated decisively, knowing that it would be useless to fire a few more shots.

Now he is in the elevator, with a look of puzzlement, completely do not understand what the man is, dodging 2 rounds of bullets.

It’s as if the other party has noticed it a long time ago.

Fujino Jiro shook the head. If the opponent noticed it early, it would be impossible and let him shoot.

He didn’t think about it, so he didn’t think about it, but it was relaxed.

Although it was a miss this time, it might not be the next time. Next time, he will lock a blind spot and fire a few shots in a row. In this way, that person will undoubtedly die!

Fortunately, the employer gave him plenty of time.

At the same time, he was in this building and moved a little bit, and the monitoring system was temporarily broken, so he can be bold and relieved next time to carry out the assassination.

Of course, Fujino Jiro also decided that if he didn’t kill that person next time, he would just give up the task.

If the assassination is not successful next time, he is not stupid, the opponent’s strength far exceeds him.

If discovered by the other party, he will definitely die.

Seeing that the elevator was about to reach the first floor, Fujino Jiro had a smile on his face. Although the mission was unsuccessful, he understood some useful information.

For example, that person seems to have a woman who is important to him.

Next time this woman, if she stands next to that person, it will be easier to carry out assassination.

Fujino Jiro was thinking excitedly. At this time, the elevator finally reached the first floor. He only heard a ding, the elevator was gradually opened.

Just as Fujino Jiro stepped out of the elevator, a voice rang beside him: “Hey, this international friend, why hasn’t it been so long since I got down.”

Fujino Jiro was taken aback, and quickly looked to the left, only to see a young man from Hua Xia Country, leaning there leisurely, looking at him calmly.


The most important reason why Fujino Jiro took over the assassination mission of Hua Xia Country was that he knew a little about Hua Xia Country, so that the assassination would be more convenient.

As he was talking, he suddenly realized that something was wrong, because this young man was so familiar?

The appearance of the target person of the mission to be assassinated, but he was in his mind, very deep.

I just feel that the target person, no matter how fast it is, he rushed here immediately, so that he ignored the target person.

Mainly, the person next to you said something to an international friend.

Fujino Jiro had never been in contact with this person, so he was confused, and then instantly remembered that the target person in his mind, and the appearance of the person in front of him, gradually overlapped.

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