God level Extraction System Chapter 1441

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“How… maybe… how is it possible! Why is he here!”

I thought that the person in front of me was the target person to assassinate.

Fujino Jiro was like Five Thunderbolts, dull and dull, face deathly pale, cold sweat broke out, all kinds of unbelievable and terrified emotions emerged one after another.

After a short lag, Fujino Jiro didn’t even think about it, and was about to run outside the building.

But before he started to escape, his feet instantly stood on the ground.

It turned out that Lin Kai pinched Fujino Jiro on the neck like a chicken.

Lin Kai first used the ability to tell the truth to make Fujino Jiro into a sluggish state, and then led him to the next stairwell.

Fortunately, this is a big night. This building is a business building. Except for those who work overtime at night, they still stay in this building, so few people come and go here.

When he got to the stairwell, Lin Kai began to ask Fujino Jiro.

It is this person who is a native of R country and only speaks part of Chinese.

Therefore, Lin Kai reluctantly heard that this person was named Fujino Jiro. He was a killer on the Internet, apart from this, and he didn’t inquire any useful information.

Lin Kai is speechless, I have to say that mastering a language is still very important.


Ten minutes later, a pair of plainclothes police came to a hidden place in the building.

I saw a corpse, it was Fujino Jiro’s corpse, and the modified gun was also there.

This was naturally called by Lin Kai, who secretly handled Fujino Jiro’s body.

Lin Kai first called Jiang Shu.

Jiang Shu couldn’t expect that there was a killer from the Internet, sneaking in.

And Jiang Shu also said that they are also staring at Leiyuan Group throughout the whole process, whether it is online or offline, it is very likely that Leiyuan Group did not do it.

Lin Kai still feels something is wrong with this.

At this moment.

Lin Kai is sitting casually in a barbecue restaurant, eating barbecue, using his mobile phone, downloading several complicated software, and setting up several networks.

He logged into a black page, which was the landing page of the extranet.

The account number Lin Kai used was the account password he learned from Fujino Jiro.

This type of account password is not a simple account password. It requires a special black card and a mark to log in.

Lin Kai immediately took out a black card and drew a mark on the screen of the phone, and the network sensor sensed it.

Therefore, he successfully used Fujino Jiro’s account on the external network to log in to the external network.

Lin Kai is actually not unfamiliar with this extranet, even very familiar.

In order to complete 9 Longshan, some of the special forces missions he performed before, this external network is naturally indispensable.

In addition to assassinations on the extranet, there are also various foreign criminal forces who do some things on the Internet.

The reason why Lin Kai now uses Fujino Jiro’s account to log on to the Internet is naturally because of contact with Fujino Jiro’s employer.

So he quickly found the chat window between Fujino Jiro and his employer.

Lin Kai first used the input method of country R, ​​and then wrote: The mission target has been killed.

Not long after, the employer replied with a message: “Well, wait for me to check if you are dead. If you die, I will pay you immediately and recommend you to go abroad.”

Lin Kai smiled secretly after receiving the news, and then quit the Internet. While eating barbecue, he looked at the door of the hotel where he was staying, and urged the golden pupil so that he could see it immediately and clearly.

But for a while, a BMW X6 stopped at the entrance of the hotel where Lin Kai lived.

Immediately walked down two people in suits, one went to the hotel, and the other went to the opposite building.

A few minutes later, both of them hurriedly returned to the car.

The car quickly left here.

In fact, this was expected by Lin Kai. The reason why he didn’t intercept the car was because it was useless if it was intercepted. The people in the car were pure tools.

However, it is not without a little useful information.

Lin Kai laughed, picked up his phone again, logged in to the Internet, and saw that the employer sent a message: “You are not Fujino Jiro, who are you!”

Lin Kai used Chinese characters this time and replied: “Good and evil will eventually be rewarded.”

After he finished speaking, he directly withdrew from the Internet.

It is impossible to find the opposite information on the Internet.

Because this extranet is the world’s most powerful hacker, and none of them have done anything.

Therefore, it is impossible to investigate any information on the Internet.

“It’s the killer of this extranet, he’s really not afraid of death.”

Lin Kai sneered. He had solved it earlier. Two extranet killers, didn’t expect and extranet killers, came to assassinate him.

He thought, and immediately downloaded a few more software, and then logged into a white page website.

There is an external network, and naturally there is an internal network.

There are many transactions on this intranet, but they are often used for inquiries.

For example, at this time, Lin Kai uploaded a photo. This photo is of the BMW X6.

Not long ago, Lin Kai took a picture of the BMW X6.

As for why not take the license plate, you don’t have to guess, the license plate must be fake.

Even if the license plate is fake, you only need to upload the full picture of the vehicle on the intranet and spend 20 intranet coins.

Fortunately, Lin Kai, an intranet account, has enough intranet coins.

He spent 20 intranet coins without the slightest hesitation, and quickly got the news about the car.

The intranet is also made by hackers from the whole world cream of the crop, but this intranet uses global big data.

More importantly, the hacker is actually a native of China Xia Country.

In the area of ​​big data, globalization has been achieved, especially in the area of ​​vehicles.

“Although it is not owned by Leiyuan Group, it is owned by a small company invested by Leiyuan Group. This small company is invested by a foreign capital of Eastern Sea. In other words, Leiyuan Group should be, and The foreign capital was used to bypass Jiang Shu’s surveillance, and Jiang Shu did not find useful information.”

After Lin Kai saw the BMW X6 vehicle, he suddenly guessed the reason.

He didn’t even think about it, and told Jiang Shu about it.

This matter is not a trivial matter. It concerns domestic companies and colludes with foreign companies.

Even more how, this domestic enterprise is still Leiyuan Group. If it can find out something, it will be a fatal blow for Leiyuan Group.

So Lin Kai will not let go, any chance.

After Jiang Shu received Lin Kai’s call, he understood Lin Kai investigated some information. After being pleasantly surprised, he also said that he would do his best to investigate.

Lin Kai feels very relieved of Jiang Shu, after all, in the past few days, Lin Yuan is much more honest, and on the surface he dare not act recklessly.

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