God level Extraction System Chapter 1442

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Lin Kai and Jiang Shu called, after the conversation.

Lin Kai also finished the barbecue, was paying the bill and leaving, driving the Rolls-Royce Phantom, moved towards the direction where the BMW X6 left, and quickly caught up.

And in a single-family villa in a suburb of Lingnan.

A very ugly man named Zhou Zhenyuan, looking at the Internet chat window on his mobile phone, his face was even more ugly.

He himself is an ancient martial arts practitioner of Martial Saint Level, who uses the extranet to offer rewards to killers to assassinate others.

Before that, Zhou Zhenyuan would definitely be very disdainful, he could do it himself.

But the goal of the assassination was to make him boss Lin Kai, who was very troubled.

He naturally understands Lin Kai. If his boss confronts head-on, he is not an opponent, let alone him.

Therefore, a professional killer must be hired to assassinate.

Boss Lin Yuan, who secretly trained him and several other Martial Saint ancient martial arts practitioners, served Lin Yuan secretly, and would not directly listen to Lin Yuan.

To put it simply, in order to avoid any intersection with them, Lin Yuan would not directly order, but would communicate through some hidden intermediary means.

At this time, Boss Lin Yuan’s task was to cooperate with foreign investors and then publish a reward on the Internet to assassinate Lin Kai.

The person who picked up was ranked 39th on the extranet killer list.

After Zhou Zhenyuan looked at the information, he knew this person, he could possibly assassinate Lin Kai.

Of course, Zhou Zhenyuan is not on the mission. This person can face Lin Kai head-on, but if he is assassinated, that is not necessarily the case.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that the killer simply couldn’t kill Lin Kai, and even Lin Kai gave him one.

“On the Internet just now, it was definitely not Fujino Jiro who sent me a message. Is it really Lin Kai?”

Zhou Zhenyuan felt very upset when he thought of this, and he always felt a kind of uneasy feeling.

He is making a call now. Although the call cannot be directly connected to Lin Yuan, it can be transferred to Lin Yuan.

But Zhou Zhenyuan thought carefully and decided not to make a call.

He is very clear about Lin Yuan’s character, if he understood himself, Lin Kai puts it like this, Lin Yuan will definitely kill him.

Last time his partner was also an ancient martial arts practitioner of Martial Saint Level, who also served Lin Yuan for half a year.

However, in the end, Lin Yuan didn’t give up before being said to give up, and even sent them to solve the life of the partner.

They didn’t want to, but there was no turning back. The handle was in Lin Yuan’s hands. Even if they knew that they were working for Lin Yuan, their own lives would never be targeted by Lin Yuan.

However, the benefits are amazing. Following Lin Yuan’s years, he can also make a lot of money.

They can divide the money and treasures obtained by killing people and overtaking goods.

So Zhou Zhenyuan didn’t want to let Lin Yuan hear about it.

Otherwise, Lin Yuan would be the first to kill him.

Zhou Zhenyuan thought about it again, and started making another call. When the call was made, he said directly: “Don’t beat the grass to scare the snake, don’t move, don’t reveal any news, just as nothing happened. After all. According to the news, the assassin’s body has been taken away by the police. If the police investigate us, we all have to finish it. Are we all understood?”

The calls he made were from a few people from foreign companies.

Those few people specially cooperated with him to complete the assassination this time.

Because of his status, it is natural to be above those people, so he has the right to command those people.

Those few people are sitting on the BMW X6 at this time.

A man in a suit in the car responded to Zhou Zhenyuan and said: “Brother Zhou, we all understand this. Don’t worry, we will not disclose it.”

When the man in the suit and Zhou Zhenyuan finished talking on the phone.

The other two people in the car looked towards the man in the suit and asked, “What did Brother Zhou say?”

The man in the suit said: “Brother Zhou asked us to shut up about this matter. When the time comes, Brother Zhou will arrange the following things. We just need to stay silent and keep silent.”

2 Everyone ordered nodded and they all understood that Zhou Zhenyuan was also doing them well.

But one of them couldn’t help but vomit: “What is the top 40 killer on the extranet list, professional, I don’t think there is any professionalism! Assassinated others, and ended up being slaughtered!”

Another person also immediately said: “Yeah, this makes us very embarrassed now. We can neither negotiate nor disclose anything, mainly because we were put together.”

It was the man in the suit who made a summary: “Let’s not think about that many. Anyway, Brother Zhou will carry it for us. The rest will be handled by Brother Zhou.”

He said, paused, and looked out the window, with a wretched look in his eyes, said with a smile: “Since Brother Zhou, let’s not go back, let’s just have fun in Lingnan. I heard that this is Lingnan. A clubhouse is pretty good, right here. There is someone in this clubhouse named Brother Xiaodao. Brother Xiaodao specially gave our brother 3, I left a few, let’s see.”

“Haha, this feeling is good!”

“Yeah, yeah, I haven’t been so relaxed in a long time.”

The other two also immediately laughed wretchedly.

Soon the car stopped in front of a clubhouse nearby.

The three people got out of the car and went into a clubhouse.

Lin Kai was driving the Rolls-Royce Phantom while urging the golden pupil to catch up with the BMW X6.

A few minutes later, Lin Kai drove his car and came to the clubhouse.

As soon as he arrived at the door of the clubhouse, there were several beautiful welcomers who bowed and said, “Welcome!”

Then a gorgeous woman with heavy makeup walked up to Lin Kai and even grabbed Lin Kai’s arm, and said softly: “Boss should be the first time to come. We have many price points here, and there is always a kind of satisfaction. Boss yours.”

They naturally saw that Lin Kai drove a Rolls-Royce Phantom, so they respect Lin Kai.

This kind of money is not stingy when it comes to spending money on this.

Even fortunately to be favored by Boss, it is to enjoy a lifetime of high position and great wealth.

However, Lin Kai didn’t appreciate it, and moved her arm slightly. The woman seemed to be shocked by some force and backed away a few steps.

“Boss, I didn’t open up early, and you can’t do that either.”

The woman looked aggrieved. If she changed to a car with a value of less than 1000000, she would have a different look and would definitely be angry.

But in front of me, driving a 10000000 million luxury car, no matter what.

Lin Kai did not pay attention to the woman either, but continued to urge the golden pupil and soon locked on the few people in the BMW X6.

He went straight to the second floor.

All of a sudden, the women at the door felt bad and immediately became alert. After all, where are the guests coming in like Lin Kai?

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