God level Extraction System Chapter 1443

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As a result, these women all looked at each other and could see each other’s doubts.

“This person behaves very strangely. Would you like to inform Brother Xiaodao?”

“Although this person is very rich, it doesn’t seem to be coming to us for consumption, so let’s inform Brother Xiaodao.”

“Yes, go call Brother Xiaodao!”

These women discussed a little bit, and decided to call, the little brother in their mouths.

After a while, Lin Kai walked up to the second floor smoothly, but on the stairs on the second floor, a few strong men with tattoos blocked the way.

The head of the head, looking at Lin Kai, with cold eyes in his eyes, ruthlessly said: “Boy, I ask you, are you here to consume? Or are you here to find the difference? If you come to consume, we welcome you, if you come to find the difference. Yes, then sorry, we can’t tolerate a few of us not showing mercy.”

Lin Kai’s eyes became colder and colder, but it was not because of the words of the leader.

It was because he used the golden pupil to see the 2 people in the BMW X6 in a room on the 3nd floor. They were using persecution to force some young girls into prostitution.

At first glance, those young girls are students who have not been involved in the world.

This was something Lin Kai couldn’t bear, so he punched them casually and hit them hard.

These people seemed to have been hit hard, each spit out a big wound, the injuries were extremely serious, and even their ribs were broken.

I can’t get out of bed without lying in the hospital for more than half a year.

Lin Kai didn’t kill them, he was very polite. These people are doing things to help this club, and the club does such a damaging thing. Naturally, these people can’t get rid of the relationship.

Fortunately, those young girls resisted fiercely and didn’t let them succeed.

But Lin Kai still had his eyes, extremely cold, he went to a private room on the second floor after a while, and then pushed directly away.

I saw the 3 people on the treasure carriage, each lying on a bed.

There are 3 women with heavy makeup who work in this club. They are doing massages for these 3 people.

One of the women with heavy makeup, opened the mouth and said: “A few Bosses, you don’t understand. What is good about those school girls? If you are not sensible, that’s all. Technically, we must be good.”

“Hey, you guys are really good. You have to change your taste, even if those school girls are not obedient, you still have to ask Brother Xiaodao to adjust.”

A man in a suit in Bao Carriage, chuckled said.

Just as these people were talking, Lin Kai walked in from outside the private room.

A man was shocked when he saw Lin Kai coming in, and immediately shouted coldly: “Boy, are you sick? I haven’t seen anyone in this private room, so please get out!”

“En? Interesting, it seems that you were so dazzled by desire that you don’t even know me?” Lin Kai said, walking slowly into the private room, with a faint smile on his lips: “I am From the hotel where I live, I followed all the way to here.”

It’s just this smile, very cold.

The expressions of the three men on the bed changed drastically, and at the same time they exclaimed: “Lin Kai! You… why are you… here!”

As this time, they helped the killers to assassinate Lin Kai together. How could they not know Lin Kai’s appearance. When Lin Kai said that, the three of them seemed to wake up, and then they showed their look of shock.

The 3 people did not expect that Lin Kai would track them down!

Their three people are also very strong in anti-reconnaissance capabilities! Unexpectedly, I was tracked!

Faced with the reactions of the three people, the three women with heavy makeup were very confused, and obviously they did not know who this Lin Kai was.

One of the women with heavy makeup asked first: “I said Brother Tian, ‚Äč‚Äčthat kid looks weak, what is there to be afraid of, and the name Lin Kai is also very ordinary, why are you so scared?”

The woman with heavy makeup didn’t care, and continued to massage the man on the bed while laughing.

Another woman with heavy makeup also didn’t care, said with a smile: “Yes, but although this kid doesn’t look that strong, he looks pretty handsome.”

When I heard these women with heavy makeup, they were smiling and talking.

3 People’s faces are very embarrassing, especially the men in suits. Doesn’t this make Lin Kai even more angry?

Thinking of this, the man in the suit shiver coldly. This Lin Kai is a character who can even kill as a killer.

So he quickly yelled: “You guys, shut up Lao Tzu!”

Another man said: “This kid should be lucky. He killed that killer, boss. We are afraid of what this kid will do. Anyway, we will come to our door. It’s better to fight for it. We won 10000 by this kid. Isn’t it possible to get a generous bonus?

This bonus, originally a big head, was for Brother Zhou. But Brother Zhou solemnly vowed that he can handle Lin Kai. No, not only has it not been done yet, but Lin Kai has tracked it over. So Brother Zhou, why should I get most of the bonus, so I didn’t do 2 this time, and this kid was done, and we monopolized the bonus! “

When the man said, whether it was a man in a suit or another man, his eyes lit up.

I think he was right. It must be because of this kid’s good luck that he could kill the killer.

Besides, the strength of their three people is not weak, and they don’t think they can’t beat Lin Kai.

Naturally, their three people have never heard of Lin Kai, specific things.

After all, their three people come from a foreign company. It was only half a month ago that the company was acquired by Leiyuan Group, and I don’t know much about Lin Kai.

So these three people, after looking at each other, immediately jumped off the bed.

Under the horrified eyes of the three women with heavy makeup, each of them took out a dagger and moved towards Lin Kai quickly.

Lin Kai sneered secretly as he watched the three people coming from the attack. He stood still, and these three people were not at the Martial Master Level. He used True Qi casually and pointed at him again.

The daggers of these three people were knocked into the air one after another. Soon after they saw a flash, Lin Kai punched them fiercely and fell to the ground with pain.

Then he did not hesitate to extract the ability to tell the truth, whether it was the 3 men or the 3 women with heavy makeup, all used the ability to extract the truth, leaving them in a sluggish state.

Lin Kai first asked the men in suits and instructed their three people to go to the hotel and the opposite building to check the evidence.

Although he knew that the real person behind the scenes was Lin Yuan, he had to follow the vines, investigate the matter step by step, and hand it over to Jiang Shu.

This matter is also related to Jiang Shu’s department.

It didn’t take long for Lin Kai to understand all the questions he wanted to ask, and then he unlocked the ability of extracting the truth for these six people.

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