God level Extraction System Chapter 1444

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“Three of you, I have abolished your dantian, not only that, but also castrated you chemically, so that you will not harm other girls again.”

After Lin Kai finished speaking, he walked out of the private room.

When he unlocked his ability to extract the truth, he ran True Qi and abolished the dantian of the three men in suits.

In other words, these three people are useless and cannot use the means of ancient martial arts.

Not only that, he also used True Qi to castrate these three people. Since he saw this, he wouldn’t care about it.

In addition to these two things, to seriously injured these three people, they also had to lie down in a hospital bed for at least half a year.

This is a severe punishment for their three people.

Lin Kai didn’t care how these three people treated him, but he almost did the kind of detrimental thing, so he still had to give a severe lesson.

When Lin Kai got out of this private room, he quickly went to a private room next door and walked in.

Resolute went in, and he saw several young girls crying in this private room. They all looked at Lin Kai in horror, for fear that Lin Kai would take them away.

These young girls are very young and basically poor at home. I wanted to find a part-time job while studying, but was tricked into by a man named Xiaodao.

When these young girls realized that they were wrong, it was too late.

Brother Xiaodao used threats to force them to stay here.

At this moment, Lin Kai sighed in his heart when seeing these few young girls who were like frightened birds. This is the sinister way of this world.

Fortunately, he met today, otherwise the years to come will definitely be ruined for these young girls, and it will be an endless nightmare.

However, Lin Kai discovered that among these young girls, one girl was a bit special.

This special girl is the most beautiful of these young girls.

It’s not that it’s beautiful and special, but it’s actually because, compared with the other girls, this girl looks calm, without any crying.

Even in terms of expression, it can be said that it is not calm, but a sense of indifference to the world.

Lin Kai was just a little curious, and immediately opened the mouth and said to them: “Don’t worry, the group of people in this club have been solved by me. You go now, and be careful in the future, don’t be fooled.”

He also asked why these young girls were deceived, so he added a special sentence.

Except for the special girl, several other young girls were very surprised, and then quickly fled out of the net room.

Only some special girls sat there, motionless, without any intention to leave.

This made Lin Kai frowned, walked over and asked: “This girl, why are you not leaving?”

“Why should I leave?” This special girl first glanced at Lin Kai, her eyes were very cold, but her face showed a smile that was more beautiful than a flower, and asked, “Am I beautiful? “

Although he was laughing, his eyes were still cold.

Lin Kai’s brow furrowed deeper, he didn’t say anything to respond, just looked at the girl quietly.

The girl saw that Lin Kai did not speak, and continued: “5000, a flat price, double the price for the night. And this is my first time, so there is no discount.”

The girl speaking of which, the expression was very calm, as if she was stating something very common.

If other girls say this, Lin Kai will ignore it, but this girl makes him feel weird.

It’s obviously the first time, why is it so peaceful? Could it be that you were brainwashed by this club?

If this is the case, Lin Kai would not sit idly by.

So he asked: “Is this voluntary or forced by others?”

“It doesn’t matter to you.” The girl said, and then said: “As long as you give the money, I will do it.”

She suddenly laughed. Of course, her eyes were still cold: “If you think I’m not bad, if you have the ability, you can spend a few 10000 yuan a month, and it’s okay to support me.”

Lin Kai heard this and couldn’t help but moved towards the girl and walked over.

Seeing Lin Kai getting closer, the girl sneered in her heart. Secretly thought that men in this world are all the same. On the surface, they seem to put on airs, but every one of them is hypocritical.

For example, the man in front of him did not agree or refuse. What does this show? Explain that this is by default.

Besides, the man began to walk towards her, it was even more obvious.

If before, if this man refused, she would take a high look, and now she is full of contempt.

In fact, she despised herself more. If it weren’t for the lack of money, she would not sell her body so cheaply.

Being kept by this man is like being in a clubhouse.

And this man who is getting closer is also very handsome, not a disadvantage.

When the girl was thinking, Lin Kai had already walked up to the girl.

The girl immediately stopped thinking, stood up quickly, and then showed her slender figure. Then she said: “Is it satisfied? If you are satisfied, I will follow you…”

Before the girl finished speaking, she stopped her voice suddenly. She was not interrupted by any sound. She stopped talking by herself.

Because when she was speaking, she saw it very clearly, and in the eyes of the man in front of her, there was no insignificant meaning, or even thoughts of her.

The girl could sense that the man in front of her was just looking at her purely.

What made this girl didn’t expect was that the man in front of her immediately grabbed her arm.

Lin Kai didn’t exert any effort, but took her to the bathroom.

Before the girl could react, Lin Kai grabbed the girl under the tap and turned on the tap.

“Ah! What are you doing to me! Let go of me!”

The girl finally loses one’s head out of fear and wants to struggle out of Lin Kai’s hand, but she is an ordinary weak girl, how can she break out of Lin Kai’s hand?

So even if the girl resisted desperately, Lin Kai was forcibly taken under the tap and poured water onto the girl’s hair.

Of course, after ten seconds, Lin Kai took the girl back from under the tap.

With a flick of the girl’s wet hair, she glared at Lin Kai.

Lin Kai saw this scene and continued to catch the girl under the faucet.

It won’t help how the girl struggles.

Ten seconds later, Lin Kai once again moved the girl away from under the faucet.

The girl was still not convinced, and even scolded Lin Kai.

Lin Kai was indifferent, repeating this way, showering the girl with water from the tap.

In fact, Lin Kai’s purpose of doing this is not for anything else, just to make the girl sober.

Unfortunately, this girl is very stubborn.

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