God level Extraction System Chapter 1445

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Lin Kai was a special soldier before, and now he is the Immortal Cultivator.

For girls such stubbornness, he does not have any softness.

Since the girl is bathed with water twice at a time and is not awake, then 2 times 4 times.

4 times and 5 times, I still haven’t been awake, just 8 times and ten times.

In the end, the girl was going into a coma, she was going crazy, she didn’t have much strength, and she glared and cursed Lin Kai.

At this time, the girl’s face was deathly pale and weak with 10000 points. And the wet hair was dripping with water, and water was spitting out from his mouth.

This girl did not have the indifferent expression before, looked towards Lin Kai, full of fright, as if in her eyes, Lin Kai was a demon.

“Not bad, better than at the beginning. I stopped staring at me and didn’t scold me.” Lin Kai looked at the girl, faintly smiled.

This smile made the girl trembled involuntarily and seemed to be afraid that Lin Kai would take her under the tap again.

No longer stubborn, she gritted her silver teeth and said, “Asshole! What do you want to do!”

Lin Kai did not respond immediately, but again, grabbing the girl’s head, under the faucet, and pressing it. This time is as long as thirty-forty seconds.

The girl kept coughing because of the water, and while spitting out the water, she begged for mercy: “Let me go! Please! Let me go! Otherwise, you will really die!”

Hearing this sentence, Lin Kai pulled the girl back from under the tap.

“Oh? Unexpectedly, you would be afraid of death.”

Lin Kai shook his head and laughed: “I really thought that you wouldn’t be afraid of death.”

Without waiting for the girl’s response, Lin Kai continued to speak leisurely, “Don’t you want to be raised by me? You passed my assessment. It costs 10000 yuan a month, which is a trivial matter to me. I will give you a month. How about the hundred thousand? If it is not enough, you can still discuss it, provided that everything is yours and you obey me.”

What Lin Kai said is naturally false. He just tried. Is this girl afraid?

Sure enough, the girl was so busy shaking her head again and again like a rattle, without the slightest hesitation refused: “I don’t want to be taken care of by you! So please let me go!”

There was also a tremor in the tone of the speech, which was really scary.

Lin Kai hearing this, a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Do you know? If you are nurtured, or stay in this clubhouse, whether it is the sponsor of you or the guests in the clubhouse, you will do whatever you want. What must be done. Give you a shower under the faucet, what is it?

When the time comes brainwashed you, your whole life will be over. It will only be a tool that’s all allowed to vent. So, do you still want to do this? “

Every sentence of Lin Kai is like a needle, piercing the girl’s heart.

The girl’s eyes were full of horror. She didn’t want to, she really didn’t want to, so she kept shaking her head again: “I don’t want to, I don’t want to be taken care of! I don’t want to stay in this club anymore!”

“Oh, don’t want? Is it too little money? Let’s do it, I will give you 1,000,000 a month. Within this one, I can do what I want to do to you, how about?” Lin Kai seduced.

“Wu wu, no matter how much money is given, I don’t want to be taken care of!” The girl began to cry: “Please! Please let me go!”

Hearing these words, Lin Kai’s expression returned to his usual color. Looking at the girl’s current regret, he knew that what he had done before was not done in vain. It had a great effect.

The reality is often not this, it is much more cruel.

If it is really mischievous, it will be more terrifying than death.

Lin Kai shook his head slightly, and then he took out all his cash, only 1000 yuan, not much.

After all, in what era, there are still very few people with cash.

Lin Kai then gave himself, all the cash, to the girl’s hands, and said: “The money is not much, just as travel expenses, you still go home. There are many ways to make money in the world, the simplest and most direct way, Just study hard. See you are not too old, you should still go to school. Or add a message, if you have any difficulties, you can contact me later.

If it is the cost of going to school, or what happened to the family, you can contact me. “

As Lin Kai said, he also handed his business card to the girl.

As the saying goes, accompanies Buddha all the way to the west, help people to the end.

He chose to help this girl, and he also helped to the end.

But it is also a principled help, not a brainless help.

The girl was obviously stunned by Lin Kai’s words. It seemed that he didn’t expect Lin Kai to help him.

Before the girl had any reaction, Lin Kai quickly took her and walked out of the private room.

At the entrance of the stairs on the second floor, a few brawny men with tattoos were still lying on the ground and crying.

Naturally, they dare not call the police when they do this kind of activity. The call is bringing about one’s own destruction.

I didn’t dare to call an ambulance, so I could only come and the others and take them to the hospital.

Lin Kai noticed that the girl’s gaze stayed on one of them for a while.

That person is the person headed by these people. It seems that this person is the little brother, that is, this clubhouse, the most sinful.

As a result, Lin Kai secretly used True Qi when passing by, and castrated the knife brother.

This kind of castration doesn’t feel anything, and can only wait for the knife himself to find out.

Others in the club, already know that Brother Xiaodao and the others, Lin Kai beats like that.

So when I saw Lin Kai, my eyes were scared, and I didn’t dare to stop him.

So that Lin Kai took the girl and walked out of the club very smoothly.

Next to the road, Lin Kai called a taxi for the girl. Whether the girl wanted it or not, he took the girl into the taxi. Then he said: “It’s almost 2 midnight. It’s not too late. You still go home. Yes. Please contact me for anything.”

The girl didn’t refuse this time, and even said, “Thank you.”

Lin Kai laughed, didn’t respond much, then watched the taxi, drifting away.

After doing this, Lin Kai drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom to the villa area in Lingnan.

After half an hour, the car stopped in front of a villa.

Lin Kai didn’t sneak in either, but rang the doorbell at the gate.

Before long, there was a messenger at the door: “Who?”


“Takeaway? I didn’t order the takeaway. Where did the takeaway come from?” The other side wondered.

Lin Kai calmly said: “Someone should have ordered it for you, Mr. Zhou Zhenyuan in District 123, No. 6, Zhongtu Road, Lingnan, is this right?”

After hearing this sentence, the other side opened the door.

“You wait at the door, I will go out now.” The other side responded.

But after a while, Zhou Zhenyuan walked out of it.

When he saw Lin Kai for the first time, he was shocked: “Why are you!”

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