God level Extraction System Chapter 1446

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After all, Zhou Zhenyuan was also an expert of Martial Saint Level. After a brief shock, he reacted quickly and quickly prepared to escape here.

But Lin Kai, how could he give Zhou Zhenyuan a chance to escape? First, he stumbled Zhou Zhenyuan with a casual kick.

If you change it, it is also the ancient martial arts of Martial Saint Level, who can’t do it, and it trips Zhou Zhenyuan with one foot.

This shocked Zhou Zhenyuan’s heart, and Lin Kai was as powerful as rumored.

After he was tripped, he did not give up running away, using the power of his whole body, an instant horrible speed, first got up, then jumped to the wall outside the villa at the fastest speed.

Zhou Zhenyuan also belongs to the upper middle level among Martial Saint ancient martial arts.

If facing any Grandmaster, he still thought, he could try it, fight a few times, and then run away.

But now it is Lin Kai! No idea of ​​trying to fight Lin Kai at all! Don’t even dare to even think about it!

After all, Lin Kai is the master who can suppress Lin Yuan, so he can only run away quickly, such an idea!

But when he just jumped on the wall, Lin Kai came to Zhou Zhenyuan’s side in a flash.

And Lin Kai also grabbed Zhou Zhenyuan’s shoulders, and then slammed down, throwing Zhou Zhenyuan to the ground in the villa courtyard.

Lin Kai was one more chic, falling beside Zhou Zhenyuan, looking at Zhou Zhenyuan condescendingly, laughed: “The guests came, and they didn’t welcome them, but wanted to flee. Flee also flee that’s all, and now he still pays such a big gift to me. “

Zhou Zhenyuan stood up swayingly, knowing that he could not escape Lin Kai’s hands. His complexion is gloomy’s terrifying. Looking at Lin Kai, he still said to ask a question, when already knows the answer: “Who are you? What’s the matter with me?”

“Oh? You don’t know me, why do you tell me why you are when you see me at first sight? Not only that, but also run away immediately.”

Lin Kai glanced at Zhou Zhenyuan and spoke leisurely.

This sentence left Zhou Zhenyuan speechless.

Lin Kai continued, “I think you know the name Fujino Jiro better than me. So I just come to talk, if I talk well, I can let you go. If you don’t talk well, you are Figure it out.”

Zhou Zhenyuan’s face became more gloomy, and the last glimmer of hope in his heart was immediately shattered.

He thought that Lin Kai had something else, and he knew he was here.

However, after hearing the name Fujino Jiro, he knew that on the extranet, the one who would return his good and evil is Lin Kai in front of him.

Zhou Zhenyuan felt weak in his heart, but Lin Kai couldn’t even deal with his own boss, let alone him.

So he had to bow his head first and asked: “So, what do you want to talk to me?”

Lin Kai heard Zhou Zhenyuan say this and laughed again: “The practitioner is Junjie, but since you understood me, you must know that I am looking for you to do and so on. So there is no need for me to ask more?”

Lin Kai can naturally use the extraction ability to tell the truth, but there are still some flaws in the extraction ability to tell the truth.

For example, after Lin Kai has asked a question, the other party only answers the question. This kind of question and answer is sometimes incomplete.

So if you can let the other person answer, just answer it yourself. Then combined with the ability to tell the truth, it is more comprehensive.

Zhou Zhenyuan was hesitant at first, when Lin Kai said so, gritted his teeth and said, “I am Lin Yuan’s subordinate!”

Lin Kai laughed. Although he knew it a long time ago, Zhou Zhenyuan himself admitted that it was a good start.

After slightly nodded, he said, “That’s right, you continue.”

“Lin Yuan has special subordinates, there are several, they will not have any contact with each other. My subordinates are composed of 6 Martial Saint ancient martial arts. Because Lin Yuan has grasped the fatal information of our 6 people. , So I had to work for it. Of course, because Lin Yuan paid a high price, he was willing to work for it in the end.

The 6 of us are like this, always listening to Lin Yuan’s orders. However, Lin Yuan is cautious and will not directly order us. And he was cruel. A few days ago, one of our partners was ordered to be killed by Lin Yuan. Today, life and death are unknown. “

Lin Kai couldn’t help but said, “That Zheng Tianhao, right? He is dead.”

“What?” Zhou Zhenyuan was obviously suppressed, especially from Lin Kai’s mouth, even more frightened.

It seems that Zheng Tianhao was killed by Lin Kai.

Zhou Zhenyuan glanced at Lin Kai fearfully, and continued to speak: “But the past few days, Lin Yuan didn’t have the energy to deal with you, so he ordered us people to find a way to deal with you. I heard that Lin Yuan was planning secretly. The Great Family group that annexed several nearby cities, after all, was targeted in the Eastern Sea and can no longer annex Eastern Sea.

Therefore, Lin Yuan focused his idea on several nearby cities, including Lingnan, which is also part of the plan.

I don’t know much about the specific plan. But in the task of assassinating you, let me cooperate with Fujino Jiro to assassinate you. “

Lin Kai spoke again: “You take me there, where you are in the department.”

Zhou Zhenyuan immediately shook his head: “I also said that I have the handle in Lin Yuan’s hands, and if I betrayed, Lin Yuan will definitely do something to my family.”

“Your family?” Lin Kai frowned.

Zhou Zhenyuan helplessly said: “Compared to the other people in the department, I am in a worse situation. I know the specific location of my family. Once in another department, I also learned the specific location of my family, and then attacked and wiped out the family. . Lin Yuan’s vicious and merciless, don’t need me to say more.”

Lin Kai secretly nodded, Lin Yuan can indeed do such things.

He thought for a while, and asked, “I am not Lin Yuan, and I won’t hurt your family. You can, without taking me to your department. Even without you, I believe that afterwards, I can find it easily, but A matter of time.”

Lin Kai is not joking. He has gradually grasped the power of Lin Yuan’s secrets. If he digs deeper, he can still find it.

Zhou Zhenyuan didn’t expect, Lin Kai was so easy to talk, and immediately relaxed in his heart.

But before he relaxes, Lin Kai said indifferently: “I didn’t talk about the previous ones, but now we talk about the Internet. What method did Lin Yuan use to register with the Internet, and you are on the Internet. How do you publish Bounty Mission? answer me!”

The extranet is a global underground dark transaction. It is more difficult to register for an extranet account than to go to the sky.

Especially the location of Xia Country in China is even more difficult.

Of course, with Lin Yuan’s method, registration is no problem.

But if you release a task, it will go through various reviews.

In addition to proving that you are a villain commiting any imaginable misdeed, you must also provide evidence.

In other words, the matter was handed over to Zhou Zhenyuan, and then Zhou Zhenyuan provided evidence that he was a villain before successfully releasing Bounty Mission.

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