God level Extraction System Chapter 1447

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Zhou Zhenyuan’s complexion greatly changed, it seems that Lin Kai would understand the rules of the external network so much.

In order to release the Bounty Mission, he killed a lot of innocent people, just to prove that he was a villain, only then can he release the assassination mission.

At this time, Zhou Zhenyuan gloomy face again, not knowing how to respond, and his mind moved quickly.

But finally gave up, while Lin Kai was waiting for his answer, punch towards Lin Kai’s head.

Want to kill Lin Kai unexpectedly.

Lin Kai was very calm, without any accidents, as if he had expected it.

He gently raised his hand and blocked Zhou Zhenyuan’s this fist.

Lin Kai looked at Zhou Zhenyuan with a look of horror, coldly said: “It’s also decisive, but unfortunately, your strength is still too weak.”

As Lin Kai said, he punched Zhou Zhenyuan back and hit Zhou Zhenyuan’s chest directly.

In an instant, Zhou Zhenyuan flew out, and then hit the wall, the bones all over his body seemed to fall apart.

Not only that, the 7 orifices began to bleed.

While Zhou Zhenyuan was full of pain, he was extremely shocked!

Only after playing against Lin Kai can he really understand how powerful Lin Kai is!

He is also an ancient martial arts person of Martial Saint Level anyway, even if the opponent is a Grandmaster powerhouse, he can at least survive a few tricks.

However, in front of Lin Kai, like a child, he easily solved him.

When was Martial Saint so weak?

As Zhou Zhenyuan thought about it, his consciousness became increasingly blurred.

This fist also hurt his internal organs, making it difficult to survive.

After a while, Zhou Zhen was dead.

Lin Kai looked at Zhou Zhenyuan who was dead, and shook his head slightly, die without regret.

The reason why he didn’t have the ability to tell the truth to ask for specific locations was because this would also affect Zhou Zhenyuan’s family.

He is not like Zhou Zhenyuan, who kills innocent people indiscriminately.

Even more how, Lin Kai is confident that he can find Zhou Zhenyuan’s department in a short time.

After all, of the 6 people in this department, he has already solved 2 people.

In addition to this department, there is no threat to him.

If I really want to find outsiders in this department now, I will definitely beat the grass to scare the snake.

Therefore, under comprehensive consideration, there is still no need for the extraction ability to tell the truth, so ask Zhou Zhenyuan.

As for Zhou Zhenyuan’s body this time, it was naturally handed over to Jiang Shu for processing.


2nd day in the morning.

On the outskirts of Eastern Sea, the back of the mountain range.

Where there was no one, there are now 100 more construction workers and many large construction vehicles, parked there, waiting for something.

Just wait, you can start work.

In a relatively high place, Li Ya’er and several people stood there to discuss, among which is included the engineer Gao Zhengsheng.

Gao Zhengsheng looked at the watch he was wearing and found that it was already 9 o’clock in the morning. He sneered: “Mr. Lin hasn’t arrived from Lingnan. It has been three hours. The national highway should be almost there, right? We really want to. Wait here? Mr. Li, I don’t think Mr. Lin really has all the drawings and plans.

Even if it is done, it is estimated to be that kind of shoddy, and it must not be used first. According to my idea, I will go back first. I will conceive these drawings carefully. Although the speed will be slow, the quality will be greatly improved. “

Li Ya’er didn’t say much, just said: “Senior engineer, wait patiently. Since Mr. Lin said it is done, it must be done. As for the quality, Mr. Lin will have to talk about it when he arrives.”

Just as Li Yaer finished speaking, an off-road vehicle drove over.

The visitors were director Pan Liguo and deputy director Wang Xiaoliang.

Since the filming location has changed, Lingnan will naturally not go, so Pan Liguo arranged for the entire crew early in the morning, chartered a few buses, and moved them to the Eastern Sea side.

Pan Liguo and Wang Xiaoliang first came to the back of this mountain range, first take a look.

When I got out of the car, Pan Liguo saw Li Ya’er who was in charge of this place, said with a smile: “Mr. Li, hasn’t Mr. Lin arrived yet? Speaking of which, Mr. Lin set out earlier than me, but he seemed to be carrying Yin Young Lady, Stopped on the way and had a breakfast.”

“Yes, it hasn’t arrived yet.” Li Yaer responded.

This caused Wang Xiaoliang to whisper to himself: “That’s not right, even after having breakfast, it shouldn’t be slower than us. Could it be that Lin Xian thinks that he didn’t draw the drawings well, so he won’t come here?”

As Wang Xiaoliang was thinking, another car also came, and it was Lu Qingfeng who walked down from this car.

As several important roles in the movie, you must first get familiar with the location to be shot.

Whether it is Wang Xiaoliang, Lu Qingfeng, or others, after seeing this mountain range, each and everyone is shocked by the beauty here.

They have to admit that this place is indeed, very suitable for the scene of the movie!

Of course, after Lu Qingfeng was slightly shocked, he discovered that Lin Kai was not here, and immediately sneered: “Lin Kai drove in front of us. After entering the national highway, he disappeared. I don’t think I dare to come, I am afraid that there are so many. In front of people, kneel down for me apologize.”

Everyone ignored Lu Qingfeng’s words, but their expressions were all confused. Is it true that they dare not come?

While everyone was waiting, Lin Kai drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom and had already arrived within the suburbs of the Western District of Eastern Sea.

He glanced at Yin Suyan next to him, helplessly said, “Yin Young Lady, you know, I sent this drawing here in a hurry. You just yelled that you were hungry, so you stopped halfway and had a meal. Breakfast is that’s all. As a result, one meal is not enough for you, so I ate the second meal.

And for the second meal, the ready-made broth dumplings are all sold out, you have to wait for the new basket of broth dumplings to be steamed. I don’t know how much time was wasted. Women are trouble. “

Lin Kai was rather helpless, not just because Yin Suyan had 2 breakfasts.

It is because of a very important reason, that is, Lin Kai was going to Eastern Sea at 5 am.

As a result, Yin Suyan also followed him.

Yin Suyan is indeed going to Eastern Sea today, so Lin Kai will take it with him.

As a result, Yin Suyan didn’t know what to do today. He wanted to put on makeup, which lasted an hour.

At 6 o’clock, when Pan Liguo and the others also got up and set off, they went to Eastern Sea together.

Otherwise, Lin Kai arrived in the suburbs of Western District at 8 o’clock.

So Lin Kai couldn’t help feeling that women are troublesome.

“You also know that I am a woman, so trouble me. Isn’t it normal?” Yin Suyan rolled the eyes, and then she looked down at the stack of drawings in her hand, beautiful eyes with a strong admiration color.

Naturally, these blueprints and plans were drawn by Lin Kai for about 7 hours last night.

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