God level Extraction System Chapter 1448

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“Lin Kai, these blueprints for setting up movie scenes are really drawn by yourself?”

At this time, Yin Suyan couldn’t help asking while looking at the large amount of drawing paper in his hand.

Lin Kai is speechless, but this is not the first time Yin Suyan has asked.

Since Yin Suyan saw this pile of drawing papers in the morning, he began to ask.

I asked many times along the way, and Lin Kai naturally responded.

So he said very helplessly at this time: “Yin Young Lady, don’t you trust me so? You didn’t know that last night, I didn’t have dinner with you to draw these drawings.”

Yin Suyan hearing this, quite sorry immediately responded: “Mr. Lin, I have no other meaning.”

With that, she put the stack of drawing papers in her hand and put them away.

Soon she looked up at Lin Kai and smiled: “Mr. Lin, mainly because I think you are really too perfect. As if you can solve everything. I even doubt whether you are a human being?”

Lin Kai laughed blankly: “I’m not a human being, what is that? Alien? Or Avatar?”

When Lin Kai said so, Yin Suyan puchi laughed.

In this joyful atmosphere, it didn’t take long for Lin Kai to drive the car to the back of the mountain range.

It can be clearly seen from inside the car, and many people are waiting in the clearing.

Especially those people’s various expressions, Yin Suyan said with a smile: “Look at the engineer, Wang Xiaoliang, Lu Qingfeng and the others, it is probably all because of your jokes.”

Especially Lu Qingfeng, after betting with Lin Kai, naturally he does not want Lin Kai to win.

If Lin Kai doesn’t have any drawing plans, or if the quality of the drawing plans is too low, he must let Lin Kai fulfill his bet, which is to make Lin Kai kneel and apologize on the spot.

Regarding Yin Suyan, Lin Kai is just laughed, he actually has no idea, he just wants to bring these drawings and plans quickly. Let the construction team work earlier.

In this case, the progress of filming the movie will be accelerated.

Although Li Shengxian’s company has new products that can drive a lot of income, the new products have a long history and cannot bring much income in a short time.

Relying on the cooperative seller, signing a contract, and getting a sum of money.

It’s just that the money is now used to invest in the movie and build a scene for the movie.

Of course, the redundant construction scene is also produced by Li Shengxian’s company.

After all, it’s not only for filming scenes, but also for putting this mountain range back into operation as soon as possible.

The mountain range will be developed first, and after the movie is released, it will be the first to become a scenic spot for profit.

Before the mountain range, we have to wait for the healthy city under the mountain range to be officially put into operation.

This process is still quite long, so you have to use the beautiful scenery behind the mountain range to attract people.

It just happens that there is the promotion of the movie, so there is no worry about the first tourists.

After waiting for the first batch of tourists, I think this mountain range is worth a look at the back, then it will open up the word of mouth, and then there will be no worries about tourists.

Therefore, the development behind the mountain range and the early shooting and release of the film are also very important.

Lin Kai parked the Rolls-Royce Phantom at random when he just took the stack of drawing paper into his hand and was about to get off the car.

Yin Su Yanhu said with a smile: “Mr. Lin, I still don’t feel like going there in a hurry. I really don’t like Lu Qingfeng’s appearance, as if he won the bet, let him be arrogant first, and then wait…”

Before Yin Suyan could finish speaking, Lin Kai pushed the car door and got out of the car.

Yin Suyan looked at Lin Kai who got out of the car and couldn’t help curl one’s lip. After giving Lin Kai a blank look, she quickly got out of the car and followed Lin Kai.

“Oh, Lin Kai, you finally got here. You set off ten minutes before us, and ended up being 20 minutes slower than us before you got here. And thanks to the Rolls-Royce Phantom you still drive, you don’t deserve to drive this car at all. “

As soon as Lin Kai appeared, Lu Qingfeng was eccentric.

Not only that, Lu Qingfeng mocked again: “I pretended to take a stack of drawing paper. If I guessed it right, the drawing paper is just manuscript paper, right? It’s not the same. Anyway, you have to, feel free. Take some printed drawings?”

Lu Qingfeng once filmed film and television dramas about engineers and knows some knowledge about construction drawings.

For this kind of large-scale project, the manuscript drawing is naturally not used. The manuscript is drawn first, then scanned and printed on the computer, and the software is used to create flat, 3D, and detailed processing from various angles.

Because smart machines must be more precise than humans.

And after the modification is done on the computer, the professional drawings are used for printing. The professional drawings are to prevent accidents and not easy to break.

Lin Kai’s hands are all ordinary A3, A4 and other drawings. They are manuscripts at first glance. They are also prone to damage. Use this paper as construction drawings? What an international joke!

Lin Kai glanced at Lu Qingfeng faintly, and said calmly: “Lu Qingfeng, is it a pretense? You won’t know immediately. Why should you jump out so anxiously? Are you afraid that you will lose? Can’t afford to lose?”

“Can’t afford to lose? Lin Kai, you shouldn’t be able to lose!” Lu Qingfeng sneered, his tone full of disdain.

Lin Kai faintly responded: “After all, if you lose this, you will not be able to keep the male number one. When the time comes, male number 2 will play the male number one. And you can only play the male number 2. With your reputation status How can you be willing to play Male 2? That’s why I said, you can’t afford to lose.”

Lu Qingfeng sneered again: “Don’t say I can’t afford to lose, because you must lose. I am not worried that I will not be able to lose.”

Lin Kai shook his head and said, “If you don’t worry that you can’t afford to lose, why did you wake up early in the morning? You didn’t talk about it yesterday afternoon, and you didn’t even film the movie. Wait for a good rest and at least sleep until noon. Waking up faster than anyone else, I tried to look through my drawings, but I stopped.

In addition, you don’t even wash your hair or put on makeup, which is completely different from the way you usually dress up. I even ran here, just to see if my drawings were ready. If you get it right, build the movie scene within ten days, you won’t lose. Various factors indicate that you are worried that you cannot afford to lose. “

Lu Qingfeng was told by Lin Kai that the complexion was slightly changed, especially those nearby. The strange gaze that looked towards him made him instantly embarrassed. He looked at Lin Kai and quibbled: “That’s because I want to make a good movie too. !

As a male first, shouldn’t I follow Director Pan and come here to see the venue first? Therefore, I only woke up in the morning, and before I had time to wash, I followed Director Pan. I can’t afford to lose! “

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