God level Extraction System Chapter 1449

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For Lu Qingfeng’s words, Lin Kai shook the head, did not say much.

Lu Qingfeng reacted so fiercely that everyone could tell that Lu Qingfeng was worried that he could not afford to lose.

So there is no need for Lin Kai to explain too much.

Lin Kai also directly ignored Lu Qingfeng’s glaring stare. He gave the stack of drawing paper in his hand to the engineer who was in charge of setting up the scene for the movie.

That is the Goldman Sachs engineer.

Lin Kai said: “Senior engineer, you can see what is wrong. If there is no problem, start construction and complete all the buildings to be built within ten days.”

Gao Zhengsheng ignored Lin Kai immediately. After he took the stack of drawing papers, he actually had disdain on his face.

He is a real professional, than Lu Qingfeng, he naturally needs to understand construction drawings and cannot write manuscripts at all.

Take the manuscript and explain 2 situations.

The first situation is foolish at will, and the second situation is drawn by myself, quite confident.

Either way, it is extremely irresponsible.

Especially in one night, is it not a dream to draw a complete variety of ancient buildings and all the details? Not to mention him as a senior engineer, even if it is his Teacher, who is the only remaining special engineer in China, he may not be able to do it.

If it weren’t for Li Ya’er here, he wouldn’t even bother to look at these manuscripts.

It’s just that Gao Zhengsheng lowered his eyes and unfolded the first drawing paper. He planned to look at it at will, but when he first saw the architectural graphics on the drawing paper, he was instantly shocked.

The buildings drawn on this drawing paper, including various details, are very perfect!

Flat, three-dimensional, magnified details, everything, and specific values ​​are also written.

Every line is also extremely precise, which is better than the intelligence of a computer!

It can be said that as long as you follow the above, 100% can be perfect, build it! Great time saved!

Gao Zhengsheng 2 stared wide, looking at the drawing paper in his hand, as if he had seen a ghost, with an incredible expression.

Li Ya’er next to him was puzzled by Gao Zhengsheng’s expression.

Li Shengxian handed over the project to her, and she naturally did her best to get it right, so she hired a domestic ancient construction engineer from the cream of the crop.

What can shock an ancient architectural engineer from Peak in this way?

Li Ya’er was a little puzzled, her gaze couldn’t help but fall on the drawing paper that Gao Zhengsheng unfolded.

Even though Li Ya’er is a layman, but seeing the exquisite ancient buildings drawn on the drawings, all the details are better than those of the computer, and she also reveals an incredible color.

After a while, Li Yaer came back to his senses, looking at Lin Kai, her eyes showed a more admiring expression: “Lin…Mr. Lin, this, is this really what you painted?”

Lin Kai nodded: “Starting from 4 to 5 in the afternoon and drawing to eleven, there was no time for dinner.”

Li Ya’er is hearing this and beautiful eyes are full of enthusiasm, and she worships Lin Kai more and more. Now Lin Kai is like a god in her in mind.

After Gao Zhengsheng came back to his senses, he still ignored Lin Kai, but rather cautiously rolled up this drawing paper.

Then I opened the second drawing paper and looked at the exquisite ancient buildings drawn on the drawing paper very obsessively.

It seems to him that these are not paintings, but works of art.

The ancient buildings on each piece of drawing paper, let alone the details, are depicted as long as they can be thought of, and the unexpected.

Especially all kinds of ancient buildings are different in appearance and details.

Can a person paint for 7 hours?

Normally, it can’t be drawn within a few days.

At this time, Pan Liguo, Wang Xiaoliang, and the others also saw the strangeness and came to the side of Gao Zhengsheng to watch the drawing paper.

Although they are also laymen, as directors, they still know the scene well. When they saw the ancient buildings on the drawing paper, each and everyone looked very excited and exclaimed that they perfectly matched the buildings depicted on the script!

Lu Qingfeng followed Pan Liguo and Wang Xiaoliang to see him. He was worried that he would lose.

However, looking at it this way, there was no blood on his face for an instant. Didn’t expect Lin Kai really did this drawing plan!

According to the above blueprint plan, to build the ancient building, the construction will definitely be completed within ten days!

In this way, he really changed from male one to male 2! This is unacceptable to him!

Pan Liguo laughed at this time: “Mr. Lin really is Deity! Not only young and promising, but also amazing medical skills! Nowadays, painting buildings with one hand is also a genius! With Mr. Lin’s drawings and plans, the progress of our filming was not delayed. That’s it! Able to follow the planned process, and even shoot ahead of time!”

Wang Xiaoliang also said: “Yes, there are these buildings on the script, including how many other ancient buildings Mr. Lin himself painted, so it will be more convenient and quick to shoot, and there will be no excessive use of special effects. These magnificent The ancient architecture itself is a’special effect’!”

A chief director and an associate director were full of emotions, and when others heard it, they also looked forward to it.

Wu Feifan naturally followed. Seeing these drawings and being so recognized by everyone, he understood that replacing Lu Qingfeng’s role by himself is a sure thing.

With great joy in his heart, he also decided that he should do well, and in these ten days, he would polish the script lines of the male one.

After all, Lin Kai also said that if he didn’t study the script lines of the male one, he would not be replaced.

Now that there is such an opportunity, Wu Feifan will definitely not let it go.

When everyone was surprised at Lin Kai’s drawing paper, Gao Zhengsheng had already flipped through the next drawing paper.

It’s just that when Gao Zhengsheng saw this drawing paper, he no longer showed his obsessive expression, but frowned deeply.

Soon, he pointed to a certain place on the ancient building on this drawing paper and questioned: “Is the support position of this ancient building reversed? It is built like this, it looks good, but it can’t bear it at all. Live with winds above level 6. This is on the mountain. Winds above level 6 are common. If there is an accident during filming or when tourists are visiting, it will be a big trouble.”

Others hearing this, seeing the location pointed by Goldman Sachs, are all equally frowned, as if there is indeed something wrong.

Li Yaer asked, “Senior engineer, should I be able to change it?”

Gao Zhengsheng shook his head and said: “In fact, it is not just a matter of reversing it, it affects the whole body. I also noticed this. In fact, every building on the drawing paper has this kind of problem. Modification can be modified, but it is necessary. It will take a few days at least. If you don’t fix it, these drawings will be invalid and useless. It’s better to paint again.”

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