God level Extraction System Chapter 1450

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When he heard Gao Zhengsheng’s words, except for Lu Qingfeng, everyone else sank.

It means that these drawings Lin Kai drew are useless?

Pan Liguo is a little anxious, but it has something to do with the process of making a movie.

Although my illness has been cured by Lin Kai, I can finish the filming sooner.

So he said: “Senior engineer, you mean, if there is a wind force of level 6 or above, it is easy to blow down this ancient building?”

Gao Zhengsheng said with an unsure look: “It’s not easy to blow down. The structure of this ancient building is very different from the structure of our modern building. If you build it according to the drawing paper, it will be very different. Stable. Winds above level 6 will sway under long-term blowing, and may collapse in severe cases.

This kind of risky building is absolutely impossible to build in our industry. After all, if something happens, the engineer will be the first to be held accountable. So I dare not build these drawings. “

After hearing Gao Zhengsheng’s explanation, everyone understood that these drawings really couldn’t be built. Once something happened to 10000, let alone other things, it would be impossible to make a movie alone.

Lu Qingfeng was the most excited one of the people on the scene. He sneered at Lin Kai unceremoniously: “haha! Lin Kai! I said that you will lose, don’t you believe it? I really thought I drew it overnight. Can it be constructed immediately? It’s superfluous!”

Lu Qingfeng seemed to have come from hell to heaven. That mood made him extremely happy. The bet between him and Lin Kai seemed to have won!

At this time, Li Ya’er looked at Lin Kai and said, “Mr. Lin, the ancient buildings and various details you painted are really perfect. But if you really say that to a senior engineer, these drawings are not good.”

Li Ya’er spoke very tactfully, but she could hear that these drawings could not be constructed immediately, and they were either redrawn or revised.

Either way, it will take at least a few more days.

Before Lin Kai could speak, Lu Qingfeng continued mocking: “So what are you doing euphemistically? Just say that these drawings are invalid!”

Lin Kai’s complexion was very calm, his eyelids lifted, he glanced at Lu Qingfeng lightly, and said nothing.

He quickly shifted his gaze to Gao Zhengsheng, said with a smile: “High engineer, you might as well tell me exactly what went wrong.”

Gao Zhengsheng was stunned. He didn’t expect Lin Kai to be so calm. Is it because he humbly accepts the problem?

Goldman Sachs didn’t think much, and immediately said all the problems that had arisen.

After Lin Kai finished listening, he shook his head and said with a smile: “Senior engineer, you have overlooked one point. You also know that ancient architecture and modern architecture are different, but they also have a lot in common. To be precise, modern architecture has absorbed a lot Ancient architecture, the ancient architecture you know is only a fur. With a history of several thousand years in China, in this area of ​​architecture, dare to be called the second in the world, and no one dares to be the first.

That is because the history of our ancient buildings has a long history. The ancient building I constructed, this structure can be said to be more stable than the current high-rise buildings 5 ​​six hundred meters high. Not to mention the 6-level wind, even if it is increased by several levels of strong wind, I am not afraid. Moreover, the earthquake resistance is also very strong, at least able to withstand Level 9 earthquakes. “

Lin Kai didn’t laugh, the structure he chose was the strongest structure rarely seen in history.

The reason why it is rare is that it is not depicted by who, but he has the ability to extract, and can easily depict all the details.

Therefore, this structure is the best in all aspects of security.

Gao Zhengsheng heard Lin Kai’s words, his expression gradually cooled down, he didn’t expect Lin Kai to refute him.

He is an engineer in ancient architecture, is it possible that Lin Kai, who knows ancient architecture better than him?

Goldman Sachs coldly snorted and said: “Mr. Lin, the paper you drew proves that you have a certain accomplishment in drawing, and I am indeed not as good as it. However, no one knows better than me in the structure of ancient buildings, including you. I am studying the structure of ancient buildings, and I have studied them more thoroughly than my Teacher. My Teacher is the only remaining special engineer of ancient buildings in the country.

In other respects, I am not equal to me teacher, but in terms of ancient building structure, I dare to say that I am the first in China. You insist that the structure of the ancient building you painted is fine, and I can understand it. After all, this is what you have painted so hard, it must be difficult to accept, and all your paintings are invalid.

But don’t lose face because of yourself, and forcibly construct these problematic ancient buildings. This harms other people, your responsibility is essential! Let me put it this way, this kind of problematic drawing plan, I will not go to construction! “

Li Ya’er sighed helplessly, and said to Lin Kai: “Mr. Lin, otherwise, the drawing plan is still drawn by a senior engineer, which will only take a few days. At most, it will delay the filming of the crew for a few days. Is this OK?”

Lin Kai faintly responded: “I said, there is nothing wrong with the ancient building structure on my drawings. If there is a problem, how can I take it out. The senior engineer is not enough academically, and claims to be in the ancient building structure. The research in this area is the first in the country. In my opinion, it is a vain name.”

This made Gao Zhengsheng’s face even colder: “Mr. Lin, what are you talking about? You said I am not academic enough? It’s just a fame?”

Lin Kai continued to speak lightly: “Yes, you don’t even know the structure of this ancient building. Fortunately, you said that your research on ancient architecture is the first in China. You also said that no one knows ancient times better than you. Architecture, tut…”

Goldman Sachs was a little annoyed: “Hehe, tell me how strong this ancient building structure you are painting is! If you can prove it, I admit that I have a false name, otherwise, you will slander you!”

Lin Kai shrugged: “Since you don’t believe me, only the proof is for you to see. So I have to do a simple experiment. Just follow my drawings and build a simple house in the same way as an ancient building structure. It can be clearly seen that the structure of this ancient building is not strong in the end.”

What’s a joke, he used the extraction power to extract the best ancient building structure plan, wouldn’t it be firm?

But when everyone heard Lin Kai’s words, they were very curious. Is Lin Kai really so confident?

Even Goldman Sachs is frowned and has a little doubt in his eyes, but after another thought, no one knows architecture better than me.

Therefore, Gao Zhengsheng sneered again and again and called a group of workers.

Fortunately, the materials and so on have already been transported here.

Gao Zhengsheng commanded these workers to build simple houses according to the ancient building structure drawn by Lin Kai.

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