God level Extraction System Chapter 1451

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For Gao Zhengsheng, he was very confident and took a group of workers to start building simple houses on drawing paper.

Everyone looked different.

Lin Kai’s face was still calm, because he used the extraction ability to check the information of this ancient building structure.

Hua Xia Country has been up and down 5000 years, so many artisans in the ancient times, and the ancient buildings left behind have survived thousands of years.

The structure of many ancient buildings was studied.

Some structures can’t even grasp the essence.

This ancient building structure of Lin Kai belongs to that group of experts, and none of them can understand the essence.

But this kind of ancient building structure, even if there is no way to understand it, if you want to learn engineering well, it must be learned.

However, this Gao Zhengsheng is very proud, thinking that he is the first in the country in terms of ancient building structure, and he didn’t even study the ancient building structure painted by Lin Kai.

As a result, Gao Zhengsheng completely did not recognize this ancient building structure.

If Gao Zhengsheng’s Teacher is here, it will definitely be shocked, the ancient building structure painted by Lin Kai.

Lin Kai understands this and didn’t explain too much. It’s better to practice, this is the truth.

After the simple small house with this structure is built, we will practice whether it is firm.

When the time comes, no matter if you are an expert or a layman, anyone can see if the structure is really useful.

Often seeing is believing in order to convince other doubters.

The construction team hired by Li Shengxian is certainly of the domestic cream of the crop level.

Although the land and mountain range here, Lin Kai was the first to buy it at a very cheap price under the prompt reminder after Lin Kai solved the evil spirits.

But in the construction of scenic spots and healthy city projects, it is still willing to spend money.

To be willing to be willing, to be willing to have a reward.

Therefore, the most professional ones are requested, the materials are the best, and the investment is large. If you do it, correspondingly, the higher the profit will be.

Therefore, the construction speed of these workers was very fast, especially Lin Kai, who also directed these workers.

He saw Gao Zhengsheng directing blindly there, and didn’t understand the structure at all, so he had to direct the group of workers himself to build a simple small house.

It was mainly this group of workers, and it was the first time to build a house with this structure.

For other structures, a simple small house can be done in ten minutes. But with this structure, it took thirty-forty minutes.

Of course, if you build another one, the speed will definitely be much faster than the first time.

However, there is no need to build another one at this time.

Under the command of Lin Kai, a simple wooden house appeared in front of everyone.

Although it is very crude, the details and structure are exactly the same as those drawn by Lin Kai.

It can be said that it is an ancient building on a low-profile version.

This wood house is also full of the charm of ancient buildings.

Lin Kai saw the wood house, clicked nodded with satisfaction, and then spoke to Gao Zheng: “Senior engineer, you have seen the process of building this wood house with your own eyes. All the details and structures are also based on the drawings I drew. There is no difference. Now you can use any method to try the sturdiness of this wood house. See if it collapses so easily as you said.”

“Oh, this kind of simple wood house still needs to be tried? I think, just send a slightly strong person to the opposite place of the support, push it down, and then it can be pushed down.”

Gao Zhengsheng said disdainfully, and then asked a strong worker to stand on the side of the simple wood house and push it there.

In Gao Zhengsheng’s eyes, this simple wood house uses that kind of weird structure, and if the worker pushes it down, it will shake badly.

If it lasts for some time, the simple wood house can be pushed down.

However, the worker did not tear down the simple wood house no matter how hard he tried.

Not to mention toppling down, the simple wood house didn’t even shake.

We must know that this worker is the most muscular and strongest among this group of workers.

If you change it to a simple wood house with other structures, it will definitely shake if you push it so hard. After all, the simple wood house is just a frame and cannot withstand multiple forces.

But Lin Kai’s painting is a wood house with a simple structure, but it is completely motionless.

This embarrassed Gao Zhengsheng, especially the strange gaze that everyone looked at him.

But soon, he was coldly snorted: “In any case, it is barely a house. It is simple and simple. Human power should not be able to push it. It is better to go to the machine to push it.”

Ever since, Goldman Sachs arranged another excavator, apparently trying to use the power of the excavator to knock down this simple wood house.

This makes Pan Liguo and the others frowned.

Even a simple wood house with other structures can definitely be pushed down by an excavator like this, not to mention a simple wood house with this structure.

Before everyone could react, Gao Zhengsheng had commanded the excavator and pushed it towards the humble wood house.


The crash sound was very loud.

Everyone thought that the simple wood house would collapse in an instant.

But this simple wood house is still completely motionless! Even a push of the excavator did not push this simple wood house down!

what happened!

Not to mention Gao Zhengsheng, Li Ya’er, Pan Liguo and the others were stunned.

Even the 100 workers were shocked and began to discuss spiritedly.

“What’s the situation? Why can this simple wood house resist even the power of an excavator!”

“Yeah, let alone the wood house, this kind of simple brick house will be knocked down instantly by this excavator.”

“Doesn’t it mean that ancient buildings with this structure are much stronger than those with other structures?”

Many workers are naturally more professional than Pan Liguo and the others.

They are all discussing, the ancient buildings of this kind of result are indeed very solid.

This made Gao Zhengsheng’s face. I don’t know how ugly it is. He turned to the Master on the excavator and shouted: “Let’s dig again! Increase your efforts this time!”

The Master on the excavator couldn’t help asking: “Senior engineer, should you just use the excavator to rush the whole thing?”

The excavator rushed all over, not to mention the simple wood house, even the concrete house might be torn down.

The excavator Master said this, in fact, with some jokes.

The other workers could hear the excavator Master’s humor and laughed out loud and rushed over. Of course, this simple wood house would collapse, but this would have no practical significance.

What everyone didn’t expect was that Lin Kai looked into the excavator cab and said indifferently: “This Master, just let the excavator rush over according to your wishes. If you don’t rush over like this, this Practice can’t explain much.”

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