God level Extraction System Chapter 1452

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Everyone was stunned by Lin Kai’s words, including the Master who was driving the excavator.

After a while, the excavator Master came back to his senses and couldn’t help looking at Gao Zhengsheng, his eyes were inquiring. After all, Gao Zhengsheng is a person who wants to practice this structure and is not strong.

Gao Zhengsheng looked towards Lin Kai and sneered: “I don’t know if you are arrogant or ignorant and stupid! Okay, please master the excavator and let the entire excavator rush up. If this simple wood house can block the excavator This collision! Of course, I will admit that the ancient structure you painted is very strong! If it collapses, IMHO, this ancient structure is rubbish!”

Lin Kai didn’t say anything, but just ordered nodded to the excavator Master.

When the excavator master saw the two people, they both agreed, then operated the excavator and moved towards the simple wood house directly, and the whole figure ran into it.

The tall excavator, like a beast, carrying dust all the way, has hit the simple wood house at this moment.

The humble wood house is a humble wood house after all. The impact this time naturally caused damage.

But only in that part of the planks on the wall that was hit broke apart.

Although this wooden board is also a high-grade material, it can’t stand the excavator.

But these are not the points!

The point is that there is no harm in the simple wood house apart from this! Still completely motionless!

“What? impossible!”

When Goldman Sachs saw this scene, his eyes showed endless incredible colors, completely didn’t expect, this will be the case!

Lin Kai ignored Gao Zhengsheng’s expression, but laughed at him: “Gao Engineer, how about the structure of this ancient building? Does it feel shocking?”

Gao Zhengsheng, who was relieved from the shock, still had a stunned expression, muttering to himself: “This is not possible! How can there be such a strong ancient building structure!”

Lin Kai shook his head in response: “There is nothing impossible, because this ancient building structure is also condensed from the wisdom of our ancestors. So it is so strong, it is completely possible.”

Hearing this, Gao Zhengsheng seemed to think of something, and he gradually became a little ashamed.

Then he looked towards Lin Kai, with a hint of apology in his eyes: “Mr. Lin, I was arrogant before.”

As he said that, he looked quite serious and said: “Please Mr. Lin’s advice, how can this ancient building structure be so strong and stable?”

Lin Kai glanced at Gao Zhengsheng unexpectedly when he saw this. He didn’t expect Gao Zhengsheng to ask for advice so humbly.

Since Gao Zhengsheng knew his mistake and corrected it, Lin Kai was also impossible to say more, so he said: “Dalei’s ancient architectural structure, you should be familiar with it? Dalei’s ancient architecture is the mainstream of the ancient architecture, many preserved Ancient buildings that are more than 100 to 1000 years old are of this structure. The Da Lei’s ancient buildings are actually absorbed from a rare Jiang Clan ancient building structure.

At this point, you only need to read the ancient book more, or teach your teacher, you will know this ancient building structure. I just happen to understand the composition, but in terms of research, it is naturally not as good as your Teacher. So I want to know the specific reasons, and I still have time to ask your Teacher for advice. “

Lin Kai is not humble, but it is true. He only relied on the extraction ability of the system to describe the ancient architecture of this structure.

In terms of specific theory, Lin Kai also knows a little bit, but if it is really explained, it is still not as good as Goldman’s Teacher.

Therefore, under comprehensive consideration, Gao Zhengsheng wanted to study this aspect, so he asked his Teacher for advice.

When Gao Zhengsheng heard this, he became even more ashamed. He moved towards Lin Kai cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Mr. Lin is humble, such a good ancient building structure, as an ancient architectural engineer in one of the domestic cream of the crop , But I don’t know all about it, and I’m ashamed to say it. I want many thanks to Mr. Lin today. If it weren’t for Mr. Lin to wake me up, I would still be in that kind of airy state, really endless learning!”

Gao Zhengsheng said, feeling a while.

Lin Kai shook the head, said with a smile: “You don’t need to thank you. You can build all the scenes on the drawings within ten days. That’s the biggest thanks to me.”

Goldman Sachs immediately patted his own chest and promised: “Mr. Lin, you can rest assured! With your perfect blueprint plans, you will definitely be able to set up all the scenes within ten days!”

Lin Kai hearing this, feel relieved.

Without waiting for Lin Kai to say anything, Gao Zhengsheng started to direct while holding the blueprints, and went to the 100th worker to divide the work.

For a time, the building began to be organized here in an orderly manner.

At this time, Li Ya’er came to Lin Kai with joy and said with a smile: “Mr. Lin, didn’t expect the blueprints of the ancient building structure you drew, so strong, it can also be completely used as a shopping spot for a scenic spot. Lin Sir, Mr. Li also asked me to talk to you, and then carefully discuss the development of the following scenic spots and how to build them.”

In addition to these scenes to be built, as a scenic spot, of course, there must be corresponding facilities and other construction aspects.

Otherwise, it is only an ancient building with beautiful scenery, although it is not bad, but it is easy to get tired after watching for a long time, so other construction facilities are needed.

Lin Kai nodded, he responded: “The chief engineer of Shengxian, should he design all the other drawings to be built?”

Li Ya’er said: “Yes, it was designed not long ago, just waiting for you to have a look.”

Yesterday afternoon, Lin Kai and Li Shengxian discussed the construction of the back of the mountain range, and Li Shengxian also asked the super engineer responsible for the construction of the scenic spot, that is, the general project of the mountain range scenic spot and the healthy city, to plan other construction drawings.

Lin Kai thought for a while and said, “Okay, then if you have time, send me the construction drawings.”

He mainly went to see whether these construction drawings conflict with the ancient buildings he painted.

Where there is a conflict, it must be corrected.

Li Yaer said with a smile: “Mr. Lin, I will do it right away.”

Lin Kai shook the head: “This matter is still not in a hurry, you first fix the ancient buildings here, and then talk about it.”

Then, there was a few more conversations.

Lin Kai checked the time and was about to go back to his home. He has not been back to his home for several days.

Yinshen was arranged by him to be near the Leiyuan Group to investigate the trajectory of some Leiyuan Group personnel.

People from the Leiyuan Group, during this period of time, always made small moves in secret, Lin Kai is not Saint, and has no mercy towards the enemy.

Therefore, let Yinshen, let Leiyuan Group have some “bad luck”, let some people “bad luck”.

To put it simply, it is to let the hidden god secretly take action against some people in the Leiyuan Group.

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