God level Extraction System Chapter 1453

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It is 9:1 in the morning.

Many people in the crew started to leave one by one.

They came here mainly to get acquainted with the scene, and in the next few months, they will have to stay here to film.

And now the construction has begun to set up the scenes in the movie, director Pan Liguo and deputy director Wang Xiaoliang are also relieved.

So there is no need to stay here for the time being, wait for ten days and then come back after finishing the work.

However, among this group of people on the crew, the only thing that didn’t want these scenes to be completed in ten days was Lu Qingfeng.

After all, he and Lin Kai made a bet that if these scenes are set up within ten days, then he will change from male one to male two!

This is the Refining Peak of proud and arrogant, I can’t stand it! So, I was in a hurry early in the morning and wanted to see Lin Kai’s drawing plan.

Because of these drawing plans, it is the key to decide whether to complete the scene construction within ten days.

Not long ago, when he saw Lin Kai’s drawings so detailed, it was out of the ordinary, and he knew it was over.

As a result, the engineer pointed out the problem, and Lu Qingfeng went from hell to heaven all at once.

But now, after some practice, the structure Lin Kai draws is actually no problem, and it even allows engineers to humbly ask Lin Kai for advice!

Now Lu Qingfeng’s mood has instantly fallen from heaven to hell!

Especially seeing that the engineer moved there with the 100 workers and various construction vehicles, his mood was even worse. “

“It’s better to have an accident! For example, during the construction process, an engineer died, or several workers died accidentally! In this case, within ten days, there is no way to build these!”

At this time, Lu Qingfeng prayed viciously.

He had no face to stay any longer, and drove away first.

The opposite of Lu Qingfeng’s mood was Wu Feifan. He was very excited when he first saw Lin Kai’s drawings so good.

After the engineer pointed out the problem, his mood was like a roller coaster, and his mood fell instantly.

Fortunately, after a wave of three discounts, the construction of the scene was finally officially started. As long as there are no accidents, it will definitely be completed within ten days.

Wu Feifan quickly followed Pan Liguo’s off-road vehicle and went back. He planned to polish the script lines of the male one as soon as he went back.

As for Yin Suyan, Lin Kai originally wanted her to go back in Pan Liguo’s car.

However, Yin Suyan insisted on asking Lin Kai to take her back to the hotel.

The crew has all been transferred to Eastern Sea, so Pan Liguo booked a lot of hotel rooms in Eastern Sea last night.

On Lin Kai’s proposal, the location of the hotel, not so far from Lin Kai’s home, must be a Li Family hotel.

Lin Kai is afraid that Leiyuan Group will do things.

Nowadays, near Lin Kai’s home, people from the national department are staring.

After all, his family suffered two attacks, and even the last time Lin Qianqian and Dong Shu were injured.

On Jiang Shu’s side, more people were transferred to protect Lin Kai’s neighborhood.

The hotel is close enough to protect the personal safety of the crew.

So Lin Kai first sent Yin Suyan back to the hotel.

He did not go home immediately, but went to Lin Qianqian’s company to pick up Lin Qianqian.

In fact, Lin Qianqian’s injury is not completely healed, but because of the company’s affairs, she must go to the company to deal with it, so she can’t drive, so Lin Kai will pick him up.

Dong Shu has been recovering from her injuries at Lin Kai’s home. Of course, although the two women have not been injured yet, they have almost recovered.

2 The girl knows Lin Kai, and now she is free, so let Lin Kai have a meal together.

2 Women complained that it was so difficult to have a meal at home with Lin Kai.

Regarding this, Lin Kai could only smile wryly, he didn’t want to, but unexpectedly.

However, he happened to be going home, so he did not refuse the two women’s request for a meal.

Not long after, Lin Kai came to Lin Qianqian’s company door.

Lin Qianqian was already standing on the side of the road, waiting for Lin Kai’s car.

Lin Qianqian dressed very delicately today. She wore a pale-yellow dress to perfectly set off her figure.

At this time, Lin Qianqian got directly into the co-pilot of Lin Kai’s car.

She closed the car door and fastened her seat belt, and then looked towards Lin Kai with a bitter voice: “hmph! the past few days where have you been! Don’t tell me and Dong Shu.”

Lin Kai said with a smile: “It’s nothing, just invested in a movie, just to help Li Shengxian to build his Western District suburban development.”

The expression on Lin Qianqian’s pretty face was relieved.

It’s just that she frowned slightly, and then seemed to say casually: “Lin Kai, in your car, if I smell it right, there seems to be the latest Dior limited edition perfume?”

Lin Kai glanced at Lin Qianqian suspiciously, said curiously: “Isn’t it coming from you?”

What Dior’s latest limited edition perfume, Lin Kai naturally does not understand these, only knows that as soon as Lin Qianqian entered the car, he smelled the fragrance of Lin Qianqian’s body.

Lin Qianqian couldn’t help rolling the eyes, and then she looked through the rearview mirror above and saw a brand-name ladies bag and a pair of ladies glasses on the back seat.

Lin Qianqian asked immediately: “Lin Kai, did you have a young, fashionable and rich girl sitting in your car not long ago? Look at the bag, at least hundreds of dollars start, or there is no market price Kind, the world is limited to 100. That pair of sunglasses is also a limited edition, and it is the latest fashionable ladies sunglasses.”

Lin Kai hearing this, for a moment, followed Lin Qianqian’s gaze and looked towards the back seat, and found Yin Suyan’s bag and sunglasses on it.

When Yin Suyan got out of the car, she happened to receive a call. She was sitting in the co-pilot again, presumably because she forgot to take the bag and sunglasses left behind.

Lin Kai shook his head helplessly. No wonder Lin Qianqian smelled the perfume just now. It seems to be Yin Suyan’s perfume.

And at this moment, Lin Qianqian put on a pose, breaking the posture of the casserole asking the end.

Lin Kai had no choice but to respond: “Yes, not long ago, it was indeed a very young, fashionable and young girl.”

Yin Suyan has been the most popular super first-line actress in China in the past few months, let alone China, many countries in Southeast Asia have great influence.

Therefore, it is of course the most fashionable on the trendy brand, shot by various fashion magazines, and endorsed by various fashionable brands.

The money earned in the past few months is a sky high price.

Therefore, Lin Kai has nothing to hide, and directly admits that she is a young, fashionable and rich girl.

After listening, Lin Qianqian pursed her little mouth, with a strong jealousy, and hummed: “I also said that the past few days was to invest in movies. It was clear that I found a young and fashionable rich woman. Dong Shu and I were injured. In those few days, you won’t come to see it, just know that you’re good and stay with you.”

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