God level Extraction System Chapter 1454

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Lin Kai shook his head helplessly for Lin Qianqian’s jealousy. He had no choice but to say: “It’s not what you think. Of course, don’t ask me who I am. Anyway, after you, you will meet.”

“Oh?” This made Lin Qianqian curious.

Lin Kai just smiled and didn’t say much, but waited until Yin Suyan and Lin Qianqian met.

After all, the new products launched by Lin Qianqian are cosmetic skin care products, and Yin Suyan needs the endorsement.

He had already told Yin Suyan about the past few days, and it happened that Yin Suyan had also come to Eastern Sea. In this case, it was convenient.

Not long after, Lin Kai took Lin Qianqian back home.

On the way back, Lin Kai also bought a birthday cake and gifts.

Last time Dong Shu’s birthday, such an accident happened, and now it is natural to compensate.

at home.

Although it is almost noon now, Dong Shu has already cooked the food and almost finished, and Lin Qianqian also cooked a few dishes in the end.

This meal was finally eaten completely and happily.

I had an accident the first two times, and I had an appointment to eat together, but I didn’t eat it.

At the same time, Lin Kai used True Qi to treat some of the last injuries for Lin Qianqian and Dong Shu.

And he gave a lot of body protection symbols to 2 females so as not to get involved again.

After the meal, Lin Qianqian and Lin Kai talked about business.

When it comes to new products, it is mainly because the new products have encountered some problems.

The skin care effect is very good, but the taste is not so good. Although the spices are added, it still feels a little worse.

When new products are launched, it is natural to strive for the perfection.

The reason why Lin Qianqian told Lin Kai was to ask Lin Kai if she knew him, an expert in this field.

Lin Qianqian knows that Lin Kai has a very wide network.

Lin Kai originally planned to recommend an expert in this area, but after seeing Lin Qianqian give him skin care products, he immediately had a solution.

That is the 3 color sapling!

He didn’t study the three-color sapling thoroughly, but he knew that he had researched the three-color sapling, which has a very perfect fragrance. Just extract the liquid from it and you can use a lot of weight.

Lin Kai didn’t even think about it. He took out the three-color saplings, extracted a drop of liquid, and put it on the skin care product. The effect was excellent!

Not only that, but the effect of skin care is amazing!

Lin Qianqian was surprised and delighted to see this. After she said hello to Dong Shu, she called Lin Kai and went to a factory in her company that produces skin care products.

Lin Kai has no objection, he also has shares in Lin Qianqian Company.

Before Leiyuan Group’s hands also wanted to acquire Lin Qianqian Company, he also helped him and solved the matter.

After half an hour.

Came to the place where Lin Qianqian’s company produces skin care products.

As soon as she entered the company, Lin Qianqian called, the technical staff of the skin care product, and the technical director responsible for the entire process.

The technical director’s name was Xia Dongluo, and he brought a group of technicians to Lin Qianqian.

Both Xia Dongluo and the group of technicians are a little curious. They just ate at this noon and rushed to make new technical solutions there, trying to make skin care products more perfect.

I just don’t know what the reason for the sudden visit of Boss was.

At this time, Lin Qianqian pointed to side Lin Kai, introduced: “He is a shareholder of our company, his name is Lin Kai, Mr. Lin.”

This group of people is naturally not interested in shareholders and so on, but because they are the shareholders of the company, they are employees, and they can only reluctantly applaud.

Lin Qianqian went on to say: “Mr. Lin is here to provide you with the same technique that can make skin care products more perfect. In various aspects, it is much better than the skin care products we are making now.”

Although Lin Qianqian understood that it was the cause of the 3-color sapling carried by Lin Kai, the 3-color sapling could not be exposed, so Lin Kai extracted a dozen drops of liquid from the 3-color sapling.

If you want a more perfect integration into skin care products, just separate a drop of liquid, add a little bit of ingredients, and then add it.

One drop of the liquid of the three-color sapling can produce a large number of skin care products.

The group of technicians were very happy when they heard this. They tried to make skin care products more perfect these days. They had racked their brains and didn’t think of it.

Even the technical director has nothing to do.

Besides, I have worked overtime for a long time. Now that there are shareholders who have brought technology over, that would be great.

A technician said curiously: “Mr. Lin, will you be, give us the formula?”

Lin Kai shook his head: “Naturally not, just provide materials, and then you can add them in.”

3 Colored saplings are rare treasures, and certainly not to be said to these strangers.

The group of technicians are hearing this, but each and everyone is puzzled. They only provide materials? What do you mean?

At this moment, the technical director Xia Dongluo said: “Mr. Lin, with all due respect, the effect of skin care products can be perfected only by providing materials. I don’t believe it. I haven’t tried it. No matter what kind of material is on the market, I have even got many exclusive secret recipes, but the results do not match our skin care products. So I don’t believe that the material will be useful.”

As Xia Dongluo said, he couldn’t help looking at Lin Kai, with a touch of badness in his eyes.

In fact, he didn’t believe it, so he said this.

I am worried that if this shareholder really brings good technology, then his position as the technical director may not be maintained.

After all, for so many days, he hasn’t made any progress, and he can get everything done with the technology brought by a shareholder. What use is he?

As a result, Xia Dongluo repelled Lin Kai very much and wanted to drive Lin Kai away.

Although it is a shareholder, the actual control is in the hands of Lin Qianqian.

He said that because he wanted Lin Qianqian to drive away Lin Kai.

Lin Kai hearing this, glanced at Xia Dongluo lightly, he could clearly detect that Xia Dongluo was very hostile to him.

He didn’t know why, but he didn’t care about it, let alone Xia Dongluo, even if Lin Yuan was standing in front of him, showing hostility and would not be afraid.

On the contrary, Lin Yuan would be afraid of him.

Lin Kai calmly said to Xia Dongluo: “Is it useful? The facts speak.”

Before Xia Dongluo could speak, Lin Kai asked Lin Qianqian to take him to the place of birth.

Under the onlookers of these technicians, Lin Kai took out a small porcelain bottle, which contained more than a dozen drops of liquid from the 3-color saplings.

Then through the instrument, a little bit of essence was extracted and put into the skin care products produced.

The skin care product was produced by a machine, and then let these technicians try the effect of this skin care product.

This skin care product is suitable for both men and women.

Under the expectation of this group of technicians, the skin care products after adding the materials are really effective!

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