God level Extraction System Chapter 1455

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“The material Mr. Lin brought is too powerful!”

“Yes, just a little bit is needed to make the skin care products more effective than before, at least twice as much!”

“The skin care products we make now barely squeeze into the ranks of first-class skin care products. If there are big celebrities endorsements, sales should be possible, but if it is a big hit, it will be far away. Now with the technology provided by Mr. Lin, our skin care products will be on the market. After that, it will definitely become a hot product! It will occupy the current highly competitive skin care industry!”

A group of technicians are discussing with excitement. After all, the company is strong here, and their core technicians will also be promoted in terms of salary.

Only Xia Dongluo couldn’t be happy. On the contrary, he faced somewhat gloomy. What he worried most was that it happened.

But he stared at the small porcelain bottle with a different color in his eyes.

Several technicians also stared at the small porcelain bottle.

Lin Kai saw everything in his eyes, and then he asked a technician to refine the liquid of the three-color saplings in the porcelain bottle according to his previous method.

As a result, although the effect of skin care products has increased a bit, the increase is not much.

Everyone understands that although the materials are provided, there are also technologies in it.

This technology obviously has no intention to inform them.

Even if they get the liquid in the small porcelain bottle, it is useless.

Let some technical personnel with bad intentions dismissed the idea.

Especially Xia Dongluo, he still thought that he knew the formula of the current skin care product. If he got the small porcelain bottle, wouldn’t he be able to start a skin care company by himself.

Unfortunately, getting a small porcelain bottle is useless.

The reason Lin Kai asked a technician to do this was to eliminate those harbor ulterior motives.

As an Immortal Cultivator, what he extracted is naturally the essence of the essence.

The ordinary person doesn’t work, so in the future, he will hand over the refined to Lin Qianqian for safekeeping.

Lin Qianqian then distributes it personally based on how many skin care products she wants to produce.

In this way, it is ensured that the liquid of the three-color saplings will not leak out.

Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian discussed it before. These three-color sapling liquids can be regarded as commercial secrets.

At this time Xia Dongluo knew that the general situation was over, and there was no hostility towards Lin Kai.

He moved other thoughts, so he immediately spoke to Lin Qianqian: “Mr. Lin, I have a college classmate. She sings well. She recently participated in a music talent show. Because of her good singing, she has always been popular among the contestants. Ranked top 3. It happens that this music talent show is also one of the most popular programs recently.

Coupled with the popularity of my classmate, I can consider inviting it as the spokesperson of our company’s skin care products. With her help, and with the help of this music talent show, it will definitely open up sales soon! “

Xia Dongluo said confidently.

Lin Qianqian shook the head and said: “Director Xia, you don’t need to bother about this matter. What’s more, Lin Kai, Mr. Lin, has made an appointment with a star to endorse this skin care product of our company and can come anytime.”

Xia Dongluo looked towards Lin Kai and said with a slight disdain: “Mr. Lin, I admit that as a shareholder of Mr. Lin, he can invite celebrities. But can he invite famous celebrities? And like that kind of first-line celebrities, we The size of the company, but I can’t afford it. I am different. Although I am not a star at the moment, it is also very popular recently.

I also signed an economic company, but it is not so well-known, so the endorsement advertising costs are definitely lower than the second-tier stars, or even the third-tier stars. There is also a very important point. Since this is a skin care product, it is definitely more suitable for girls with good skin. My classmate is well maintained, so she is the most suitable choice.

even more how, what month is it, is the time for film and television dramas and concerts to get together. Whether it is a first-tier star or a second-tier star, they are either busy making movies, TV shows, concerts, and various variety shows. The company is not unavailable, specifically to understand. First- and second-tier celebrities have to catch up with various announcements. We invite them to the past, but they all refuse. Mr. Lin said that the one he invited can come at any time, and it must be a star below the 2nd line. “

What Lin Qianqian said was a little moved. It was not that she did not trust Lin Kai, but that she had done investigations in this area.

First-tier stars or second-tier stars are very busy.

She also believes that Lin Kai must be looking for first-line stars.

But let a first-line star say that he can be called at any time, presumably Lin Kai has endured the great favor of that star.

As a result, she thought for a while, still not let Lin Kai accept the favor of others.

She asked, “Director Xia, is your classmate free?”

When Xia Dongluo heard this sentence, she understood that there was a play, and responded with a smile: “When she is free, she just finished recording the show some time ago, and it’s pretty idle now. And her hometown is in the next city, and she is now in her hometown. I invite you. Her words will be available soon.”

Lin Qianqian ordered nodded: “Okay, let’s say this first, and invite her first. Of course, whether to invite her to endorse in the end, you have to wait for detailed discussions. I don’t guarantee that she will be able to endorse. After all, there is no discussion yet. , You should be clear about this.”

“I know, I’ll please come here.”

Xia Dongluo had a look of excitement. In fact, he had a normal relationship with this female classmate and was not familiar with it. He saw the female classmate suddenly become angry.

While he is not so famous now, he provided this female classmate with a good opportunity.

Although the company is not that big, it is considered medium, and the skin care products endorsed are very effective. If endorsements are made, it will make a lot of money.

He made this female classmate thank him and owe him a great favor.

In this way, he can approach this female classmate.

Thinking of this, Xia Dongluo’s eyes were fiery, and he went out without thinking, and went to call the female classmate.

Lin Qianqian frowned when she saw Xia Dongluo’s wretched look, thinking that Xia Dongluo was a little unreliable.

She walked over to Lin Kai.

Lin Kai is refining there, 3 color sapling liquid.

Lin Kai saw Lin Qianqian always come and stopped to refine.

Lin Qianqian said at this moment: “Lin Kai, the mysterious star you mentioned, can you come here now? Of course, if you don’t have time, just forget it. Or if you are busy, don’t call it over. That’s not good. “

She suspected that there was something wrong with Xia Dongluo’s words, and she had to speak to Lin Kai.

Of course, she originally had no purpose, but didn’t want Lin Kai to accept the favor of others, so she asked.

If you can come over now and you are too busy, don’t come over, then you will be a second-tier star.

If you are not busy and have time to come, you should be a star below the 2nd line, and that’s fine.

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