God level Extraction System Chapter 1456

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Lin Qianqian suspects Xia Dongluo, but she knows that Xia Dongluo is calling there, so she can stop it.

She just asked Lin Kai about it. If it’s a second-tier celebrity, it’s fine. If it’s a celebrity below the second-tier, just use it.

Lin Kai glanced at Lin Qianqian curiously, and shook his head to say with a smile: “Didn’t you say you have to wait a few days? Why do you need it now?”

How could Yin Suyan have no time? When she first picked up the film female number one, she started to spend time every day to practice the scripts of the female characters.

Within a month and a half, the script lines of the female one had already been polished. Not to mention the script lines of the female one, the whole script has been read many times to try to figure out the dialogue with other characters.

Yin Suyan is so serious about polishing, because he wants to play this role well.

The last time Yin Suyan was unreasonably asked to change roles, he seemed very wronged.

Therefore, it takes ten days to set up the filming scene.

In these ten days, Yin Suyan was equivalent to paid vacation. She polished the script lines and didn’t need to talk a lot of time before studying the script.

In addition, it happened to be in Eastern Sea, Lin Kai said that he could invite him at any time.

Lin Qianqian said at this time: “The main reason is that you have fixed the effect of this skin care product. If the star is busy, don’t call it over.”

Lin Kai laughed: “It’s not busy, just have time. Or if necessary, I will just ask them to come together.”

“They? Together?”

Lin Qianqian was stunned, not understanding what it meant.

Lin Kai said with a smile: “Didn’t I say that in the morning, I was busy investing in movies the past few days. It happened to be filming in Eastern Sea, and the entire crew was temporarily free. If you ask a professional crew member to help shoot the commercial , It’s much more professional than the photography team you hired.”

Before Lin Qianqian had any reaction, Lin Kai dialed Yin Suyan’s phone first. Yin Suyan definitely agreed, saying that he would come right away.

Lin Kai called Pan Liguo again. Without thinking, Pan Liguo agreed with Lin Kai. How can I say Lin Kai is the largest investor, and he also provided such a good shooting location and even built such a beautiful ancient building.

This was something he couldn’t even think of before.

More importantly, Lin Kai is still his life saving benefactor, how can he refuse to agree and start to rush over.

After half an hour.

The people invited by Xia Dongluo have arrived, and there is a high-speed rail in the neighboring city, which can be reached in 20 minutes.

The female classmate Xia Dongluo invited was a young girl with darker skin. The girl was more delicate and pretty, but the hair style was a grotesquely shaped explosive head.

This kind of weird hairstyle, as long as you have watched the recent hot music talent show, you must know her, named Xu Mochou.

Outside Lin Qianqian’s company, some people saw Xu Mochou about to walk into the company. Some passers-by recognized her, and they all stepped forward to ask for a signature.

Xu Mochou’s indifferent attitude refused to be beyond a thousand li, and the appearance of aloof and remote seemed to be a sudden fame, which made her abnormally inflated.

Xu Mochou saw it all, those passers-by walked directly into Lin Qianqian’s company.

Several employees also recognized Xu Mochou and wanted to ask for an autograph.

However, Xu Mochou still has an aloof and remote posture. He looked at the surrounding people and said in a cold voice: “Your company’s Boss, invite me to endorse the advertisement. If it wasn’t for my old classmate, ask me to come and endorse this. Commercials, small companies like you, I still look down on. Also, who is the person responsible for the endorsement, I will say first, if it is less than 5,000,000, I will definitely not shoot.”

The employees of Lin Qianqian’s company were all embarrassed when they heard Xu Mochou’s sentence. They didn’t think that Xu Mochou was just a little famous, and he went off. Obviously he is not even a star, so he put on a big-name score.

A famous employee couldn’t help but murmured: “It’s nothing more than her own look and the gimmicks deliberately created by the show that made her enter the finals. Although the rap is pretty good, it’s only good. Compared with other players The contestants in the finals are still far away. What kind of arrogance is that they make themselves even bigger stars than big stars.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what Lin always thinks, let her endorse our skin care products. Don’t say I discriminate against me, look at the skin, endorsement of skin care products is over.”

Several employees were talking quietly there.

When Xu Mochou heard these employees speaking like this, her expression was very ugly. She looked towards Xia Dongluo next to her and said, “Xia Dongluo, didn’t you say that this company begged me to come? Why? A small employee, such an attitude?”

Hearing Xu Mochou’s icy voice, Xia Dongluo was startled, for fear that Xu Mochou would leave like this.

He immediately pointed to the employees, scolded: “Why shouldn’t you do it! In addition, every episode of Xu Mochou’s program now has a hot search, which is enough to prove Xu Mochou’s traffic! In my opinion, Xu Mochou’s 5,000,000 endorsement fee is not too much! 5,000,000 is also the less famous level among the second-tier stars!

It can be said that 5,000,000 ask Xu Mochou to endorse, that is a big profit! If you leave Xu Moshou angrily, I see how to deal with you! “

Although these employees do not belong to Xia Dongluo’s department, Xia Dongluo also belongs to their leadership. If they file a complaint in front of Lin Qianqian, it will be troublesome.

Therefore, these employees dare not say any more, they can only feel aggrieved in their hearts.

They really want to say, what is the hot search, it is clear that the program group used Xu Mochou’s speech and so on to create conflicts in order to increase the ratings.

To put it simply, it means to sacrifice a person, let the netizens scold the person, and then raise awareness.

Xu Mochou is such a role.

However, the more black it is, it is indeed a kind of traffic, but there is no way to realize this kind of traffic.

When these employees were about to leave, suddenly an employee seemed to think of something and suddenly said, “Wait, when I passed by the technical department before, I heard Mr. Lin talking with a young man, Mr. Lin, and seemed to say Ask a crew to endorse our skin care products. I don’t know true or false? What is the director’s name, Director Pan.”

When Xia Dongluo heard this, he seemed to have heard some big joke: “Haha! What’s the joke? All the crew is here? I admit that Mr. Lin, he has the ability to invite some 3-line star, but if you say please come It’s too much for a crew! What about Pan director? What jokes are you kidding about! I know it is a rateless director. I guess it’s just casual. If you pull someone from any media company, you can act as the director!”

The employee didn’t understand this, but when he heard Xia Dongluo say this, he looked embarrassed and thought he had said something wrong.

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