God level Extraction System Chapter 1457

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Xia Dongluo looked embarrassed when he saw this employee, and he even sneered again and again. It seems that this employee also recognized his words.

He ignored the group of employees and immediately took his female classmate Xu Mochou to the technical department.

In the office of the technical department, Lin Qianqian knew that Xu Mochou was coming, so she came to the office first.

As for Lin Kai, where it is still producing skin care products, it continues to refine the liquid of the 3-color saplings.

Lin Qianqian and Xu Mochou first discuss, if Xu Mochou’s request is not excessive, or in terms of image, when the time comes is also used to endorse the advertisement.

After all, Xia Dongluo was called, and if the negotiation was good, he would naturally have to sign the contract.

Of course, if Lin Kai invites him, he must also endorse.

In other words, for a skin care product, please use 2 spokespersons, this kind of at least a large group and a large enterprise, dare to do so.

Only when Xia Dongluo came with Xu Mochou, Xu Mochou asked for 5,000,000 advertising endorsement fee.

You know, this price is the price of a second-tier star. With Xu Mochou’s current flow, the maximum is 2, which is the most. The asking price has doubled by 1,000,000 times.

No matter where they came to discuss, Lin Qianqian was taken a lot of money.

The market price is based on the market price, which is a little more than the market price, and it is understandable. After all, this can cut the price.

However, if it is directly mentioned that it is several times higher than the market price, it is not a simple bargaining, but a clear starting point.

Seeing Lin Qianqian’s expression, Xia Dongluo said something was wrong, and said quickly: “Mr. Lin, 5,000,000 is a bit expensive for Xu Mochou’s current popularity, but not so outrageous, right? She can come over today to shoot endorsement ads, not only After a lot of time, her personal account on the Internet will also help promote the endorsement of skin care products. So this price is worthy of Xu Mochou.”

“Within 1.5 million, I can still accept it, but 5,000,000, I think it’s fine.”

Lin Qianqian was not a fool, so she spoke.

However, Xu Mochou didn’t know where he was emboldened, and went on to say that she would not shoot without the 5,000,000 endorsement fee.

This time, Xia Dongluo was anxious, and said again: “Mr. Lin is thinking 3! It will be the finals of the show soon. I heard from Xu Mochou that she is the 4th place in the competition! Don’t look at it. 4, but the difference between the number of votes and the 3rd place is only one vote! So controversial, there must be a wave of traffic until the program is broadcast.

Before the finals show, six more days, we just finished shooting the commercial. Waiting for that day, the effect of promoting a good advertisement is absolutely good. This 5,000,000 endorsement fee is worth it”

Lin Qianqian frowned. She didn’t answer the question immediately. Instead, she said, “Mr. Lin Kai, the celebrity invited will be there soon. When the celebrity from Mr. Lin comes, I will consider and decide. How about?”

She actually had a plan in her heart, but if she refused directly like this, it wouldn’t be good. Let Xia Dongluo see. Lin Kai invited the star in all aspects and had better conditions than Xia Dongluo.

Although Lin Kai didn’t tell her specifically which star he invited, it was definitely better than Xu Mochou.

After all, she is not doing charity, she is starting a company. The 100 people in the company are waiting for her to eat. Naturally, she has to choose carefully.

But when Xia Dongluo heard this, his expression was very unhappy, but he didn’t dare to show it too much. He just said: “Mr. Lin, what do you mean, we have to wait? Isn’t it right?”

Before Lin Qianqian could respond, Xu Moshou, who was sitting next to Xia Dongluo, first lit a cigarette very skillfully, and even smoked a cigarette despite the fact that smoking was prohibited in the office.

Then Xu Mochou smoked while looking at Lin Qianqian on the opposite side, coldly said, “Mr. Lin, I only agreed to give me the face of my old classmate. Otherwise, I really thought that 5,000,000 would be able to get me. Hehe, now it is still a face to the old classmates. At present, there is no time for first- and second-tier stars to come.

I want to see what kind of celebrities you can invite to this small company. When the time comes, wait for the so-called Lin Kai Mr. Lin, the invited star comes, you will definitely beg me, let me sign the endorsement advertisement. “

Xu Mochou sneered. She can say that half of her foot entered the entertainment circle.

For those first- and second-tier celebrities in the current entertainment industry, I still have some understanding.

Especially after Xia Dongluo called, she immediately called the brokerage company to help her check. There were no first- and second-tier stars in the nearby urban areas.

Even if there is, it is the kind of coffee with a high rank, and it is definitely unaffordable.

Ignore this point directly, the rest is completely inferior to her.

The most important thing is that the 5,000,000 endorsement fee advertisement is said to be so high because she and Xia Dongluo had negotiated in advance.

When the 5,000,000 endorsement fee advertisement arrives, 2,000,000 will be distributed to Xia Dongluo.

At that time, Xia Dongluo will operate and replace the advertising fee of the contract with 500,000.

Xu Mochou signed a brokerage company, so she would split the accounts with the economic company when she spoke.

In addition, it was Xia Dongluo who took the initiative to ask for a high endorsement fee.

Of this 5,000,000, 2,000,000 is allocated to Xia Dongluo.

If the contract replaces 500,000, the company takes 80%, which means the company takes 400,000.

She can only get hundreds of thousands. With such a high percentage, she can’t get any money at all, so telling the economic company that way is to make money for the economic company.

According to the discussion with Xia Dongluo, she can get 2 100 600,000!

How could such a good opportunity be let go!

At this time Xia Dongluo heard that Xu Mochou said so, and he had to wait for the star Lin Kai called.

In his opinion, Lin Qianqian will definitely sign an endorsement advertising contract with Xu Mochou.

He and Xu Mochou colluded, in fact, they wanted to use this to cheat the company’s money. Anyway, such a good opportunity will not cheat.

Lin Qianqian saw the expressions of the two people and shook her head slightly. How could she be the boss of a company without any insight.

She could vaguely see the strangeness between Xia Dongluo and Xu Mochou.

After almost ten minutes passed.

Xia Dongluo was the first to wait and was a little impatient. He happened to see Lin Kai coming to the office and asked indifferently: “Mr. Lin, why are you alone? Where is the star you called? It’s been an hour. Why haven’t you come? You just let my old classmates keep waiting like this?”

Lin Kai wanted to ignore Xia Dongluo, but seeing Xia Dongluo’s arrogant appearance, he only glanced at: “mind your own business.”

Now Xia Dongluo was angry: “Mr. Lin, I mean you as a shareholder. I respect you, but don’t let my old classmate wait, and you don’t see who my old classmate is!”

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