God level Extraction System Chapter 1458

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Lin Kai hearing this, his face was calm, and he glanced at it playfully, Xu Mo was sad next to Xia Dongluo.

Not long ago, he really didn’t know Xu Mochou.

It was just that while refining the three-color sapling liquid, I heard the surrounding group of technicians discussing who Xia Dongluo invited.

He just understood, who Xu Mo is worried about.

Especially Lin Kai now, seeing Xu Mochou smoking unscrupulously, laughed: “speaking of which, I also just knew who your old classmate is. Didn’t it mean that he participated in a talent show, or that kind of relying on Was the strange flower speaking, and the Xu Mo sorrow who was sacrificed by the show? I heard that singing is fine, but the character is not good.”

Xu Mochou’s face was dark when she heard this, but now it’s a bit darker, she couldn’t help but speak in a cold voice: “Speaking of which, you don’t know me yet, you see, how famous I am now. I don’t know. , Is the celebrity you called me famous?”

“Your fame?”

Lin Kai shook his head and laughed. This so-called fame was nothing more than speculation by the show crew, and it was just a fame.

As for the Yin Suyan he invited, he is really famous. After all, he starred in a national-level TV drama heroine. The TV drama has been seen by children from 80 to a few years old.

In addition, in the past few months, all kinds of things have appeared in front of the screen, let alone on the Internet, even on TV, newspapers, and so on. There are Yin Suyan’s shadows.

And just in time for the Spring Festival Gala, the Spring Festival Gala is both a performer and a host of a very important branch of the Spring Festival Gala.

It can be said that this is unprecedented.

Yin Suyan is a national-level actress, is Xu Mochou comparable?

Therefore, Lin Kai said unceremoniously: “Nature is more famous than you.”

Lin Kai didn’t bother to say who it was directly, and didn’t bother to say it.

Xu Mochou thought that Lin Kai was dying with a hard mouth, and hehe said, “Really? I want to see if you invite me, is it more famous than me!”

She just finished talking, many unexpected vehicles flooded into Lin Qianqian’s company, first a few luxury cars in front, 2 commercial vehicles in the back, and then the last pickup truck.

On the pickup truck, at a glance, there are a lot of valuable shooting machines and the like.

A total of 7 vehicles were parked in the parking lot of Lin Qianqian’s company.

The science and technology department of Lin Qianqian’s company is on the first floor, and the office is next to the parking lot.

The windows of the office are facing the parking lot.

Seven cars quickly came down ten-twenty people.

Lin Kai has already talked to Yin Suyan and the others, he is in the office next to the parking lot.

Yin Suyan wore an elegant blue dress and sunglasses. She immediately walked into the office Lin Kai said.

As soon as she entered the office, she took off her sunglasses and said hello to Lin Kai: “Mr. Lin, I made you wait a long time, because it was a bit slow to let the crew come.”

After Yin Suyan’s words fell, Pan Liguo’s command voice came from outside the office: “You first move all the shooting equipment, and then find a good location, wait to start shooting, move faster.”

Immediately, I heard bursts of exclamation from employees outside the office.

“Oh my God! Am I right? This is Director Pan Liguo!”

“What? He is the director Pan Liguo? Why did you bring the crew into our company?”

“What is Director Pan Liguo? You didn’t see it just now. Did the national Goddess Yin Suyan walk into the office of the Ministry of Science and Technology? Mr. Lin is inside.”

“Isn’t it? Mr. Lin invited both Yin Suyan Goddess and director Pan Liguo! What the hell is going on! Moreover, a crew is here!”

The employees outside were shocked.

At this moment, in the office, Xia Dongluo and Xu Mochou, after seeing Yin Suyan, heard the words of the employees outside, they both had big mouths and were dumbfounded.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, Yin Suyan would be right in front of my eyes, and the two of them could not believe it. Both National Goddess and Director Pan Liguo are here! Still a crew is here!

Can Lin Kai invite the crew directed by Pan Liguo, even the national Goddess Yin Suyan?

what’s the situation! impossible!

Both Xia Dongluo and Xu Mochou had some doubts.

After Xia Dongluo was shocked, he changed his mind and mocked: “Let’s not talk about Yin Suyan. If director Pan Liguo is bringing a crew to shoot the commercial, it will have to be at least 1000000. Not to mention Yin Suyan, just any one. The endorsement advertisement is at the level of 10000000 million, and the endorsement fees of big brands are 10000000 million or even 100000000 million. With the current financial resources of the company, Mr. Lin will not consider spending so much money to sign an endorsement with Yin Suyan. Say, it’s useless if you invite it!”

As Xia Dongluo spoke, the smile on his face became even worse.

Xu Moshou, who was sitting next to him, returned to his previous indifference and continued to smoke.

After Lin Qianqian heard Xia Dongluo’s words, she couldn’t help being nodded. The size of her current company really couldn’t afford Yin Suyan, so she moved towards Lin Kai and asked: “Lin Kai, you…this favor is too heavy. It turned out to have invited all the national Goddess, but you also know the current company’s working capital, I’m afraid…”

Before Lin Qianqian finished speaking, Lin Kai lightly said with a smile: “Since I invite you, there is no problem. Yin Young Lady is free to endorse the advertisement for skin care products. From Director Pan, I originally wanted to shoot some Advertising costs, but Pan Dao sees my face and will not charge any fees.”

Xu Mochou immediately dismissed: “What are you kidding? What kind of coffee is Yin Suyan? How can such a big celebrity come to endorse any products for free? If she endorses your products for free, I will come and smoke in reverse. !”

Xu Mochou said with a confident expression. She half-footed into the entertainment circle, thinking that she was already a person in the entertainment circle, but she knew better than the others present.

What’s more, a national actress like Yin Suyan is what she dreams of, and she knows the price in the industry!

No matter what, Yin Suyan’s this level is also impossible to endorse for free!

Even if there is, it may have happened to the kind of large corporations that are among the top 100 in the world, because that would be owed to personal love.

Xia Dongluo was also full of unbelief, and sneered: “Lin Kai, Yin Young Lady didn’t say anything, you just talk nonsense there! Are you not afraid of being beaten in the face!”

Lin Kai glanced at Xia Dongluo, indifferently said: “Since you said that, would you dare to bet?”

This is of course not Lin Kai’s bet, but the system just randomly released a task, let him now bet with Xia Dongluo, the ability to extract silver after the task is completed.

better than nothing.

In addition, the system showed that Xia Dongluo had a bad heart, and he had colluded with Xu Mochou to get Lin Qianqian’s company for a sum of money.

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