God level Extraction System Chapter 1459

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So that Lin Kai said directly, betting with Xia Dongluo.

Otherwise, melon, he disinclined to pay attention to Xia Dongluo, let alone any bets.

Xia Dongluo didn’t expect that Lin Kai still dared to make a bet, so he continued to sneer: “Oh? What’s the bet?”

Lin Kai said without thinking: “Didn’t you say that Young Lady Yin and Director Pan must have endorsement fees? If endorsement fees are required, you will win. I can tell you the technology of extracting that material, you You have complete control over material technology. Haven’t you been greedy for this material technology?

But don’t endorse, you resign yourself. Originally, I didn’t want to worry about anything, but you colluded with Xu Mochou and deliberately said that the endorsement fee was 5,000,000, and then the two of you shared equally. Doing so is to pit the company’s money so that you can succeed. What I said, right? “

“Talk nonsense! Simply talk nonsense!” Xia Dongluo was shocked in her heart. He didn’t understand how Lin Kai knew such a secret thing. His face changed and changed again. He naturally denied it.

Lin Kai indifferently said: “You treat me as talk nonsense. As for what it looks like, the two of you must understand better than me. Now I am talking about betting with you, whether you bet or not. If you win, you can get it. 2 endorsement fee. You lose the bet, please leave this company.”

Lin Qianqian didn’t have any objection. Of course she trusted Lin Kai, not to mention that she also found out that there was a mess between Xia Dongluo and Xu Mochou.

Even if Lin Kai didn’t say it, she would not give 5,000,000 endorsement fees to the advertisement and sign a contract with Xu Mochou.

Xia Dongluo didn’t understand how Lin Kai knew it, which caused him to feel a little nervous now, and then he wondered whether to gamble or not.

Because this is related to his job, he finally got mixed with the department director of a medium-sized company, and this skin care product will definitely be a hot product in the future.

For all the reasons, his current position is still very good.

But he was still very dissatisfied and wanted to cheat the company’s money.

Xia Dongluo became more and more tangled.

Xu Mo worry indifferently said: “Xia Dongluo, what are you afraid of? If you really don’t want the endorsement fee, why did President Lin ask you to call me over? So, what’s not to bet on! Be me, just bet!”

In fact, Xu Mochou is not sure. The reason why she said so is of course that it did nothing to her.

If she wins the bet, she can get a high amount of endorsement advertising fees, if the bet loses, the loss is on Xia Dongluo anyway, and she will not be affected in any way.

Xia Dongluo’s mind was too confused at this time, did not want to understand this, he immediately bit and hummed: “That’s right! There is nothing to bet on! I bet!”

Lin Kai hearing this, faintly laughed, and then called Pan Liguo into the office.

Lin Kai first introduced Yin Suyan and Pan Liguo to Lin Qianqian.

He said to Lin Qianqian again: “Qianqian, you should ask.”

Lin Qianqian knew that neither Yin Suyan nor Pan Liguo would charge endorsement fees because Lin Kai personally said it.

If she changed to anyone, she would never believe it.

Lin Qianqian was moved in her heart. Absolutely didn’t expect. Lin Kai invited Yin Suyan as an endorsement, as well as director Pan Liguo, and the commercials were shot. That is a strong combination and the effect is better.

Yin Suyan is a national Goddess, and director Pan Liguo is not only a good filmmaker, he has also made several short film commercials, which is a benchmark advertisement in the Xia Country advertising industry in China.

So this skincare advertisement will definitely become a milestone in the advertising industry!

However, in order to convince Xia Dongluo and Xu Mochou, Lin Qianqian smiled and asked: “Yin Young Lady, how much endorsement fee do you need to endorse skin care products for our company?”

“Mr. Lin.” Yin Suyan slightly smiled: “I told Mr. Lin before that this time I will endorse this product without charging any fees, and I will endorse skin care products for your company for free.”


Isn’t it? !!

Xia Dongluo and Xu Mochou were all dumbfounded, and they looked incredible.

Xu Mochou couldn’t help but said to Yin Suyan: “Yin Young Lady, you are a national female Divine Grade or another star, why do you want to bow down and speak for a small business for free?”

Yin Suyan looked towards Xu Mochou, seemed to recognize it, and said lightly: “You and I know, I have watched some of your videos.”

She didn’t say much in this regard, and did not comment on Xu Mo’s worry.

Lin Kai knew that Yin Suyan was polite, and Yin Suyan didn’t comment so much because he didn’t want to hurt Xu Moshou.

But when Xu Mochou heard Yin Suyan know her, his expression instantly became extremely proud, as if he was saying, you see, even the national Goddess knows me, you can see how popular my popularity is.

Yin Suyan went on to say: “Free endorsements are not endorsements. This is my own business. Even the brokerage company cannot control me. In addition, I was invited by Mr. Lin Kai Lin, who is my best friend. He invited me, so naturally he wouldn’t talk about money.”

When Lin Qianqian heard the word’best friend’, she couldn’t help feeling jealous. After glaring at Lin Kai, she asked Pan Liguo again and asked respectfully: “Director Pan, you don’t charge any fees, right? Whether it’s received or not, I’ve covered the entire crew’s food tonight. You, a professional, came to shoot the commercial. It’s a bit of a surprise. This commercial, with the endorsement of Yin Young Lady, is perfect!”

Lin Qianqian is also particular about it, knowing that it is free, but the etiquette must not be forgotten, the staff is still very hard to shoot, so please have a meal, that is the best choice.

Pan Liguo laughed: “Of course there is no charge, or even forced to me. I don’t want it. Mr. Lin is my life saving benefactor and should be grateful and seeking to repay the kindness. What’s more, it’s just shooting an advertisement. It’s not a major event. Compared to Mr. Lin for saving me and the entire crew, I must be grateful to Mr. Lin, so this little thing is nothing at all.”

Those crew members who came to shoot commercials also came voluntarily, because Lin Kai’s reinvestment made the welfare better.

In all aspects, it is much better than previous investors.

Therefore, the staff of this crew are also very grateful to Lin Kai, knowing that it is free, and they are all eager to come over.

Naturally, Pan Liguo didn’t even think about it. On the road, he conceived how to shoot this advertisement, making this kind of advertisement even more popular.

Lin Qianqian heard this, said with a smile: “Then many thanks, Director Pan.”

Pan Liguo didn’t say anything afterwards, and hurriedly left the office and began preparing for the shooting of the advertisement.

As for Xia Dongluo and Xu Mochou, each and everyone’s complexion is very ugly.

Especially Xia Dongluo, whose face was ashamed, didn’t expect, Yin Suyan and Pan Liguo really came to work for free.

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