God level Extraction System Chapter 1460

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Lin Kai heard the sound of the completion of the system. The silver extraction ability that was rewarded this time was useless.

Although it may be used somewhere, but the probability of using it is too small, it can be regarded as tasteless.

But he didn’t care about these, anyway, it was only the silver extraction ability, not to mention the extraction ability of these partial doors, at a certain critical moment, it was quite good.

The system task is completed, but Lin Kai saw that Xia Dongluo was very unwilling at this time, and couldn’t help asking: “Director Xia, you heard it yourself and saw it with your own eyes. Both Yin Young Lady and Pan director don’t need it. Any endorsement fees. So if you lose the bet, is it time to honor your promise?”

Xia Dongluo’s face was very gloomy, and he didn’t say a word, and his expression was constantly changing.

Lin Qianqian saw this scene and said, “Director Xia, this is your own bet. For the position of technical director, you must resign automatically, or I will force you to resign. Of course, it depends on you, the old company. For employees’ sake, you can continue to stay in the company and can only be an ordinary technical employee.”

“If you perform well in the future, you can still be promoted and your performance speaks. But if you are still dissatisfied with the company, as long as I find out, no matter how good your performance is, your promotion will always be impossible.”

At this time, Lin Qianqian played a pattern that a big corporate boss should have.

Xia Dongluo looked at Lin Qianqian in disbelief. He thought he would leave the company completely.

I was thinking about leaving with technology before, but now I see that even the national Goddess Yin Suyan and one of the country’s highest director Pan Liguo work for free.

And it still depends on Lin Kai’s face, Lin Kai is a shareholder of this company.

Xia Dongluo can see that the relationship between Lin Qianqian and Lin Kai is unusual, and more importantly, the relationship between Yin Suyan and Lin Kai is also unusual!

The company has a shareholder with this status, the company will definitely be able to do more and more in the future!

Even more how, the company’s skin care products are provided with Lin Kai’s technology, plus Yin Suyan’s endorsement, and Pan Liguo’s shooting advertisement. It can be 100% sure that it will not take long for this skin care product to become a hit!

Of such a promising company, he certainly wants to stay, even if he loses the position of director.

He believes that with his own business capabilities, he can still return to the position of director.

Xia Dongluo was struggling before, it was because he wanted to stay and didn’t know how to say it. Even if you stay, you may not be able to get a promotion.

He didn’t expect anyhow, Lin Qianqian took the initiative to say it.

At this moment, Xia Dongluo was very grateful to Lin Qianqian, and decided to stay in this company well, without any ill-will.

After all, he has already understood, this company has a great future!

Therefore, Xia Dongluo was extremely grateful and said: “Many thanks Lin! Many thanks Lin gave me such a chance! In the future, I will obediently and honestly do a certain performance in the company!”

Immediately, Lin Qianqian asked Xia Dongluo to go to the personnel department to go through the procedures for demotion.

She doesn’t need to go to the demotion procedures in person.

As for Xia Dongluo’s female classmate Xu Mochou, she had no face to stay here for a long time, and fled straight away. She looked so proud of at first and her face was hot.

Lin Kai saw this, looked at Lin Qianqian, secretly nodded, Lin Qianqian made a good decision, he laughed and walked out of the office.

Before that, Yin Suyan had followed Pan Liguo out. Yin Suyan was the protagonist of the commercials he shot, so naturally he had to participate in the shooting.

Before Lin Kai walked a few steps out of the office, Lin Qianqian quickly caught up with Lin Kai.

Lin Qianqian came to Lin Kai and whispered: “Lin Kai, the latest limited edition perfume from Dior I smelled from your car in the morning coincides with the perfume on Yin Suyan. Yin Suyan is the young fashion in your mouth. A rich girl again?”

Lin Kai looked on as expected, nodded and said: “It’s her, what? Isn’t she young, fashionable, and rich?”

Faced with Lin Kai’s 3 rhetorical questions, Lin Qianqian was speechless.

Yin Suyan is a Goddess in China and well-known in Asia. How can he not be fashionable, and how can he not have money. Goddess Goddess is still a national Goddess, how can it not be beautiful?

Lin Qianqian was defeated, if she had better conditions than her, she would be able to compare it, but she did not dare to compare with Yin Suyan. I thought that once it was compared, it would be ashamed of being inferior.

This made Lin Qianqian more sulking, and she glanced at Lin Kai eagerly: “hmph! No wonder the past few days, she didn’t even answer the phone call. It seems that she was fascinated by Yin Suyan.”

“Didn’t you return once in the first 2 days?” Lin Kai corrected the mistake for him.

Lin Qianqian continued to cast a blank glance: “You know, just returned once.”

Talking between two people, they walked outside.

It was to go to Yin Suyan’s place, to be precise, where the commercial was filmed.

With Pan Liguo’s professional ability to shoot commercials, he found a good place in the company and started to build it.

Yin Suyan was carrying the advertising lines.

As for Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian, they wanted to see how they were shot.

It’s just that Lin Kai didn’t get to the shooting location, he received a phone call from Yinshen.

After listening to the words of Yinshen, Lin Kai curled his mouth with a cold smile, then said goodbye to Lin Qianqian and drove to the suburbs of Western District.

at the same time.

In the suburbs of Western District, there is a car heading towards the back of the mountain range.

There are 3 people in the car, and besides the driver, there are 2 people.

One is a middle-aged man with a stern face, and the other is a young man with dyed silver hair.

The silver-haired young man named Jiang Enyi was one of Lin Yuan’s subordinates.

“Leiyuan Group really has talented people. I can’t think of Brother Jiang, who is already Martial Saint at a young age. It is really disrespectful. In Leiyuan Group, it is definitely a high-level man?” the stern middle-aged man said.

Jiang Enyi said, “I’m just joking, I’m just running errands. It’s 10000 brother, you are the right-hand man of the Young Master of the hidden Aristocratic Family, and your identity is higher than me.”

The middle-aged man smiled and didn’t say much. He then asked: “This time, the goal is just to come over and destroy what architectural drawings?”

Jiang Enyi responded: “Yes, our Leiyuan Group has been targeted recently, and we still can’t do other serious things locally, so this time we just destroy the architectural drawings.”

The middle-aged man clicked: “Well, since your boss, I have formed an alliance with my Young Master. Plus you have also spent money to do things. I will do this little thing.”

“Okay, you go to destroy the architectural drawings, and I’m investigating whether this mountain range really has Dragon Vein.” Jiang Enyi immediately said, this place was spotted by Leiyuan Group on the day when Li Shengxian invested and developed it.

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