God level Extraction System Chapter 1461

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Jiang Enyi seemed to think of something, and then said: “Also, brother 10000, don’t do anything excessive. It is the first time your Young Master used the external network to offer Lin Kai a reward. This led to our Leiyuan Group being targeted by the state organization. I had to do this for the second time. In short, I can’t do that kind of thing anymore, otherwise, whether it’s your Young Master or my boss, it will be done.”

The middle-aged man clicked nodded: “Understand.”

The car did not at all drive behind the mountain range, but stopped at a place in the middle of the mountain range.

Jiang Enyi went to the front of the mountain range to find out if there was Dragon Vein or if there was any trace of Dragon Vein. According to the news of the group, this mountain range was a Dragon Vein.

I don’t know if it still exists. If it exists, I will bring the news back and Lin Yuan will come and fetch it. If it does not exist, forget it. Of course, if there is a trace of Dragon Vein, but it is not there, it means that Lin Kai must have taken it away.

If there is a Dragon Vein, Lin Yuan is bound to win this Dragon Vein.

As for the middle-aged man, it goes behind the mountain range.

It’s just that the middle-aged man has just arrived, and in the range behind the mountain range, he feels as if he is being stared at by something.

The middle-aged man was puzzled. He looked all around and didn’t sense any breath.

Then he walked and observed and found nothing unusual, so he quickly went to the back of the mountain range.

The moment he entered, the figure of the hidden god appeared on the spot.

Two days ago, Yinshen was arranged by Lin Kai to be near the Leiyuan Group to investigate and track some members of the Leiyuan Group.

Today, I just followed Jiang Enyi, and after following along, I also heard the plan of two people.

The hidden god first went to solve the middle-aged man, so the hidden god became invisible again and continued to follow the middle-aged man.

“That Jiang Enyi, what kind of thing! I know that I am an errand! Leiyuan Group is nothing! If it weren’t for Young Master, let me follow Leiyuan Group Lin Yuan to get some useful information, otherwise I won’t help. Leiyuan Group makes a move!”

The middle-aged man went deep behind the mountain range, and at the same time became angry, especially when he was warned by Jiang Enyi not long ago, and he was quite upset.

“Hey! You tell me not to do too much, I will do too much! Not only do I have to ruin the architectural drawings, but I have to label Li Yaer and the engineer as well. Severely injured! Out of evil spirit!”

The middle-aged man showed a cruel smile, and then accelerated in the direction of the ancient building.

On the way, a few workers were going to carry the timber from here.

The middle-aged man asked immediately, one of the workers: “Man, where is the engineer responsible for this project?”

Although this place is remote, some local people already know that development is going on here, and it is daytime, these workers are not wary of it.

The worker pointed to a nearby hillside, built a small temporary house, and said: “The engineer is studying the specific ancient building plan over there.”

This middle-aged man hearing this did not hesitate the surprise of several workers, he went straight to the hillside over there.

It’s just that he had just walked on the hillside, and the middle-aged man seemed to be hit by something and fell heavily to the ground.

Those workers were all stunned, and could fall down even when they walked.

The middle-aged man was also stunned. He dignified Martial Saint level expert, how can he fall down even if he walks?

He got up with gloomy face, ready to continue walking up the hillside. Unexpectedly, there was a wall of air in front of him. When he walked over, he was blasted down the hillside by an inexplicable force.

It kept rolling and fell heavily in front of the workers.

Naturally, the hidden god was acting secretly, because there were a few workers here, so he didn’t show up directly to kill him, so he could only hinder the middle-aged man first.

The workers were shocked again this time. What happened?

As for the parties, the middle-aged man complexion is gloomy is more terrifying.

He stood up and faced the workers, coldly said: “Say! Are you guys doing the ghost?”

“what did you say?”

“Can we what the hell is happening?”

“Obviously you didn’t walk steadily on your own, and rolled down the hillside. Is this to blame us?”

When these workers said so, the middle-aged man’s complexion was earthy.

“Courting death! You ordinary people, dare to finish saying that! All die for me!”

The middle-aged man had the anger in his heart. When these workers said that, the anger was even greater, and immediately blasted one of the workers with his fist.

In his opinion, under his own fist, this worker, including several other workers, was either dead or injured.

However, what made him stunned was that this fist struck him inexplicably, and the middle-aged man was seriously injured in an instant.

Those workers were puzzled, they all looked at the middle-aged man with idiotic eyes. It seems that he wants to understand whether this person is a fool who beat himself and beat himself so badly.

The workers were kind, and when they were about to lift up the middle-aged man, the middle-aged man stood up again.

The middle-aged man was very unbelief in evil, and punched again, but what was waiting for him was that his fist struck him inexplicably.

The injuries were more serious, and it was extremely difficult even to get up.

“Brother, are you ill?”

“How about I call 129, if you beat yourself down like this, you will be beaten to death by yourself sooner or later.”

A few workers really can’t stand it.

When the middle-aged man heard the words of these workers, he became angry and spit a mouthful of blood. He became even more angry. When did he encounter such insults?

dignified a Martial Saint expert, but inexplicably becomes like this.

Could it be that these workers are expert? Or is it evil here?

The middle-aged man stood up swayingly and tentatively extended the hand, but just as soon as he stretched it out, he was crippled, his hand was completely out of control, and he hit himself again.

The internal organs of the middle-aged man were almost dislocated by himself.

At this moment, he had one’s hair stand on end in his heart. He didn’t care about anything. While running away from the mountain range, he shouted in horror: “There is evil here! There is evil here!”

The shouts were filled with infinite horror, and there was no such thing as a Martial Saint Level ancient martial arts person.

The hidden god is originally the Grandmaster level, plus good at stealth, dealing with a Martial Saint, naturally with no difficulty.

Had it not been for the presence of a few workers, the middle-aged man would have been killed.

Yinshen didn’t chase him, he already knew Lin Kai, and when he got here, he moved towards Lin Kai.

at this time.

Lin Kai came to the middle of the mountain range, he rushed here at the fastest speed.

Although there was a hidden god, he was still worried about what Lin Yuan would have.

Architectural drawings and so on, it’s okay to be destroyed, but I’m afraid Li Yaer and others will be injured.

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